3 Best UAE Car Brands

Best UAE Car Brands
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If you’re interested in buying a car, it’s essential to know your options before you start shopping around. Buying from one of the UAE’s car brands can save you money.


But if you’re new to the area, it can be hard to determine which are trustworthy or quality enough to meet your needs. 

To help you out, here are some of the top UAE car brands. This ranking is based on their recent customer satisfaction surveys and reputation among local drivers who have bought and driven their cars over time.

1. W Motors

W Motors is a luxury car brand headquartered in Dubai, one of the best UAE car brands. Ralph R. Debbas and Andries Van Overbeek established it in 2013 with one mission: to produce hyper-performance automobiles that rival some of today’s most prestigious supercars. 

W Motors has two models under its name, both of which are track-only vehicles, and there are no plans for a production release. The first model is Fenyr Supersport, while its successor is the Lykan HyperSport (pronounced Li-can). 

Fortunately, various racing events showcased them throughout 2018, including Formula One races worldwide and Abu Dhabi’s Yas Marina circuit.

When they hit the market, each vehicle came equipped with an ultra-lightweight chassis and advanced aerodynamics. The advanced aerodynamics allow them to achieve maximum speeds on race tracks.

 No other details have been released about either vehicle yet, but they’re expected to boast impressive powertrains capable of reaching top speeds well over 200 mph.

2. Devel Sixteen

Devel Sixteen is a newly-launched company based in Dubai, and they’re planning to bring to market an insane new supercar. How much horsepower? 3,999 HP, that’s how much. The Devel Sixteen boasts a 7.0L V16 engine mounted behind your head, because why not? 

Despite being bonkers quick (0-60 in 2.7 seconds), it only seats one lucky driver – but isn’t that part of what makes life special? As of now, there aren’t any other companies on record producing anything like it. And we’re having trouble figuring out where to even begin with estimating its price tag.

Indeed, all we know is that it will be high as hell! Get ready for some serious motoring, folks! These UAE car brands are worth checking out if you’re interested in finding something more unique than a Ferrari or Lamborghini.

While you won’t get all of those extras, you will get something unique and amazing. If you have the money to spend, you should check them out! Maybe down the road, I’ll buy one for myself when I’m rich.

But until then, I’ll have to keep dreaming about what could be my future car brand! Well, that was interesting!

3. Zarooq

Zarooq is an automaker based in Dubai, UAE. The company makes cars with low emissions and high safety ratings for its intended markets, which are India and Southeast Asia. They hope to expand globally soon. 

Zarooq’s first model is a lightweight sports car equipped with a 1-liter 3-cylinder engine that produces 85 horsepower and 90 lb-ft of torque. It has a 0-60 MPH time of under 8 seconds and a top speed of 112 MPH. 

In addition to being environmentally friendly, it is also extremely safe. For example, it received five stars from Euro NCAP (European New Car Assessment Programme) for adult occupant protection and pedestrian protection scores. Overall rating: 5/5 stars. This made Zarooq become one of the prominent UAE car brands.


The United Arab Emirates is not only a beautiful country but has some of the most popular car brands. We talked about everything from Alfa Romeo to Nissan.

If you like cars and what is currently trending in UAE car brands, it will greatly interest you. Make sure to check out all of them before making your final decision!

Frequently Asked Questions

How are cars Different in the Middle East?

When looking at UAE car brands, it’s essential to know how cars are different in middle eastern countries. You might not think much about it when considering UAE car brands. There are many differences between vehicles in America and those in other countries worldwide. In most Middle Eastern cities, parking isn’t free, and it can cost as much as 50% more per month to park your vehicle than what you pay for rent or mortgage payments on your home!

What Are Some Popular manufacturers of UAE Car brands in Dubai?

If you’re shopping for a new vehicle, we consider some of the UAE car brands. Manufacturers such as Rolls Royce are known worldwide, while others like Porsche or Lamborghini may be less familiar. 

What Kind of Fuel Do UAE car brands Use?

In general, cars in the United Arab Emirates use gasoline. However, there are a few exceptions. These vehicles run on propane gas or compressed natural gas (CNG). This is because these vehicles require particular engines that can burn alternative fuels. Before you decide what type of car you want, consider how much fuel costs where you live—and where your vehicle will be registered.

What are the Basic Maintenance Requirements for UAE car brands?

Like other vehicles, UAE car brands are susceptible to essential wear and tear from regular use. They also need frequent oil changes and fluid refills, and routine inspections for any damage or unsafe issues. Keep an eye out for warning signs that something might be wrong with your car (such as running rough). Get it checked out immediately if there’s any doubt about its safety. Regular maintenance is vital for keeping your UAE car brand in tip-top shape!

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