Which Car Color Is Best?

Which Car Color Is Best

While buying a car, color is one of the most important factors for almost every car owner.


Studies suggest that a vast majority of car owners opt for a car color based on their feelings and emotions – rather than experience and logic.

A car color, which is your favorite, goes a long way. You enjoy every single moment of being in your car. On the other hand, the flip side is also true.

Nobody would like to continuously stare at the color that he does not like. Nevertheless, there is another aspect of this car color decision that car owners overlook.

That is, they do not consider the color that does not get dirty and is easy to clean. I mean, opting for a color that hides the dirt is worth opting for.

Moreover, you can easily sell out your car – and at a fair price – if the color of your car is popular.

These are a few facets of car color that play a pivotal role in your automobile journey. In this blog, we have put together the best car color options.

By the end of the blog, you will be in the position of making the best car color decision that will a long way.

Which Car Color is The Best?

There are four colors that continue to top the list of best car colors: Black, White, Grey, and Silver. These colors go back and forth as one succeeds the other.

However, black color dates back to the origin of cars. Remember, the iconic black was the first color of Ford Motor’s first production?

Sure enough, so was its widely known Model T. Black was the sole color option for it.

Even today, black is the unbeaten king of car colors. A recent analysis by iSeecars.com conducted a research study on 9.4 million American car owners to find the color of their choice.

Turns out that the black color tops the list with 23.5%. If you want to go with the most popular car color, you have got our vote for black.

White Color

White is the second most popular car color throughout the United States. As many as 22 out of 100 cars are white. It has the fancy look and attraction that every car owner yearns for.

Nonetheless, the white color is notorious for getting dirty in no time. If you live in a smoggy urban area – or in a rainy and dry climate – white is probably not for you.

Silver Color

This is where the other iconic color comes in: Silver. If you are more into the “Dirt Hide” color, silver is the best color option. The silver color has the capability to sink in the external dirt.

Silver is the best car color option if you do not wish to be bothered by a frequent car wash. Needless to say, the silver color also poses a fancy look that attracts the beholders’ attention.

Grey Color

Last, but certainly not least, is the neutral color: Grey. Regardless of your age and gender, grey is the coolest and balanced car color option. If you are trapped in the car color decision, opt for grey. You will not be disappointed in the longer run.

Other Best Car Colors

There are plenty of other car color options if you think the above four popular colors are not of your choice.

These include:

  • Dark Seltzer: Will befit you if you are of a gloomy nature.
  • Light Grey: Linked with being moody and emotionless.
  • Dark Red: Considerable for emotions and feelings.
  • Blue: The Warmest Color

Summing Up

In deciding car color options, let your heart decide. “If it looks good, it is good,” as they say. Let your intuitions decide your favorite car color. After all, you just can not move around with a color that you do not like. However, keep in mind that the color is friendly with your vicinity and will keep up for a longer run.

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