Who Makes the Greywolf Camper?

Who Makes the Greywolf Camper

The Greywolf campers are made in Northern Wisconsin by people who love spending time outdoors as much as you do. They build your trailer right in their shop and scrutinize it before it’s delivered to the dealership.


Also, where you can buy it just like any other new car or truck on the lot. Let’s take a closer look at who makes Greywolf campers.

The history of grey wolf campers

Who makes grey wolf campers or what grey wolf campers is something that many people want to know. Although there are several places where you can purchase your grey wolf camper, you can also choose to make it yourself.

The best place to look for making a grey wolf camper and who makes the grey wolf campers is on YouTube.

Moreover, clicking on Google Videos will bring up videos of people who have made their vans or RVs. And they have taken videos of their creation and uploaded them onto Youtube so others can see them.

What they did and learn from them, too; some sites help with those things. But sometimes, they’re not specific enough about who makes the grey wolf campers.

The evolution of grey wolf campers

Greywolf started as a part-time shop in 1991 but within a few years. It is clear they were onto something, so they moved into a space of their own and made campers full-time. But in 1997, rather than settle into an industrial park or warehouse.

However, they took over an old firehouse built in 1910 and renovated it to house their fledgling business. Now decades later, it’s one of only 11 buildings on Washington State’s historic register for its Art Deco architecture.

In 2018, Seattle Magazine named them one of Seattle’s Best Craft Shops for DIY Woodworking Projects.

Where are the grey wolf campers made?

The campers are made in Wyoming, and the factory is in Jackson. A subsidiary of Greywolf LLC runs Wyoming: Greywolf RV Company, Inc. They make all kinds of RVs, from small pop-up trailers to massive house-sized trailers. 

Nonetheless, If you have ever wondered where your favorite RV is built or who makes greywolf campers, there’s now an easy answer for that question, In any new trailer purchased from them.

More so, you can find a metal sticker on one of its sides that tells you exactly where it was manufactured. And who does business as (DBA) or does business as (also DBA) and makes greywolf campers. This sticker lists both companies with contact information and sometimes even website links.

The commitment to innovation

For more than 85 years, REI has been a leader in innovative camping gear. While they have high-quality, durable products, what sets them apart is their commitment to innovation.

This dedication to forward-thinking means that each year REI’s new tents, packs, and sleeping bags offer more functionality and better design than their competitors.

Also, REI often sells its latest items online before they are available in stores. Those who shop with them gain access to cutting-edge technology long before it hits shelves at other retailers.

Types and sizes of greywolf campers

There are several different models of greywolf campers that you can choose from. Each model is available in several different sizes, so it’s easy to find a trailer to fit your needs.

And also, who makes greywolf campers? All greywolf campers come with an outside kitchen area, as well as a fireplace. And plenty of storage space. 

Besides, there are two full bathrooms and two bedrooms in each camper; one bedroom has two twin beds. While the other has one queen bed, every model also comes with a propane generator for extra energy during camping trips. Nevertheless, television hookups for entertainment and high-speed internet access for convenience.

Who owns greywolf campers?

Camping is an excellent pastime for families and friends but can also be very costly. One way to get a fantastic experience without spending as much money is to buy a camping trailer. Who makes greywolf campers, you ask? 

They are made by Greylog Wolfcamping Products Inc., which has been manufacturing trailers since 1992. They manufacture different kinds of RVs and camping trailers.

However, they specialize in camper trailers that have room for about two-to-three people comfortably with lots of amenities too.

greywolf toy campers

The durable greywolf camping trailers are available in two-floor plans—160 square feet and 180 square feet. Both models include one bedroom, a kitchenette with sink, refrigerator, two-burner stove top, and microwave. The bathroom has a shower and toilet. 

Nevertheless, each trailer has a table and chairs and an AM/FM/CD player stereo system. Graywolf campers come in several different colors, including orange and blue.

Two hitch options allow for towing behind any standard pickup truck or SUV. Greywolf campers are sold through dealers nationwide who display them at regional RV shows most of the year.

How long do they last?

With proper care, campers can last a lifetime, Just like most things in life. They are more likely to survive if they are looked after properly. Our greywolf campers are built to last, but even so, you still have to look after them correctly. 

In detail, follow our guidance on maintenance and storage here on our website. We can give you advice to increase your chances of getting years of use out of your camper.

We offer a wide range of tips for looking after your trailer properly – check it out today! Who makes greywolf campers?

The smallest greywolf camper

There’s a lot of competition in the camper market these days about who makes greywolf. But no matter how many bells and whistles a competitor might have, at least one thing is sure. The smallest greywolf camper is still more significant than any competitor. 

So, buy a tiny house like everyone else if you’re looking for an affordable option that won’t break your budget. Or get something a little more stylish—like one of our adorable mini-campers!

The biggest greywolf camper

It’s not always easy to decide which camper is best for you, given that each one offers unique features and capabilities.

The giant greywolf camper, for example, has a 25-cubic-foot refrigerator and a large rooftop air conditioner. But it also weighs nearly two tons.

The smallest gray wolf has six sleeping areas and spacious closet space. Yet, there’s no room for an onboard toilet—you’ll have to go off-grid to use one of those.

These are just a few examples of how choosing a grey wolf camp will depend on what you need to know about who makes greywolf campers. A popular approach is researching different models before selecting one based on size, layout, and amenities.

The making of a greywolf camper

The team at greywolf wants to build for you a camper that will last for many years. The materials and construction techniques are significant in terms of durability and quality.

Regardless, there is more to it. Keep reading about what makes our campers unique: Who makes greywolf campers.

Are greywolf campers for all seasons?

I’m glad you asked. I love my greywolf. It’s a great truck camper. However, that doesn’t mean it is for everyone.

If you live in an area with mild winters or if you don’t plan on camping when it snows. Then yes, a greywolf will do just fine for you. 

Moreover, remember that it is most common to modify grey wolves with several modifications and additions (that aren’t included) so that they can be used year-round regardless of what Mother Nature throws at them.

If a lightly used unit is your only option, you want to use your camper year-round. Here are some things to consider

The Windjammer series, the Warrior, and The Calhoun, these campers can all be had in either a toy hauler.

Or a 5th wheel style, with three different lengths available: 26′, 30′, and 32′. There are also single and double models for each of these styles.

All greywolf campers come standard with some great features incorporated into their designs as a direct result of customer feedback.

We’ll look at each of these features here to see how they add to your camping experience. And also to know who makes greywolf campers.

The grey wolf’s legacy.

It’s said that more people have slept in a greywolf camper than any other brand on earth, and they want to know who makes greywolf campers. What’s even more impressive is that for every person who’s ever stayed in one.

Besides, many others never left home without one. If you know someone with a pop-up, it was made by a greywolf.

From coast to coast and everywhere in between, many campgrounds see high traffic year after year—and with good reason: The few things that make a camping trip great never change.


The greywolf campers are versatile and make an excellent choice for the trailer. With many great options, it can be challenging to decide which type of camper is best for you. 

On the other hand, this guide hopefully helped by giving you information about who makes greywolf campers. And also information on different trailers and making an informed decision easier. Good luck with your purchase!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best greywolf campers?

When looking for a camping backpack, getting caught up in all those bells and whistles is easy. The more pockets and compartments, the better, right? Not necessarily. There is no need to pack every single thing you have with you when you head out on your next trip. Adding too much weight or items that don’t pertain to survival could worsen things. Check out some of these essential tips to help know who makes greywolf campers and tips for choosing great greywolf campers: Weight. You don’t want to lug around something so heavy that it makes your back hurt to start your trip. Look for a backpack under 4 pounds; 2 pounds would be even better!

Why do people like grey wolf campers?

There’s something to be said for investing in an RV that you know will stand up to life on the road. For example, many people like grey wolf campers because they are built tough and tend to last longer than similar brands. Many new buyers report owning grey wolf campers that have stayed ten years or more without showing signs of significant damage. Even if you don’t have plans to travel much right now, investing in a good-quality camper is never a bad idea. You may get hooked and know who makes greywolf campers!

How long do greywolf camper last?

Because of their heavy-duty construction, GreyWolf campers can last for decades if you take good care of your unit. It will last even longer. The average lifespan of a GreyWolf camper is 10 to 20 years. Even some models lasted much longer because they are so tough and built to withstand harsh weather conditions. However, our units don’t require as much maintenance as many of our competitors’ products. That means a longer service life overall and fewer costly repairs throughout that period. Many of our customers report using their GreyWolf camping trailers from generation to generation and wish to know who makes greywolf campers.

What is the cost of getting a greywolf camper?

High-end campers like those made by greywolf cost about $40,000 and can range up to $200,000. These campers usually have larger living spaces (kitchens, bathrooms, etc.), more amenities, and better finishes. After all, they also tend to offer built-in entertainment features such as TVs and stereo systems. If you are on a budget but still want luxury touches in your camper, look into knowing who makes greywolf campers and getting a pre-owned greywolf or other luxury campers instead of buying new ones.

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