Stopsleep: Anti Sleep Driver Safety Alarm


Automobiles have been of immense help to the human race since their invention.

It has eliminated days and months of travel across cities and countries. It has made the movement of goods and services easier and faster.

Despite the tremendous benefits it has brought to mankind, these automobiles have also contributed to too many losses of lives.

Sadly, a great number of car accidents occurring yearly have been linked to the driver been exhausted and loss of concentration on the road while driving.

Most reports on car accidents put a higher figure on accidents as a result of loss of concentration and the tiredness of the driver above the number of accidents triggered as a result of intoxication either by weed, alcohol, or excessive speed.

Loss of concentration can be very elusive, so elusive that they are most times not noticed or sensed by a human being.

And a decline in concentration and awareness, in modern automobiles, that generate less noise with more interesting features like air-conditioning, soft seats, music player which makes it more relaxing and soothing than ever, makes it easier for an automobile user to quickly transition from just a state of loss of awareness and concentration to “micro-sleep” (A Micro-sleep is an unexpected brief period of sleep or drowsiness which usually lasts for a fraction of a second or up to 30 seconds where an individual is unable to respond to some sensory input and becomes unaware of the goings-on in his environment) and an even greater chance of having an accident.

Studies have shown that on a journey, drivers unconsciously slip into micro-sleep for an accumulated time, with each period of “micro-sleep” ranging from 1 second to a massive 6 seconds, without having any idea it had happened.

The drivers most times feel they have totally been in control and were successfully able to keep themselves awake all through the journey.

Still, despite their honest efforts to keep awake and be in control, it is completely possible that subconsciously and at short intervals, a driver regularly loses concentration and awareness and slips into the highly dangerous state of “micro-sleep.”

The problem is not necessarily about falling asleep at the wheel, the problem is that the more tired you get the harder it is to remain alert and vigilant at the wheel and to concentrate fully on driving your vehicle safely.

For the sole reason of preventing car accidents caused by this temporary loss of consciousness and control, scientists have designed a device called ‘StopSleep’.

The aim of this device is to reduce the number of accidents caused by driver fatigue and loss of awareness and concentration.

The StopSleep device has a sleek design. It is simple to use and has proved very effective.

The device is ready to use straight from the box without any special setup or maintenance. It has a long-life built-in rechargeable battery with a 10-hour capacity when fully charged.

The device can be worn on two fingers as it has a double ring at the base. StopSleep was not designed to keep a driver awake when the individual is too exhausted to drive.

However, the StopSleep device has been designed to alert a driver the moment it understands that a driver is too exhausted to drive safely, but more importantly, StopSleep will alert a driver as soon as it notices that the driver is beginning to lose concentration.

StopSleep constantly assesses the drivers’ levels of awareness and concentration by using 8 built-in electrodermal sensors.

These built-in sensors continuously analyze and measures skin conductivity and by measuring this activity, the device can accurately gauge the driver’s levels of awareness and concentration.

As soon as your levels of concentration start to drop, StopSleep will alert you as soon as possible.

StopSleep includes two levels of alert. The first level of alert is a warning, which comes with a vibration signal for about 2-5 minutes.

This first alert sign is triggered at the first signs of a slight drop in awareness and concentration, activating even before a car driver reaches the dangerous state of “micro-sleep” ensuring constant alertness and safety on the wheel.

The second alert level involves a loud beep and vibration. The second stage is triggered when there has been a significant drop in concentration.

At this stage, the driver probably has slipped into a few seconds of microsleep.

NOTE: This device is intended to alert a car driver in situations of drowsiness and drops in concentration and awareness levels.

In no way should the device be thought of as a substitute for driving with due care and attention.

The user is 100% responsible to be responsive to road conditions and under no circumstance should any car driver try to use StopSleep to himself awake when feeling overly tired to drive safely.

When driving, always take regular breaks and always take a break at the first sign of fatigue or a drop in concentration. If StopSleep alerts, stop driving immediately.

Also, as a driver, once you are aware of how exhausted you are, it is advised that you pull over and take a short break. You could have a short nap or a cup of coffee.

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