20 Best Video Game Streaming Platforms

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Video game streaming platforms are becoming increasingly popular. What exactly are they, and why should I care? The rise of these platforms has led to a new generation of gamers who prefer watching overplaying.


Video game streaming platforms are websites that allow users to stream video games from their computers or mobile devices to other people’s computers, usually using a web browser.

The user can play the game on his laptop while someone else watches and listens to it through headphones.

With the advent of streaming services such as Twitch, YouTube Gaming, Mixer, and Facebook Gaming, gaming fans now have access to live streams from their favorite players.

These platforms allow viewers to watch other people play video games. Here are some o the most popular video game streaming platforms;

1. Twitch

Twitch is the largest website for online streaming, with an estimated 1 million unique visitors per day. Streamers post videos in which they play video games while answering questions from viewers. Users can use chat boxes to interact with the streamer directly.

2. Vk.com

Vk.com is another site where users can watch others play video games. Unlike Twitch, Vk.com does not require a subscription fee. However, there is no advertising on the platform. Vk.com is compatible with PC, Mac, Android, and IOS.

3. Ustream

Ustream is a live streaming service founded in 2006. It allows its users to broadcast live video from their desktop or laptop. Ustream started primarily as a tool journalists use during breaking news events.

But today, it is primarily used for broadcasting video games, sporting events, concerts, lectures, and conferences.

4. Facebook Gaming

Facebook Gaming is a social network for gamers where they can meet up and talk about the latest news and events. It allows you to broadcast your gameplay directly to your friends on Facebook. You can also find out what games your friends like playing.

This service also works with iOS and Android devices. Facebook Gaming allows users to live stream gameplay directly to their Facebook page.

5. Youtube Gaming

Youtube Gaming is similar to Twitch because it enables users to broadcast themselves playing video games.

It differs, however, as it focuses more on gaming content than general entertainment. It was launched in 2015 by Google’s YouTube subsidiary.

Youtube gaming allows users to upload gameplay videos, share them with friends, and connect with other gamers.

Youtube Gaming will enable users to upload custom backgrounds and music. This makes the experience more personal than Twitch.

6. DLive

DLive is a free streaming app for Android and iOS devices. It offers several features, including background playback, screen recording, and voice recognition.

Also, DLive provides both free and paid subscriptions. Paid subscribers get access to premium features like HD streaming and ad-free viewing.

7. Nimo TV

Nimo TV is a free streaming app for iOS and Android devices. It offers live streaming of video games, sports, news, and shows.

Nimo TV is available worldwide. It is one of the best ways to catch up on current events and stay informed.

This streaming service has a ” Nimoid ” feature that lets you watch live streams from your favorite channels.

8. TikTok

TikTok is a short-video sharing app owned by ByteDance that is available for both Android and iOS. This streaming platform allows its users to create, share, and view short videos. Videos must be 2 minutes or less.

Surprisingly, gamers use this application more than any other type of content creator. This makes the platform one of the most popular video game streaming media in vogue.

9. Mixer

Mixer is another platform for streaming video games. Microsoft Studios created it in partnership with Beam Team. This video gaming platform offers free accounts to streamers, but paid subscriptions are also available.

Furthermore, Mixer has a ” Screensharing ” feature that lets users see each other’s screens while chatting.

10. Afreeca TV

Afreeca TV is one of the oldest streaming sites. Launched in 2006, Afreeca TV offers free streaming of various media types.

Gaming is only one of many categories provided. In addition to its free service, Afreeca TV also offers premium subscriptions. The platform is viral in South Korea and is compatible with PC, IOS, and Andriod.

11. GoodGame

Good Game is a streaming platform developed in 2014. GoodGame is explicitly designed for mobile devices. It is optimized for smartphones and tablets. At GoodGame, it’s mainly focused on casual games. It is free to download and play. A good game is available on both Android and iOS.

12. DLive

DLive is an online streaming site established in 2011. The main focus of this website is streaming Asian media. However, it has expanded into other genres, including English language media. DLive is currently available in Asia.

13. Garena Live

Garena Live is an online streaming platform established in 2011. It hosts over 1 million active players every day, with all broadcasts free to view.

Garena Live is known for being very competitive. Gamers pay money to join professional teams. These teams then compete against each other in tournaments.

14. Glimesh

Glimesh is a new online streaming platform founded in 2016. It is designed specifically for streaming high-quality video games and is most well known for hosting League of Legends matches.

Gilgamesh has over 100,000 registered users who can choose between watching matches or interacting with their favorite players through chat rooms.

Anyone can sign up for this platform for free. This means that you can start streaming without any restrictions.

15. GameStreamer

GameStreamer is one of the best platforms for streaming video games. It has various features, including a straightforward interface, easy controls, and a wide range of supported devices.

It has been around since 2002 and remains one of the most popular platforms available.

16. OBS Studio

OBS Studio is an open-source application that allows users to stream video games. The software supports Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Android. It allows users to record, preview, and live stream simultaneously.

It is possible to add plugins such as text overlays, voice recording, and even screen capture.

17. Rhoe

Rhoe is a streaming platform that focuses on providing quality content. Its goal is to provide viewers with the highest quality experience possible. Rhoe streams sports events, video games, music videos, movies, etc.

It is available on all major platforms, including PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Apple TV.

18. Trovo

Trovo is another excellent streaming platform for gamers. It is beneficial for those who want to watch Twitch streams from different regions. You can use Trovo to find out when your favorite streamer will be playing so you can tune in.

19. HitboxTV

HitboxTV is a streaming site launched in 2012. It specializes in fighting games such as Street Fighter V. HitboxTV is owned by Capcom, so most of the games hosted are exclusive to the platform. HitboxTV is available on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

20. Nonolive

Nonolive is a streaming service created in 2014. It provides its users with access to thousands of hours of video content. Nonolive offers several categories, including news, entertainment, lifestyle, and sports.

Furthermore, there are specific channels for anime, gaming, and cooking. Nonolive is available on iOS, Android, Amazon Fire, Roku, Chromecast, and PlayStation 4.

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