Things to Keep in Mind When Buying an Electric Scooter

Electric Scooter

Electric scooters have started to become all the rage right now. These days, kids have started to prefer an electric scooter much more than a kick scooter.


They’re not only trendy but provide a sleek and modern to the scooter as well. Most electric scooters come with a stylish look that allows kids to feel like they’re going with the trend.

Kids prefer an electric scooter that helps them zoom around town and provides a comfortable ride. 

When you decide to buy electric scooters for kids, there are several things that you need to keep in mind. You must decide on an electric scooter that has remarkable safety equipment and makes sure the younger kids have a smooth ride.

Not just that, you should make sure that the electric scooter is from a certified seller like Los Angeles Scooter Pros. 

To make this easier for you, we’ve gathered and analyzed data about the best electric scooters out there and what you need to consider before buying electric scooters for kids. 


The top speed that an electric scooter offers is counted as one of the main important features. A traditional kick scooter would typically offer only one speed.

That’s not the case with electric scooters. These electric scooters are capable of keeping a steady speed on all different speed levels. 

We can take the Los Angeles Scooter Pros A11 electric scooter as an example. This scooter comes with three different speed levels; the eco mode with 9mphs, the moderate mode with 12mphs, and the top speed at 15mphs.

This is a really good option to have in scooters because young riders need to have some sort of control over the speed that they’re driving at. 

Kids can activate the scooter’s motor by using the push button throttle and controlling the speed using the twist grip throttle which would ensure that these kids ride safely.


A great scooter is identified by its battery life and the quality of max speed the battery offers. Unlike push scooters, most electric scooters use a lithium battery which helps bring the scooter up a boost. 

Advantageously, an electric scooter for kids would use a lithium battery because not only are they much safer, but they’re also environmentally friendly, keeping your kids away from any toxic gases. 

The battery of an electric scooter handles the motor kicks, the power it has, and the LED lights, brake style, digital display, and many other accessories.

These lithium batteries provide a high-energy cruise control mode with a high density and low self-discharge rate even when you have the scooter moving at maximum speed.


Whether you have good features for electric scooters for kids, it won’t matter much if your scooter doesn’t provide a good range.

To make sure that your child or even older kids have a smooth ride, it’s crucial to get an electric scooter that can offer you a good range.

Many electric scooters, unlike push scooters, offer an average range of 6 to 25 miles. Taking LA scooter pros as an example, their A3 electric scooter for kids provides a range of 20-26 miles. 

Since the electric scooter would have such good range, your child would be able to have a smooth ride even at maximum speed for quite a long period.

This would help them not be stressed about the electric scooter randomly running out of charge at any moment and having to walk the scooter back home. 

Brake style

electric scooters tend to come in different brake styles. A kick scooter would typically only come with one option, them being either foot brakes or a hand-operated front brake.

As time goes by and electric scooters start coming into a trend, a kick scooter isn’t given much priority. 

The best electric scooters come with an electric brake that’s suitable for a foot brake or a rear brake and are also equipped with a rear fender brake.

These electric brakes are controlled by the electricity transported through the lithium battery to the brakes. 

For a child ride or even an electric scooter for older kids, brakes are really important. Whether you’re driving at maximum speed or cruise control mode, these brake styles, like the rear foot brake and disc brakes, work to ensure that the scooter riders come to a safe stop.

The Los Angeles Scooter Pros offer our Moped electric scooter which falls into the category of the best kids electric scooters.

The moped comes with disc brakes that ensure that people riding the scooter can use the brakes efficiently and stay safe. 

Some electric scooters are even equipped with a rear fender which takes the hit for them every time they strike a pole or hit something.

These are counted as part of the safety gear installed in the electric scooter for kids since they provide them safety at all speeds including max speed and help ensure that nothing happens to the solid steel frame of the electric scooter.

Powerful Motor

The motor of your electric scooter is the main feature. The whole electric scooter works because of the motor while the max speed, hill climbing capacity, and acceleration all depend on the motor’s power.

All electric scooters have at least one motor, whereas high-quality scooters have two. 

The electric scooters usually don’t have a chain-driven motor like a regular scooter but instead, come with a have DC motor.

A scooter that has two motors will reach speeds better than other scooters along with having a remarkable thumb throttle. 

The urban drift electric scooter from Los Angeles Pros fits the criteria. It comes with a dual motor that has solid wheels and a twist throttle that can make the scooter go up to 37mph.

Since the motor controls so much, you must get a scooter that comes with a good quality motor; that’s how you judge which one’s the best scooter. 

Safety Features

Everyone should always have protective gear on them even if they’re driving the best electric scooter. Safety gear is important to make sure that you don’t injure yourself while driving.

Accidents are common even if you’re driving in bike lanes, that’s why it’s important to make sure you’re safe when driving an electric scooter.

But it’s not just protective gear that you need to have a safe and smooth ride. Your electric scooter needs to be equipped with safety features that would keep you safe.

Every electric scooter comes with a retractable kickstand that helps keep it upright when parked, but that’s not enough to keep you safe. 

A kid’s electric scooter needs to have the necessary features to keep them clear of any injuries whether they’re driving at maximum speed or low speed.

This includes things like a bright headlight, good quality hand brake, a rear foot brake, cruise mode, or the perfect handlebar height.

Here is a list of things you need to make sure your electric scooter comes with so it’s safe as a kids’ electric scooter.


Whenever we think of A twist grip throttle, we think about how it helps to accelerate the electric scooter, but that’s not the only reason they’re used. A twist throttle or a thumb throttle are also used as part of a safety feature. 

These types of throttles help in making sure that the speed that the scooter can be controlled. The mechanisms of this feature allow the scooter riders to control the speed and get to have targeted performance.

This also helps improve the battery life of the scooter since the lithium battery installed in the scooter would be used appropriately because of the throttle. 

LED Lights

LED lights are extremely crucial in electric scooters for kids. Even the best electric scooters come with a bright headlight or safety lights on the side of the frame.

Many kids tend to prefer driving the scooter out at night. Although this can be incredibly dangerous for the kids, it can also get stressful for parents as well. These lights help prevent that. 

Almost every electric scooter for kids comes with features like a foot brake, cruise mode, or other additional installations, but lights are just as important.

Not only do they help kids see the road at night but they also when the weather’s bad. 

We understand that these lights are important; that’s why Los Angeles Scooter Pros makes sure that all their electric scooters are equipped with the best LED lights, just like the X4 electric scooter that we offer.

The X4 scooter comes with LED safety lights that help you shine your way whenever you’re driving. 

Wheel Size and Material

Electric scooters for kids usually come with wheels that are perfect for kids to use. The rear-wheel or the front wheel are both of equal importance and so they must be accurately sized and are made of good material.

But first of all, you need to make sure the handlebar height is appropriate for your child so they don’t have trouble controlling the wheels. 

The wheels of the electric scooters come in different variations, some are air-filled tires, some are urethane wheels and some are airless.

Apart from the frame of the scooter, the wheels also play a big part in making sure the scooter can handle the weight limit that it’s supposed to and reach speeds that the scooter can allow even when it’s placed in cruise control mode.

Now that we’ve talked about the different materials that these wheels come in, the size and style of the scooter also need to be considered.

You can either get a large wheel or a small wheel. The size of the wheel is stated in diameters and width which helps you calculate what exactly would be the best choice for your child.


There are two ways you can judge which one’s the best electric scooter. One’s through all the features that it offers and the other is the design.

The style and design of an electric scooter are really important in today’s age. Kids want to keep up with trends and if the electric scooter is not sleek and up to date with fashion, it might be a little disappointing for them. 

Electric scooters for kids are designed in a way that provides them a good brake style, powerful motor, rear-wheel, and a front-wheel that has marvelous quality, good battery life, and also the clean and neat look that they want.

That’s a package that most people just can’t deny. This also includes the one-step folding mechanisms that most scooters have. 

One reason that most people, even older kids want an electric scooter is because it’s convenient. The best electric scooters are not just those which have a good performance but also those that provide compact storage. The one-piece folding system helps in that. 

This mechanism helps kids fold the scooter into one just by pressing a single button. Essentially, this helps kids carry the scooter around with them wherever they want and not have to worry about where to place it.

When folded, these scooters take up much less space than kids who are allowed to drive the scooter according to local laws can easily stuff it in their lockers. 

Most kids’ electric scooters provide this option, just like LA scooter pros do. Our A3 electric scooter is perfect for kids who want to zoom around town but do not want to worry about where to place the scooter if they need to stop.

The A3 comes with a one-step folding system allowing kids to carry the scooter easily, especially because the product weight is just 40lbs. 

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