11 Top Selling Motorcycle Brands

Top Selling Motorcycle Brands

The future of motorcycling looks very promising indeed. The number of motorcycle sales has increased in recent years. There are no signs that the upward trend will slow down soon.


Analysts predict that the most popular brands will see record numbers of sales every single year. We’ve compiled a list of top-selling motorcycle brands.

Here are the top 11 top selling motorcycle brands you can look forward to seeing on our roads in 2020.

1. Yamaha

It’s not a surprise that Yamaha dominated motorcycle sales. They offer quality two and three-wheeler bikes with superior technology to meet different customer requirements.

In 2008, its FZ16 model sold more than 100,000 units worldwide. With time, their bikes have become more sophisticated with ABS (anti-lock brakes).

Also, they use fuel injection systems, to improve performance and engine output. Yamaha is undoubtedly one of the top selling motorcycle brands across Asia. From India to South Korea, dealers sell hundreds of thousands each year.

Lastly, among Japanese manufacturers, Honda and Suzuki follow closely behind. Nonetheless, Yamaha remains one of motorcycling’s most significant powers— in 2020, it will undoubtedly be no different.

2. Harley Davidson

The Wisconsin-based bike manufacturer has been at it for 115 years, and it’s still rolling strong. Harley is one of the top-selling motorcycle brands with a classic look and timeless logo. They also keep things fresh with many new models that have been launched recently.

For example, models like their latest bike, Project Rushmore. They specialize in cruiser bikes, like their popular Fat Boy and Softail series. They also make several other styles, including sport bikes (Road King) and touring bikes (Ultra Classic).

In short: Harley knows how to get you from point A to point B in style. As a bonus: Their partnership with Bar & Shield leads to plenty of discounts for loyal customers. And did we mention there are tons of cool accessories?

3. Indian Motorcycle

In terms of production, India’s largest bike manufacturer is Hero MotoCorp. It assembles motorcycles (as well as scooters) under four brands.

This includes Hero MotoCorp (the original brand), Honda Motors India, Bajaj Auto, and Eicher Trucks and Buses.

These brands are one of the top-selling motorcycle brands. Furthermore, in 2015, Indian manufacturers produced 18 million vehicles per year.

They had about twice as many as Japan, making 9 million cars annually. In terms of market share, two Japanese motorcycle makers—Yamaha and Suzuki—dominate sales within India with their respective brands.

4. Honda

While Honda’s revenue shrank in 2015, it still maintained a $56 billion gross domestic product (GDP). The turnout in their GDP made them Japan’s most profitable brand. Honda has been on an upswing since their new models were released.

Also, they have no trouble keeping their sales going. If anything, Honda is only gaining momentum and will likely be one of Japan’s top brands for years to come.

Honda may be less familiar to people outside Asia than other top selling motorcycle brands on our list. Nonetheless, they are trendy in Asia as well as around the world.

Only Toyota sold more vehicles worldwide in 2016 than Honda did. Sales may fluctuate year to year, but there’s no denying that Honda is here to stay for a long time.

5. BMW

Among the top-selling motorcycle brands, the first brand that comes to mind for most people is BMW. Since 1921, BMW has designed and manufactured high-performance motorcycles.

BMWs are known for their reliability, power, and comfort, making them popular worldwide. In fact, in 2015 alone, 682,831 units were sold by BMW.

The company was also ranked number one among its competitors, with a sales growth rate of 2%. This German company started as an aircraft manufacturer in 1917.

Also, they released their first motorcycle in 1923. Afterward, they moved on to design some of history’s most iconic automobiles during World War II.

6. Kawasaki

The Kawasaki brand has been in production since 1954 and is still a leading manufacturer today. Bikes have a reputation for being dependable, affordable, and fun to ride.

It also appeals to many younger riders due to its sporty appearance. Because it offers so much variety, there is something that fits everyone’s needs, regardless of skill level or experience.

Also, it is known for offering bikes with very high standards despite lower than average prices. As long as maintenance is done regularly, you should have no problem getting years of enjoyment from Kawasaki.

The fun you’ll get from other top-selling motorcycle brands is nothing compared to the one from Kawasaki.

7. KTM

The KTM line of motorcycles is a premier collection among the top selling motorcycle brands. They have made attempts to enter international markets in recent years.

KTM has historically been a company that emphasizes quality over quantity. This commitment has led to success with their popular off-road bikes and dirtbikes.

Also, the success expanded to their extensive collection of enduro and motocross models. Their small population means limited availability, though; only bikes made in Austria will find their way into other countries.

An American brand such as KTM is virtually unheard of. You may want to be patient when looking for one.

8. Suzuki

The Suzuki Group is a Japanese conglomerate company headquartered in Minami-Azabu, Minato, Tokyo. The company operates in four business segments: motorcycles, automobiles, power products, and other activities.

Suzuki is a significant manufacturer using an integrated production system (the Toyota Production System) based on Just In Time (JIT). They changed their automaker’s name from Suzuki to Maruti Udyog Ltd. to address foreign concerns.

The automaker’s name changed because the name did not have enough impact in global markets. It created a subsidiary called Maruti Udyog Ltd., responsible for sales and marketing.

Also, another division produced cars under license from Toyota and GM. Without a doubt, Suzuki is still one of the top selling motorcycle brands!

9. Triumph

Indeed, there are lots of different top selling motorcycle brands out there. Nevertheless, Triumph has remained a top choice for both novice and experienced riders.

But why is that? As far as function goes, Triumph’s bikes have simple maintenance systems, fantastic acceleration, and minimal recoil.

Also, they’re incredibly comfortable to ride and easy to handle. And on top of all those things (plus their sleek designs), Triumph gives its customers several options for customization.

Most motorcycles can be customized to fit your specific needs. There are many reasons why these bikes sell so well (and are so highly rated by buyers).

10. Ducati

The Italian brand sold a total of 58,800 motorcycles in 2013. Ducati makes everything from cruisers to superbikes, so they have a little something for everyone’s tastes.

Because they’re based in Italy, there’s no surprise that most of their motorcycle sales come from Europe. The company was founded in 1926 and is headquartered in Bologna, Italy. 

Also, with its long history comes a passionate fan base. Their loyal customers are more than willing to spend big bucks on new motorcycles. No wonder Ducati made it to the list of top-selling motorcycle brands!

11. Piaggio Group

The Piaggio Group is an Italian manufacturer of three-wheeled commercial vehicles, scooters, and motorcycles. Among top selling motorcycle brands, it has a significant presence in Europe, Asia, and North and South America.

This firm owns brands like Vespa and Aprilia and part or entire stakes in motorcycle manufacturers. For example, they own Gilera, Moto Guzzi, and Derbi brands.

In 2016, sales exceeded 2 billion euros. The name originates from its founder Rinaldo Piaggio who formed Avio Meccanica Sardo in Italy.

This happened in 1910 when he started constructing airplanes. Just eight years later, they had their first success with a seaplane. They also won a gold medal at an international exhibition.


You’ll want to get a motorcycle built for adventure rather than just zipping around town. Like those from Harley Davidson, a bike will make you feel like you’re taking a much-needed break from life.

Finding time and funds for a fun vacation when busy with work and family can be challenging. Moreover, getting out on your bike will give you an escape unlike any other.

Instead of sitting at home while everyone else enjoys themselves, get up on your Harley and enjoy yourself! You won’t regret owning one bike from the top selling motorcycle brands.

What Is the Largest Selling Brand of Motorcycles in the World?

The top 3 brands in terms of global sales include Honda, Yamaha, and Suzuki. To factor in domestic motorcycle sales, Kawasaki and Harley Davidson would also be counted as top-selling motorcycle brands.

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