10 Ravishing Truck Simulator Games for PS4

Truck Simulator Games for PS4

Are you that one risk-taker who’s always on the go to find open-road adventures? Then, you might also be interested in truck simulator games for PS4. Well, the fact is the truck-themed games are in abundance online.

Yes, you may be able to visualize those fields and open-route scenarios running in your head where the truck’s speeding its way.

No cap, the truck simulator games do make you feel like you’re physically encountering the turning signals and the speed limit. You may almost feel like being on a real truck.

It is known within the game geeks that there is a surplus of truck simulator games. However, they are limited to the PC platform.

Still, it does not imply you can’t have any truck simulator games for PS4. Don’t frown. Scroll down!

Top 10 Truck Simulator Games You Need to Play

Well, the truck simulator games available on consoles are shrink-wrapped. You can say that they are in short supply. However, it does not mean we’ll let you suffer from the shortage of truck simulator games for PS4

Here are some of our solid picks, don’t forget to adjust your seat, fuel up, and be on the wheel!

1. Spintires: MudRunner

Have you had enough over-the-top supped-up vehicles and fast-paced racing? Then, let’s take a rest from the fast-paced truck simulator games for PS4. Spintires: MudRunner has something more to offer to you.

Instead of barreling down the road, the game subjects you to challenging landscapes and stony terrains. Therefore, you may have to take things slowly in there.

The gameplay revolves around the location of Russia, where the trucks are put to use, delivering between different destination points.

Therefore, you can expect to lose cargo, get stuck in the mud, be flipped over, and require help later!

2. Farming Simulator 22

It’s to try something domestic, haha! GIANTS Software never ceases to amaze their lovers with their releases. Farming Simulator 22 has come with trendy and modern attire (of a farmer) for you.

There’s so much content in this truck simulator game for PS4 that you need to review. The game may even require you to show your gardening skills. You can picture yourself growing crops, tending fields and lands, taking care of life stock, and whatnot.

It is to say that the game is not going to disappoint you. Don’t let this intro put you off as heavy-duty machinery and vehicles in the game attract you. Get ready for the seasonal shifts, profits, and (sometimes) running out of business.

3. Truck Driver

Have you always wished about getting the truck games on PC to be the truck simulator game for PS4? If yes, then Truck Driver can be your cup of tea. SOEDESCO (the developers) have made a similar sequel before where the truck driver operates within the city.

The game plot of Truck Driver almost works on the same genre. Players strive to do better in Truck Driver, deliver cargo at a time, undamaged. It helps the players get their name on board; they get more jobs in gameplay.

It assists the geeks in staying motivated and loyal to the game. As the game progresses, the players earn XP’s and money to get customized outfits and vehicles.

4. On The Road – Truck Simulator

On The Road – Truck Simulator is here to lure all game junkies with it and get on the road to experience an almost real-life truck journey. The game map comprises 6500 km of country roads and motorways.

Not just that, there are a plethora of detailed motorway interchanges and 15+ German cities to keep the players busy. Not fascinating enough? Let the MAN and Scania trucks (gaming trucks) take care of you. 

They operate realistically; assistance systems, retarder/intarder, and the system of automatic transmissions are enough to make you dizzy. You can be your boss (On The Road); you can do customization, hire drivers, and even check cargo volume.

5. Monster Truck Championship

Your craze about Truck Simulator Games for PS4 is justified. However, have you ever experienced monster trucks on consoles? Well, now you do! The gigantic behemoth trucks are here to daze you and are strong enough to smash down the whole city.

They spare no one whatever comes in the way. Let them be the insanely oversized vehicles or trailers or obstacles. The flips and spins of Monster Truck are enough to make the players stupified. 

Therefore, if you’re big of a daredevil, embark on the journey and land into a pile of vehicles. Remember to rank up and make some high jumps into the air to make it dreamy.

6. Truck and Logistics Simulator

Do you like managing a company and performing complex loading tasks? Then, you can fulfill your intent by giving Truck and Logistics Simulator a chance.

Truck and Logistics is one of those truck Simulator Games for PS4; that lets the players be in charge and handle 20+ vehicles.

The game lets you become the master of all logistic vehicles such as telescopic handlers, wheel loaders, forklifts, cranes, vans, pickups, and heavy trucks.

You get to load the cargo up to your desire. You can even choose a risky road ride with 21 tonnes of the load.

Get in progressive career mode, upgrade your commodities, and fulfill challenging missions with Truck and Logistics Simulator. However, don’t forget to take special care of fragile cargo missions.

7. SnowRunner

Did the first one in our list of Truck Simulator Games for PS4 appeal to you? Then, we have an expansion of this game in store for you. Both games almost function similarly. However, this one has much more diverse paths.

You get to step your feet into contesting terrains like snowy ridge tundras and dirty bogs. You have to pay attention to every little detail while playing SnowRunner because the missions in the game are not easy to control.

Therefore, carry all necessary tools with you, or you can get stuck in sinking trucks, losing goods, and getting flipped at the mountainsides. However, once you get used to you can chill out and enjoy podcasts or pull out on a severe truck ride. It is up to you.

8. FIA European Truck Racing Championship

If you were looking for a racing game and could not find it enlisted in Truck Simulator Games for PS4, then here it is. It is one of the spectacular motor racing games which features deadly competitions, real-life race tracks, and the best tactics for overtaking.

The KT Engine (WRC) offers you control of the temperature of your brakes, monitoring tire wear, the weight of the truck when cornering. Hence, you can be ready to manage 45 trucks, 20 teams, 14 circuits, three multiplayer modes, and five single-player modes.

9. Alaskan Truck Simulator

The Polish studio Movie Games has released; an unusual combination of a truck driving simulating gaming pattern with the survival theme. The game is solely playable. The game is in the eponymous northernmost state of the USA.

The main plan of the game is to make players go through treacherous and hazardous walkthroughs to collect orders. Therefore, the gamers play by risking their security, trucks, and lives while fulfilling their duties.

However, the most alluring part is that the game not just offers to ride trucks. For survival, the players can enter the outer world. The game also proposes disparate tools such as firearms and many more.

10. Farming Simulator 19 Premium Edition

Did you like to be a fancy farmer in Farming Simulator 22? Then this edition of the game may also connect to you. Farming experience has never been this complete before.

Here you would be given American and European environments; you can develop your huge farms the way you like.

There are much more fun and exciting farming activities. Accordingly, get on 475 authentic vehicles and grow farms with co-players.

The premium edition holds much more qualities to entertain you: Alpine Farming Expansion, Rottne DLC, GRIMME Equipment Pack, Kverneland & Vicon Equipment Pack, Bourgault DLC, Platinum Expansion, and many more.

Final Words

Hey truckers, we have filled our part. Now, it’s your take to download any version of the Truck Simulator Games for the PS4 you want! What are you waiting for? Get your hands on whichever truck game you want.

Get your spirits on and get ready to be on the venture to the meadows, topographies, cumbersome roads, or in a racing competition. You never know what you are about to experience!

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