tvOS 13: What Does the New tvOS Update Have in Store?

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tvOS 13 is the most recent version of tvOS, and it comes with multi-user support, a spanking new Home screen, and so much more. Here is all about it.


tvOS 13

Every fourth- and fifth-generation Apple TV out there runs an operating system known as tvOS, which was built from scratch to offer users a simple, and straight forward TV watching time on Apple’s set-top box.

The tvOS is made to put desired content in front and in the center, with an app-centric design that is familiar and controlled via a touch-based remote controller or watchOS/iOS app, and obviously, Siri’s voice commands.

tvOS has its own full App Store from where you can download different apps and games that you can enjoy on your Apple TV, together with several built-in applications.

tvOS Built-in apps include Apple Music, Photos for viewing your Photo Library on your Apple TV, Podcasts, and also Apple TV, an application that aggregates TV and movie content from a variety of sources.

The Apple TV application also offers Channels, allowing you to subscribe and watch the best content from a wide range of services without needing to open any third-party app. It is also expected to house Apple TV+ this fall.

It is giving users a chance to search for specific content using voice for faster content access and packing some useful features to ensure that television watching is more comfortable.

Features like zero sign-on or single sign-on for a more rapid signing into third-party applications that need authentication using your cable credentials.

Apple has now added new features and offers new versions of tvOS regularly, but updates for tvOS have historically been smaller than updates for macOS, watchOS, and iOS.

Since its launch in 2015, tvOS has seen very few changes to its entire layout and design, but this time, a few brand new features have been launched.

tvOS 13, is the most recent version of tvOS, and it introduces many notable changes that make the TV watching a more exciting experience.

In tvOS 13, there’s an updated Home screen, which is created to make it easier for users to find new content to choose from.

Apps on this OS can play full-screen video previews directly on the Home screen, which allows users to take a quick peek at new TV shows and movies so you can choose what you’d prefer to watch.

A new Control Center in a recent update of tvOS allows users to manage their tvOS settings, and it also introduces a new feature called multi-user support.

The multi-user support enables each member of the family to get their personal profile so each of them can watch their favorite TV shows and movies. With the multi-user support, Up Next and recommendations are explicitly personalized for each user.

Multi-user support on tvOS 13 also works well with Apple Music, so each member of the family can gain access to their personalized recommendations and playlists.

With the new Control Center, you can see what Apple Music song is playing and even enjoy some onscreen lyrics display in Apple Music.

tvOS 13 also allows for Apple Arcade, which is a new gaming service that was launched by Apple on the 19th of September. Apple Arcade offers you unlimited access to over 100 brand new and exclusive games for a monthly fee, with no extra purchases or annoying ads.

For Apple Arcade, Xbox One S controller and PlayStation DualShock 4 support have been included by Apple to the iOS and Apple TV devices, so that you can make use of your gaming controllers to enjoy all your Apple Arcade games.

For cool screensaver lovers, this upgrade to the tvOS offers a selection of new screensavers, all of which show up under the sea scenes made by Apple in collaboration with the Natural History Unit of the BBC.

tvOS 13 was launched alongside iOS 13.1 and iPadOS 13.1 on the 24th of September. Apple then released tvOS 13.2, on the 28th of October. tvOS 13.2 seems to be more focused on performance improvements and bug fixes, and there’s currently a tvOS 13.3 update in the works.

tvOS 13 Features and Changes

New home screen

tvOS 13 offers you an updated Home screen that is focused on discovery. The apps on your screen can now display full-screen video previews on your Home screen, just like how content on Netflix autoplay.

With this newly added autoplay feature, people can now get a quick look at new movies, TV shows, games, and music without needing to open up any app for more information.


tvOS 13 also comes with support for Picture-in-Picture. This is a new feature that allows users to continue to watch movies or TV shows while they use a different application, adjusting settings, or navigating the tvOS 13 operating system.

There are small controls put at the downside of the picture-in-picture interface, which allows you to pause content, return to full screen, and close the picture-in-picture window.

Control center

There is a brand new Control Center on Apple TV, and it lets users take a look at the date and time, gives them easy access to search, a sleep feature, AirPlay controls, a Now Playing widget, and even a chance to switch between users.

Multi-user support

With tvOS 13, you are offered a multi-user support for the very first time, allowing the existence of more than a single profile on the Apple TV. Every family member can get a profile and enjoy its unique Apple TV interface.

Recommendations on each person’s Apple TV interface will be based on moves and TV shows they have watched, and there are specific Up Next lists for each person. It can also be quick to swap between different users with the assistance of the new Control Center.

Apple music updates

On tvOS 13, Apple Music also comes with multi-user support, so that each person can play their personalized playlists and enjoy their unique recommendations.

The Apple Music application on Apple TV is also programmed to display lyrics the music playing so that listeners can sing along.

Apple Arcade

tvOS 13 comes with support for Apple Arcade, which is Apple’s new gaming service that is available on iOS, Apple TV, macOS, and iPadOS.

Apple Arcade grants every user unlimited access to hundreds of exclusive and new games, for a single subscription fee.

Apple Arcade costs $4.99 a month, and with a single subscription, you get access to as many as six family members with the aid of Family Sharing. There are no additional purchases or annoying ads needed in Apple Arcade games. Also, you can enjoy a one-month free trial.

Controller Support

The Apple TV running the tvOS 13 supports the PlayStation DualShock 4 Controller, Xbox Wireless Bluetooth Controller, and that allows Apple TV users to play games with the same console controllers they already own.

The two controllers are connected to the Apple TV via Bluetooth. The controllers are also handy for Apple Arcade games.

Wireless audio sync

In iOS 13 and tvOS 13, there is a new Wireless Audio Sync feature that makes use of the iPhone’s microphone to calibrate audio that is synced to your Apple TV.

That means that if you have a speaker system already connected to your Apple TV and you don’t have the audio synchronized, this feature will solve that problem.

With the use of this feature, the Apple TV can play a range of tones. Your iPhone will calculate the time required for it to recognize the sounds and save that information on Apple TV.

From that point, the audio can be programmed to send earlier or later to properly synchronize with your TV or audio equipment. You can quickly initiate Audio Sync through the settings application on the Apple TV.

New screensavers

Apple worked together with the BBC Natural History Unit to create several immersive new screensavers that display the deep oceans from around the globe, showing off scenes and creatures from under the sea.


tvOS 13 is created to run on the fourth and fifth-generation models of Apple TV. The tvOS 13 is not compatible with older versions of Apple TV, because those models are not compatible with tvOS.

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