Introduction to tvOS and its Features

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Apple is known for its iOS, which is the operating system most of its smart devices run on. Well, except for Apple TV.


The tech giant’s TV runs on a different operating system known as tvOS, a name that is both appropriate and self-explanatory.

However, the brief explanation above is not enough to paint a clear picture of what tvOS is. To know more about tvOS and its features, please read further.

What is tvOS for Apple TV?

tvOS is an operating system quite similar to Apple’s iOS.

It’s more like a slimmed-down version of the iOS. tvOS has many of the same features and capabilities that the iOS has, like buttons, navigation controls, and of course, video processing.

However, tvOS lacks a web browser. To make up for the absence of a web browser, Apps on Apple TV are downloaded through an onscreen app store, similar to the iOS app store.

This means that already existing applications will need to be adjusted to work on the Apple TV device.

More specifically, TV Everywhere apps that feature cable provider authentication and use solutions like Adobe Pass will require that you adopt new methods because of the absence of a working web browser.

tvOS features and functionality

Removal of web views

Apple has omitted web views from its tvOS. The reason web view functionality was not added to the tvOS is to provide consumers with a better user experience.

A 1080p, non-Retina screen can not display web content correctly from webview to a smart TV screen. The best way to include third-party apps to the tvOS is to build native apps, which will translate beautifully to TV, and also endure tvOS updates.

There has been an advancement of Apple’s media player, which makes it offers a better Siri voice search.

The latest Siri Remote and the power of tvOS allows consumers to browse movies, open apps, search for TV shows, and inquire about sports scores while viewing your favorite content on TV.


Apple TV now comes with a powerful A8 chip that has high-quality graphics, which includes iOS 9’s Metal technology that also creates detailed visual and graphics effects.

New apps

Apple TV has apps including, but are not limited to, lifestyle and gaming, live-action sports. Users can now browse and install applications from the Apple TV App Store. Some of the apps available Airbnb, include Gilt, and Zillow.

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