6 Types of Uber Cars

Types of Uber Cars

Over the last few years, Uber has been spreading like wildfire, not only in the US but across the world. According to statistics, there are close to 750,000 Uber drivers in the US and more than 2 million worldwide.


Uber has a unique approach that allows drivers to choose their most appropriate working hours and therefore, more and more people are willing to join this flourishing market.

That said, more people are choosing Uber as the most appropriate and safest mode of transport and whether you want to travel to the city for pleasure, school, airport or business meeting, Uber will take you everywhere you want safely and smoothly.

Even though you can request Uber ride online at the comfort of your couch, the only challenge is that you might not know which type of vehicle will be coming to pick you up. For instance, you might be looking forward to getting an SUV ride to town only to be picked up by a sports car.

There are different Uber services you can choose from and each comes with a different cost, rider capacity and different purposes.

Today, Uber is going above and beyond to provide riders with excellent riding experience and therefore, you can now select a specific type of rides based on your personal preferences.

If you are looking for a ride that will leave a mark in your life, here are different types of Uber cars you can choose from.

1. UberX


If you are looking for rideshare that will blow your mind as you ride around the town without breaking the bank, UberX is a perfect choice. The most UberX cars include SUV and sedan and they must meet some guidelines.

For instance, they must have a capacity to carry four passengers, hence making it convenient for you to travel from one place to another with your gang on board.

In addition, the type of Uber that answers an UberX ride request must have four doors and should have a designated age limit which of course differs from one state to another, but basically, the car shouldn’t be older than 10 years.

According to Uber Fare Estimator, the initial rate for UberX starts from $0.14 per minute or $0.40 per mile and a service charge fee of $1.58.

2. UberPOOL


Uber is determined to improve the riding experience for everyone regardless of their class, status, and financial position. If you are on a tight budget, you can share the ride with another user heading to a similar direction as you slash the cost with UberPOOL.

Once you order an UberPOOL, the company will do everything to compare active users in the area you’re heading to.

If they find another rider located in the same geographical area and heading in the same direction, Uber will combine the ride thus passing the savings to both of you.

UberPOOL ride request comes with certain requirements; first, you must be willing to take longer ride time and secondly, you’ll only be required to bring one person with you to ensure that there is enough space for everyone.

UberPOOL vehicle must have four doors, a capacity to carry four passengers and must not be more than 10 years old.

Cost per ride is typically 40-50% cheaper than UberX and therefore, you are guaranteed of an excellent ride without straining your wallet.

3. UberXL


If you are planning a trip abroad with your loved ones, the last thing you’d expect is for anyone to miss the bus and get to you agreed destination late or misses it altogether. Again, you don’t have to argue on who to use what car as you can all enjoy the ride together thanks to UberXL.

Basically, UberXL is an affordable and convenient option for a big group of people who want to travel from one location to another together. UberXL cars can be minivans or SUVs hence a perfect option to take 5-6 passengers around the town.

The initial fee for UberXL is $2.15 and the rate per mile is $1.68 and an additional fee of $0.26/minute as well as a $1.70 service fee. There is no additional requirement for UberXL, but the car must not be older than 2000.

4. UberSUV


If you want to travel from home to town and back in style, grabbing UberSUV will be a great option.

What makes UberSUV primo is their age restriction as they must be newer than 2012 and therefore, you’ll enjoy an outstanding Uber experience in a well-maintained and beautiful car.

Drivers accepting UberSUV requests must meet certain requirements.

For instance, they must have commercial level insurance and should be registered commercially; after all, driving people around classic cars such as Cadillac Escalade or Mercedes GL-Class requires a high level of coverage.

The initial fee for UberSUV is $14, $4 per mile and $0.49/minute.

5. UberSelect


If you want a ride that will improve your experience in a four-door luxurious car, UberSelect is the way to go.

To accept the UberSelect ride request, your car must be a luxury sedan model and it must be 2009 or newer with vinyl or leather seats. These rides come with a hefty price with an initial fee of $4.02, $1.7 per hour and $0.33 per mile.

6. UberLUX


If you want to attend a bachelor/bachelor’s party, a birthday party or any other state of the art occasion in style, UberLux is the perfect mode of transport you deserve.

Some of the UberLux vehicles to expect include Audi A8, Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Porsche Panamera and Tesla Model S.

These cars are classy and well-maintained, must be considered full-size luxury cars and should be 2012 or newer.

Any driver who receives UberLUX ride requests must obtain and insurance and commercial level registration. UberLUX’s initial cost is $15.65, $0.52 per minute, $4.35 per mile and $1.80 service fee.

Bottom line

We are living in a digital age and just like how easy it is to order electronics, furniture or clothing online, you can now request for Uber ride online.

With Uber, you connect with a professionally trained, experienced and courteous driver who picks you up from your location and takes you to your destination smoothly and safely.

There are different types of Uber cars to meet the need of all people and if you are wondering which one will fit your needs, this article will get you started.

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