Who Makes the Kodiak Campers?

Who Makes the Kodiak Campers

For those looking to purchase new Kodiak campers, it’s important to know Who makes Kodiak campers. And what company has produced them in the past?


This will allow you to make an informed decision when shopping. Plus, you will understand why one Kodiak camper costs more than another.

This article will take you through the history of the company and how they were founded. And, who runs them now, and how they’ve grown into one of the biggest names in the RV industry today.

A short history of the Kodiak

The Jensen Manufacturing Company, Which makes Kodiak campers, produced the Kodiak brand in 1953.

They were known for making the best line of pop-up campers. Over time, Jensen morphed into a division of Forest River Inc. 

Meanwhile, they now make specialty products such as motorhomes and folding camping trailers.

They also have a division that makes motor homes with luxury options. Such as leather furniture and other amenities found in traditional homes. 

Therefore, when you’re looking to buy a Kodiak camper, you’re buying from an established company. With an impressive track record in both product quality and innovation.

The evolution of Kodiak campers

It’s been 40 years since the company Which makes Kodiak campers made its first offer. Their newly designed Kodiak campers, in that time, have grown and evolved to stay relevant in a changing world. Nowadays, camping can mean a lot of different things. 

However, for many, it’s about escaping from an urban environment to enjoy nature as intended with no worries about indoor plumbing or Wi-Fi signals. For others, it’s about returning to the heart but still providing comfort for traveling with children.

Regardless of where you’re coming from or your goals on your next adventure with family and friends. We think you’ll agree that camping has changed a bit over time – so have our campers.

The secret behind Kodiak’s strength

Their products are thoroughly tested for durability and quality; each model features a torture test that goes beyond industry standards.

Those Who make Kodiak campers are so confident in their materials and artistry. They offer a lifetime guarantee against breakage, rusting, chipping, or peeling.

They also have replacement parts available for purchase if ever needed. The creators of Kodiak are true craftsmen. Who put their heart and soul into each product to ensure years of quality use. 

Therefore, If you’re looking for superior quality regarding truck campers or motorhomes, there’s no need to shop around; visit a local dealer today!

Kodiak campers quality

The company That makes Kodiak campers have a factory in Ontario, Canada. However, despite what you may have heard, they’re not all hand-made by gnomes and elves.

Kodiak uses more modern manufacturing techniques such as CNC machines than almost any other camper company in America. 

 Similarly, this translates to better quality and higher build standards than many of their competitors. It also means that most parts are interchangeable across models and years.

This means that even if your camper is a few years old, there’s probably a replacement part available. For example, some of our customers who own 2012 Kodiaks can still get parts for them today!

That kind of support doesn’t exist with most companies in our industry. The folks at Kodiak take pride in making high-quality products—and it shows.

Key benefits

There are many benefits that those Who make Kodiak campers add to their products for those who own them. If you haven’t already considered purchasing one, you may want to start researching them now.

One of the reasons that people purchase camping trailers is to have a safe sleep while enjoying their outdoor time. 

Though, the more research you do into campers, the more you’ll find that there are several other benefits. For example, campers can help provide storage space for activities like boating or fishing.

They can also be used as an extra sleeping area on nights that are cold outside to enjoy your surroundings.

Where are the Kodiak campers made?

Located in Florida, the company Which makes Kodiak campers is a subsidiary of Forest River Inc. It was founded in 1986 and had been making top-quality camping trailers since then.

The company’s slogan is one trailer for every occasion, which shows that it’s not just car-camping trailers you can buy.

You can also get anything from fifth luxury wheels to toy haulers if you visit their website. However, if you ask us: one of their travel trailers would be a great choice!

We’ve seen and tried some products by them, and they’re all of excellent quality! Where are they manufactured? The answer to that question is here!

The commitment to innovation

At Camping World, we’re committed to being on the cutting edge of innovation and technology regarding our RV. As a company, we’ve placed a heavy emphasis on research and development, which shows in our products.

The result is unmatched quality and performance; these qualities come from a commitment to innovation. 

If you’re looking for Who makes Kodiak campers look no further than us! We offer some of the most popular models on our lot today, so check them out!

Types and sizes of Kodiak campers

There are several types of campers, those Who make Kodiak campers made. They include single and double bunk models; each model’s size also varies. Some trailers are as small as 8′ x 18′, while others are more than 11′ x 38′. 

Besides, it depends on your needs or preferences. Also, there is sure to be a Kodiak camper that fits your specific situation.

Suppose you have any questions about which model might work best for you. Feel free to contact us at Kodiak Campers today. We can help you find just what you need!

Who owns Kodiak campers?

You might be wondering Who makes Kodiak campers and who owns them. The company was founded in 1971 by Jack and Jean Burnett. And it is currently held by a private firm called Big Sky International (BSI). 

 Though you can find a handful of smaller companies that make trailers and RVs under their names, most RV brands are subsidiaries of a more prominent manufacturer. A few examples: Jayco RVs are owned by Thor Industries.

 Additionally, Four Winds motorhomes are made by Monaco RV, and Heartland offers both Forest River units and its brand. THEY’RE DOING SOMETHING RIGHT because BSI owns one of the most popular types of camping trailers on wheels. Let’s look at how Kodiak works to earn its owners’ loyalty!


With proper care, the company That makes Kodiak campers ensure that new one can last you decades. Their parts are top-quality and well-made, so they don’t break easily. Even as they age, they keep on trucking! 

 Besides, they also do their best to ensure that you get a camper from them. It will be able to keep up with your adventures for years. To that end, they provide customers with an optional warranty.

With their purchases for one year or 20,000 miles (whichever comes first). Suppose your camper does need repairs within those covered time frames. They’ll help you repair it for free or at a low cost if you have a warranty plan!

What are some tips for finding your ideal model?

Researching your options can help you figure out what to look for when looking for a camper—for example, checking out gear blogs or reading user reviews. It can give you an idea of what to look for in an ideal model. 

At the same time, you make sure to ask yourself questions like do I want a pop-up or something hard-sided? What features do I need, and which are just fun extras? By answering these questions before shopping around.

 Hence, you can spend less time trying to sift through your options and more time finding your perfect RV and hitting great campgrounds! Besides, you will be satisfied with those Who make Kodiak campers, that they will produce the best!


There’s a lot of information to process to decide on a great vacation vehicle. Several brands make hard-side and soft-side RVs, including Airstream, Forest River, and more. Even smaller companies like KODIAK make campers specifically for warm climates.

Meanwhile, we hope we were able to help you answer your question of Who makes the Kodiak campers? And hopefully, steer you toward something that fits your needs best! Good luck!

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