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Steve jobs Yacht
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It’s no secret that Steve Jobs was an admirer of luxury, and he reportedly had a passion for fast cars and luxury yachts. It is no wonder then that the mega-billionaire would want his luxury yacht.


Sure enough, many yachts were delivered to Jobs over the years, each incarnation more extravagant and grand than the last.

The man had a passion for luxury, but his most recent Yacht has gone down in history as one of the most expensive.

Keep reading as we uncover more thrilling facts about Steve Jobs yacht “Venus.” 

The Yacht is named “Venus.”

The 260-foot long Yacht Venus, which Jobs and French designer Philippe Starck worked together to create, was named after the Roman goddess of love, sex, beauty, and fertility; however, Jobs was unable to witness the Yacht’s maiden voyage because he passed away on October 5, 2011, at the age of 56.

Steve Jobs yacht cost €100 million, making it one of the most expensive and luxurious Yachts in history. 

The name of a planet

Venus is also an astronomical term to describe the second planet from our Sun in terms of distance (and fourth if you’re counting moons).

It has a mass of approximately 80 percent that of Earth’s, but it’s more prominent at 95 percent the radius because its atmosphere makes it appear more significant than it is! 

You can see how bright this thing must be if it appears so large when viewed through a telescope: That’s right—this planet was chosen as one of only two objects visible in space besides Earth’s moon during daylight hours because its brightness was so intense that even without any light pollution from cities around us here on Earth, people could still see it shining brightly overhead when looking up at night sky through binoculars or telescopes!

It’s a rocket ship

You’re not just looking at a yacht, and you’re looking at a rocket ship. The sleek and futuristic design of the boat makes it look like it came straight out of the future, with its sharp edges and smooth lines.

This boat is unlike any other created by billionaires. It has four hulls that help keep it stable in rough waters, allowing it to travel safely even when the waves are high or hurricane-force winds threaten to knock over smaller boats on their way.

 The materials used to construct this monstrosity are top secret; however, we know (thanks to some clever sleuthing) that many parts were made using carbon fiber composites—the same material used by Formula One race cars!

Philippe Starck designed the Yacht

Steve Jobs yacht was designed by Philippe Starck, who has worked with Jobs on other projects, including the Apple Stores.

In an interview with Wired magazine, Starck described the Yacht’s interior as minimalist. Seven iMacs mounted on its cabin walls can display images and video footage from cameras mounted around the vessel.

The design also includes a glass floor and a polished steel staircase. Steve Jobs yacht has a lot of Macs. Seven 27-inch iMacs, to be exact.

They are all in the same room called the “hangout.” Let’s take a look at some of the details around this room:

  • The air conditioning and sound system are controlled by an iPad app that Steve Jobs created himself
  • There’s also a Mac Mini running iTunes (the software used to manage music and video on Apple devices) so that he could listen to his favorite tunes while relaxing on the deck
  • The Yacht has a master bathroom with four views.

Steve Jobs yacht has a master bathroom with four views. The curved glass walls are designed to ensure privacy and make the space feel more open, and provide some of the most picturesque views you’ll ever see.

The room is equipped with everything from marble floors to a steam shower, making it one of the most elegant and luxurious bathrooms on this list.

Jobs’ family members would be the only ones to ride it. Steve Jobs died in 2011, but his family members will be the only ones to ride it. The Yacht has a master bathroom with four views, including one of the ocean. 

General characteristics

  • Type: Super yacht
  • Tonnage:1,876 GT
  • Length: 78.20 m (256.6 ft)
  • Beam: 11.80 m (38.7 ft)
  • Draught: 3.00 m (9.84 ft)

Final words

If Jobs had lived to see the launch of his beloved Yacht, he would likely have been incredibly proud. The ship’s exquisite styling and design most certainly reflect Jobs’ unique aesthetic sensibilities, and its technological features demonstrate a high level of engineering expertise.

We can only hope that the Jobs family will choose to share this beautiful work of art with the public in the years to come. 

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