7 Best Voice-over Apps for iPhone and iPad

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Imagine watching a movie without a voice-over moving the plotline or a simple voice-over game, and your superheroes and villains have no dialogues but only actions; sounds awkward, right? So you see, voice-over has done its part in most areas of everyday life.


We’re discussing voice-over apps for iPhone and iPad in this article but before that, let’s talk about voice-over.

What are Voice-over Apps?

We can describe a voice-over as a voice that is recorded with a focus on advertisements, TV productions, and so on, but usually offscreen. One of the critical features of voice-over is the absence of the image of the person speaking.

It is read by a voice-over artist who reads from a scripted statement for any media such as video games, filmmaking, or commercials.

Also, voice-over helps convey information very effectively to the viewers or whoever is listening to it. The significance cannot be overemphasized in a video, whether for brand awareness, film genre, documentaries, or gaming experience.

A Voice-over App

The voice-over app is a great instrument to improve your voice acting game. It is for a situation where you have limited resources and need equipment for your auditions, voice-over gigs, etc. 

In a world of evolving technologies, there are lots of voice-over apps that you can choose from.

You might want to add effects to your recording and record your voice with ease using the app on your mobile device. So, we will be talking about voice-over apps for iPhones here.

1. Twistedwave Audio Editor

Twistedwave is a voice-over app for iPhones and one of the best for sound editing. It allows voice-over artists to edit, record, and send their recordings with many conveniences.

This app has the undo and redo buttons, copy and paste, allowing for easy edits by the users. Also, it features waveform navigation, pitch shifts, fade-ins, zoom in and out, and frequency levels.

The Twistedwave Audio Editor allows users to share their high-quality records and save them in various file formats. It’s fast, easy to use, and will enable you to upload your recorded audio by FTP.

Download Twistedwave Audio Editor

2. Vocal Warm-Up

Due to overuse, the voice can wear out or become damaged. Effective warm-up routines can bring it back to its good position, which is the work of this app.

Vocal Warm-Up is one of the voice-over apps for iPhone that provides the maintenance of a healthy voice.

This app offers guidance in cooling down the voice through exercises such as sirening, breath controls, and trills.

It helps a lot in creating a healthy vocal care routine. Breath controls and stamina are also nursed, which helps control your voice.

Furthermore, Vocal Warm-Up provides its users with the ability to personalize their exercises.

The user determines the times to practice in a day, the range, and the order of the activities. Well, this is what makes it stand out from others.

Download Vocal Warm-Up

3. Voice-over Self Direction

This app was created by a voice-over coach and casting director, Mary Lynn Wissner. Since most voice-over jobs are done alone, it enables the users to self-direct.

It enhances the user’s voiceover experience by providing tools such as character reads, sample audio, and sample scripts.

Ad agencies and most production companies have directions that they find more exciting. Voice-over self-direction provides its users with the five popular ones in these directions, isn’t that great?.

Users no longer need to worry about this app’s self-directing, challenging, and frustrating aspects.

Download Voice-over Self Direction

4. DubMe

DubMe is one of the voice-over apps on iPhone that works for everyday social media use. It allows you to mix your audio and video content to produce your desired result.

You can pick any pre-existing video, make a voice-over, and upload them to any of your social media accounts straight away.

It’s an exciting voice-over app for iPhone to create tutorial videos, commentaries, and music video clips. DubMe also allows its users to share their video files in HD.

Download DubMe

5. GarageBand

GarageBand offers voice actors various tools to edit and record their work. It’s a free voice-over app for iPhone, yet provides excellent services.

Removing background noise that comes up while recording and adding special effects and plugins is also one of its great features.

The voice actor should use a high-quality microphone while recording on this app for excellent audition recording.

Download GarageBand

6. Voices Mobile App

Voices having a mobile app will surprise most who don’t know it yet, although that’s a few cases. The voices mobile app helps voice actors in their different vocal experiences. You can record voiceovers, look for auditions and even manage jobs. 

Those looking to hire a voiceover actor for their jobs can also search for talents using this app. It’s one of the many features that distinguish it from other apps.

It gives you the ability to share your profile, earn income and even track your payments; that’s a plus!

7. Speechelo

This is one of the voice-over apps for iPhone and iPad that makes mixing and editing so much fun to do. It can transform your written texts into sounds with over 30 voices for you to make your desired choice.

In a period where you can’t afford voice-over artists because they are too expensive for you, Speechelo comes in handy!.

Depending on what you’re using it for, you can set the tone of your speech to be normal, severe, or joyful.

Speechelo works with Adobe Premiere, Camtasia, and other video creation software.

Download Speechelo

Applications of Voice over Apps

Now that we have discussed the various voice-over apps, we can also discuss their applications. These voice-over apps are useful in different aspects of work. They include podcasts, E-learning, video games, documentaries, voiceover films, and trailers.


Being a successful and talented voice-over artist comes with great responsibility. Voice-over has proved essential in our everyday lives, ranging from training and education to information and entertainment.

The apps help you cut the cost of those expenses you need to spend while chasing your dream. With its sound filters, background sounds, and voice changing ability, you can be sure of your career attaining its most excellent form. If you’re an aspiring voiceover artist, we hope you enjoy these apps’ juicy offers.

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