Top 10 Taiwan Car Brands

Taiwan Car Brands

If you’re thinking about getting yourself a new car in Taiwan, it’s essential to know which brands are most popular here.


Here’s a list of the top 10 Taiwan car brands, according to the Taiwan Motor Vehicle Industry Development Association (TMMIDA).

There are eight foreign and two local car brands on this list, with only one domestic brand in the top five.

Let’s take a look at the best-selling Taiwan car brands so you can make an informed decision on your next vehicle purchase.

List of Taiwan Car Brands

1) Yulon

Yulon is one of the Taiwan car brands which produces commercial vehicles and buses. The company was founded in 1993 when it split from Yulon Motor Co. Ltd.

It has established sales offices in Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen. It is a significant partner of Nissan Diesel (China) Ltd., producing trucks under license. 

Yulon also has buses that comply with Chinese national standards for public transportation operators and tourist bus companies.

2) GAC

GAC, also one of the Taiwan car brands, is a Chinese state-owned automotive manufacturing company. It is headquartered in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province.

The company manufactures passenger cars sold under its brand name, as well as commercial vehicles and automotive parts. 

Its principal activity is vehicle production through its manufacturing subsidiaries. GAC has four major shareholders: Guangxi Automobile Group (GAC), Jiangxi Investment Corporation, Nanjing Automobile Group (Group), and Dongfeng Motor Corporation.

 In 2011, Forbes ranked it as China’s fastest-growing car manufacturer. And currently, Asia’s second-largest producer of automobiles after Toyota Motors.

3) Linux

Linux is a prominent car brand in Taiwan with a quality reputation for manufacturing sturdy and reliable sedans and hatchbacks. Linuo Taiwan car brands are so good. And many wealthy Chinese buyers purchase them for use in their home country. 

The cost of doing business in China is among the highest in Asia. This makes it tough to produce quality products at low prices, which puts car brands like Linuo at an advantage. 

Now that Taiwanese automakers have gained experience manufacturing vehicles in China—and can take advantage of shared supply chains—they should begin exploring foreign markets with vigor. 

Look for more Taiwanese car brands making appearances overseas soon!

4) CCK Auto

Founded in 1973, CCK Auto Corporation is one of three major automakers in Taiwan. This is one of the Taiwan car brands that manufactures and distributes motor vehicles. Vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, scooters, and bicycles.

These make up 70% of sales while it also provides vehicle-related aftermarket services. The company operates mainly through its sole plant and has four service stations.

5) Hartalega

Hartalega is part of the leading Taiwan car brands. It was founded in 1968 and built its first passenger car in 1970. The company has been successful since its inception. It has annual sales reaching a staggering 20,000 vehicles per year.

 If you drive a Hartalega, there are many reasons why you should be proud. The company’s growth strategy is based on four pillars: sound technical capabilities, excellent quality control, timely availability of models, and highly effective dealer support programs (including after-sale services). 

In short, Hartalega offers consumers impeccable quality and an enjoyable ownership experience.

6) Senkyo car

Senkyo Motors is part of a significant  Taiwan car brand with a range of cars that includes Japanese-made Mazda and Daihatsu models. 

Senkyo was founded in 2002 and has its headquarters in Neihu, Taipei. It’s known for its Senkyo brand of eco-friendly hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) and produces electric cars and microvans. 

A joint venture with Toyota called Valco Daicel makes batteries for HEVs, including those used by Toyota and Honda hybrids in Japan. Like Mazda’s partnership with Ford, Senkyo assembles Daihatsu models at its factories across Taiwan.

7) CSM

CSM has produced SUVs and passenger cars,  powerful Taiwan car brands. CSM was founded in 1987 as Chun Shui Motors Co Ltd when it had trucks and off-road vehicles. 

In 1993, a passenger car line was introduced. CSM received attention in 1997 after teaming up with Porsche Design Group to develop an SUV model based on Porsche’s most famous creation: The Cayenne. It continues to make SUVs under license from Porsche.

8) Yuejin Motors

Yuejin is a Taiwanese company that started its operations in 1954. Based in Pingtung, Yuejin manufactures and assembles buses, trucks, vans, and engines. The company also operates an aftermarket services center.

Also, they provide third-party repair services for most Taiwanese car brands. It has 50 service centers located throughout China and overseas as well.

9) Fuso Motors

Fuso is a brand of heavy-duty commercial vehicles, buses, and coaches. Fuso is one of the  Taiwan car brands that is a division of Daimler AG. 

The name Fuso stands for Reasons for future in Latin; it is also a homophone of the plow. Fuso’s principal activity is designing, manufacturing, and selling heavy-duty trucks and buses.

 In addition to its brands (Fuso Fuso Canter), it distributes trucks, buses, and components made by Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation.

A subsidiary of FUSO called Fortan Autos Ltd makes Renault Kangoo utility vehicles in collaboration with Renault SA.

10. Shin Motor

One of the oldest Taiwan car brands, Shin Motor, has been making cars since 1968. Its most popular models are designed for rough use in off-road environments.

It looks like something out of a cartoon; their trademark outdoor design, as they call it, makes them highly durable. 

Despite being one of the oldest Taiwan car brands, they have managed to stay on top. They constantly update their fleet with new electric vehicles and small vans made from recycled materials.

Taiwan Car Brands Frequently Asked Question

Do Taiwan car brands make good car parts?

When you buy a vehicle, there are many things that you need to consider. One of those things is whether or not Taiwan car brands make good car parts. The answer is yes. Many of these companies have been making quality car parts for decades, and some unique components are coming out of their factories.

Is Taiwan car brands better than those made in China?

The common idea is that made in China is of low quality. While most things are made in China, not all of them are junk. Some of them are pretty decent. 

What does it take for a car to be considered made in Taiwan?

If a car is completed or entirely sourced from parts and labor from Taiwan, it can be viewed as one of Taiwan’s car brands.

Can foreigners own Taiwan car brands?

Yes, foreigners can drive and own vehicles in Taiwan. Foreigners who have Permanent Resident (green) Cards or Visa of Alien Residence (blue) can obtain a driver’s license and buy cars in Taiwan. Even short-term tourist visas can get a temporary driver’s license to operate vehicles legally.

Are cars expensive in Taiwan?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is that while they can be expensive, they don’t necessarily have to be. Various factors affect how much you’ll spend on a car, so let’s explore a few below.

How do I get my car license in Taiwan?

If you have your license from another country, it will be straightforward for you to get a car license in Taiwan. A valid driver’s license from another country will satisfy all required paperwork and tests. However, if you do not have a driver’s license, or if your driver’s license expired more than six months ago, you must take a written exam and drive test.


The local government has been pushing for more electric vehicles, with a goal of 20% of all car sales being electric by 2025.

To help achieve that goal, regulations have been put in place that will gradually increase requirements for companies regarding how many EVs they need to sell.

The first deadline is 2019 when all automakers must sell 2% of their cars as EVs or pay a fine. These percentages will continue increasing until 2025 when every vehicle sold must be an EV or be powered by alternative energy sources (such as hydrogen fuel cells).

It’s easy to see why so many automakers are interested in offering electric vehicles with these government-backed incentives, so expect some exciting changes and new entrants on our list of Taiwan car brands in the future.

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