Which Yamaha Bike Is Best to Buy at the Beginning of This New Year?

Yamaha Bike

It is not only the technology and design that make Yamaha one of the top-selling bikes in India; the brand has won the heart of India.


Over the decades, Yamaha has developed their technology, made the bikes more reliable, and worked on fuel efficiency. According to Statista, Yamaha bike sales have been increasing since 2016.

Yamaha bikes are a synonym for cutting-edge technology, more power, more security, economy, durability, and efficacy.

Yamaha has been marketing 14 different models of bikes in India right now. However, on online marketplaces, you can find several other models in the used bike category.

Each one is different from the other options, and you need a little bit of research and review online to choose the right one for you.

Yamaha Bike Categories

Yamaha is presently manufacturing and marketing seven different categories of bikes all over the world that include the following:

  • Supersport Bikes – Yamaha offers eleven models in this category.
  • Hyper Naked – Yamaha is offering seven bikes in this category.
  • Off-Road Competition Bikes – Yamaha is offering twelve bikes in this category.
  • Adventure Bikes – Yamaha is offering two bikes in this category.
  • Sport Touring Bikes – Yamaha is offering five bikes in this category.
  • Sports Heritage Bikes – Yamaha is offering four bikes in this category.
  • 125 CC Bikes – There are three Yamaha bike models and five beautiful-looking scooters are available in this category. 

Yamaha has categorized their bikes based on the common usage of the bikes. Bikers touring highways in India and reaching exotic and tough locations mostly prefer adventure and sport touring bikes.

In contrast, 125CC bikes and scooters are generally preferred on city roads and regular usage of the bikes.

Again, the younger generation mostly targets ultramodern 155CC or 250CC bikes, while middle-aged professionals prefer 125CC bikes,155CC bikes, and scooters.

Following are the most popular Yamaha Bikes available in India:

  1. Yamaha R15M

This is a 155CC LC4V SOHC FI engine with a VVA sports category bike. Its exclusive design, digital display, and highly comfortable sitting arrangement make it one of the most popular bikes in India.

  1. Yamaha R15V4

This is a 155 CC LC4V SOHC FI engine with VVA equipped with a Traction Control System (TCS) and a Quick Shifter. This is one of the newest additions to Yamaha and the 4th generation legendary R15, and it carries the same DNA as the popular sportbike YZF R1. All technologies included in this bike are ultra-modern, meant for the ultimate riding experience.

  1. Yamaha R15S

This model comes with a 155cc  LC4V SOHC FI Engine with VVA. This is the first-ever bike in India with a unibody seat offering ultimate comfort to the rider and pillion. The bike has several other plus points that make it one of India’s most popular sports category bikes.

  1. Yamaha MotoGP

Yamaha is continuously dominating the Monster Energy category, and its MotoGP is one of the most formidable racing bikes in India. Bikers are highly impressed with this high-end bike, from its engine capacity and graphics to control and safety features.

  1.  Yamaha MT15

This is a Hyper Naked category, most modern technology, super lightweight best-looking bike. It’s an evolution of Yamaha MT technology, with a bi-functional LED headlight, BS-VI compliant Fi engine, VVA, A&S clutch, and a 6-speed transmission facility.

  1. Yamaha FZS 25

Yamaha calls the FZ series the “Lord of the street.” This is a new generation Adventure bike of Yamaha equipped with top-class features like a 249cc cylinder, SOHC, 4-row core oil cooler, 7-step adjustable monocross suspensor, and dual-channel ABS. Yamaha has paid special attention to the design of this model. 

  1. Yamaha FZ-F1

This bike comes with a 149cc  SOHC, 2-valve, single-cylinder fuel-injected “Blue Core” engine. It is equipped with an in-built “Side stand engine cut-off switch.”

Besides, other models like MT15 CYW, FZ-X, and FZS-F1 Vintage are also popular among Indian bikers.

New and Old Yamaha bikes online

With an online marketplace, you get the opportunity to find your coveted Yamaha model with all details. If you are a bit confused in making a decision, find the Yamaha bikes at Droom.

Here, you get complete information with engine specifications, price, fuel economy, and other details. Interestingly, you can book a bike online, ask for test driving, and get your bike delivered to the doorstep.

An online marketplace like Droom is the best place to find all models of Yamaha in one place – both used and new versions. It helps you decide which Yamaha bike is best to buy at the end of this year.

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