What Does It Cost to Tow a Car?

What Does It Cost to Tow a Car

What does it cost to tow a car? How much does it cost to tow my car? The answer to these questions depends on several factors, including what kind of vehicle you’re towing, where you live, and who’s doing the towing.


While some industry-wide costs (such as paying your tow truck driver) remain consistent, other costs (such as your auto insurance deductible) will depend on your circumstances.

But don’t worry – we’ll cover it all in this article!

Towing Costs For Different Types of Vehicles

Most of us are somewhat familiar with car insurance and how it functions—though, let’s be honest, that doesn’t necessarily mean we understand it.

Part of car insurance is towing and labor coverage, typically included in your primary policy. This particular part of your policy covers towing costs if you get into an accident—but exactly what’s the cost to tow a car?

The answer varies, depending on several factors. Here’s what you need to know:

Towing distance

How far away do you reside from where your vehicle broke down? The longer it takes for a tow truck to come to pick up your car, the more that tow will cost.

Towing company location

Where did your vehicle break down? Will they take care of all processing while transporting it back, or do they need someone from your side present during transportation?

If so, then expect those expenses when calculating total costs. Make sure to check each company website to see their pricing structures.

Tow Service Type

What kind of tow truck were you using? While certain tow trucks can handle specific types of vehicles better than others, some cars require flatbed-style trucks to load onto trailers because there isn’t enough room for them on any other kind of carrier.

Be sure to ask your tow company before they arrive if you’re not completely clear about what kind of truck they have. Your tow company might also offer different levels of service based on time and distance traveled.

Generally speaking, most companies charge per mile over a set rate per hour, depending on when you call them. They also usually won’t start charging until after that first hour has passed.

Average Towing Costs For Cars

The average cost of towing depends on various factors, but it’s typically $75-$100. There are other charges involving repairing or replacing your car and getting it back home, so keep these in mind when estimating how much an accident will cost you.

If you only need to get towed somewhere close by, plan for closer to $75; if you have to go out of town (upwards of 100 miles), be prepared for up to $300.

If your battery is dead and won’t start your car, expect around $50-75 in addition; more if it takes more than 10 minutes ($10/minute).

For commercial vehicles, costs usually range from $150-$450.

Your driver will almost always require documentation that verifies you can afford to pay for their services before they help you.

Many companies also accept credit cards, cash payments, checks, or online payment systems like PayPal.


The majority of people I know have never had to tow their cars. My last two cars have been pretty reliable, and after nearly seven years without an accident, I’m hoping my track record stays intact.

But what if you do need a tow truck at some point? You should be prepared with enough information so that you can figure out whether you’re looking at something minor or major before you hop in your ride and head off for repairs.

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