Tips for Picking the Perfect Name for Your Car

Name for Your Car

Cars are deep and personal objects, and for most people, they are the most expensive thing to ever purchase aside from a house.


So, it’s not very unusual that you’d feel the need to give it a name to help take your relationship with the car to a new level.

Whether you call that yellow Pinto sitting in your garage “Old Yeller” or that reliable minivan the “bro wagon” because it helps you transport friends to the game or on an every weekend offroad adventures, it doesn’t matter.

The point though is to ensure that it’s something that makes sense to you and suits your lifestyle as well. At times, certain ideas might come to you, and other times it might take longer.

But you shouldn’t be in a hurry when choosing your car name, so just sit back, relax and enjoy the fun (or frustration) that comes with car naming.

To help make sure you choose the perfect name, here are some quick tips that could help when picking a name for your car.

Keep It Personal

Bear in mind that whatever name you decide to pick for your car has got to be personal. You should go for something that is easily related to and can be used in a sentence in the same way you would about your brother or dog.

Start With A Prefix

One other way to give a car more personality is by starting its name with titles that are humanizing such as Mr, Mrs, or Miss.

If your vehicle has a sense of nobility and royalty, you could try Duchess of Saab, Baroness Von Nissan, or Prince Pajero. You can express your viewpoints, your personality, and your relationship with your car by choosing a perfect name for it.

Consider Your Personality

Your personality as a driver will also affect your car’s personality. If you are a slow, and careful driver, then you won’t want to include such words as “speedy”, “Daredevil”, or “lighting” when choosing a name for your car.

Therefore, it is important that you consider words that will suit your personality and your driving style. Are you a slow or fast driver? Timid or confident? Safe or dangerous? Sad or happy? Any of these qualities can be very useful when trying to choose the perfect name for your car.

Consider The License Plate Number

The letters on your license plate can serve as good inspiration. For instance, if you have the letter sequence “SRA” you could try the name “Sarah”. Or if you have the letter sequence “OLI”, you could also try Oliver.

License plates come in several letter combinations, so yours could either be a hit or a miss. Whichever way, it is a great place to check.

Another addition to naming your car after the license plate is that there is every tendency you’ll be able to memorize your license plate number more easily.

Make It Legendary

This could either be serious or ironic, but the important bit is that legendary names make for great car names too. For instance, you could consider giving your Geo Tracker the name Conan or your Suburban might be given the name Tiny Tim.

Use The Internet

If at any point you begin to have doubt, just visit the net. There are different websites to help you come up with a nice name for your car. These include pun generators, baby name lists, and so much more.

Thanks to search engines, creating names for certain things have been made easier and simpler (cars inclusive). A little extra research can aid you in the process of picking that perfect name for your ride.

Tell a Wicked Tale

Was purchasing the car quite challenging? Did you do something crazy to save up enough money to afford it? Or perhaps something memorable happened during the whole shopping process? These are all excellent fodder to choose a car name eventually.

Consider The Color, Size, And Shape Of The Car

Sometimes, the most noticeable aspect of your car is the most important. Although choosing a car name after its colour is typically for vehicles with bright colours that stand out. Every colour can contribute to the perfect name for your car.

Size also creates its impression. Then there’s the shape; is it rounded, or squarish? Does it have the shape of a box? You should put these things into consideration as well.

There are lots of names that match with colours that you could consider. If you have a red car, you might want to consider words such as Ruby, Rose, or Annie. You can try out names such as Iron, Bullet, Titanium, or Shiny for silver cars.

For black cars, you could try names like Dark, Midnight, or Crow. Golden Goddess, Pickle, Iceberg are other examples to consider. The list continues.

Consider What You’ll Be Doing With The car

You have to decide what you’ll be doing with the car. Will it be just for going back and forth to the office? Or is it meant to plough piles of snow or conquer trails in the desert? Its “purpose” can also be perfect fodder for your car’s new name.

For instance, you might want to consider giving your new Rubicon the name Caesar.

Decide On Male, Female, Or Gender neutral

Everything about a car, from its size to shape, and the amount of sound it makes can make it seem like it should have a gender-specific label. Does your car exude warmth and grace? Does it seem manly or feminine?

Some cars seem to represent the features of a specific gender, while others have a gender-neutral vibe.

Car Names As A Pun

Another way to come up with that perfect name is to bring together different qualities to create a pun. This makes your car’s name more fun and shows off your funny and creative side. For instance, you could try out a name like Rhonda the Honda or Jack the Cardillac.

If it seems complicated, you could try repeating the first letter to create the same effect. Midnight Mary or Dangerous Dave would seem more fitting.

Don’t Forget to Have a Good Sense of Humor

In the end, it’s all about having fun. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with simply giving your car the name “Steve”, but it sounds quite boring. Therefore, think about something fun that will put a smile on your face as you look at the photos of it in years to come.

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