Top 7 Spanish Car Brands

Spanish Car Brands

What type of car do you love most to ride? Sports car? Private car or some trucks?


There are a variety of cars around us, small cars, big cars, private cars, sports cars, public carriage cars, trucks, etc.

The choice of the vehicles varies from man to man, based on their different requirements and needs.

But this running year, demand for Spanish cars is increasing massively worldwide.

What are your favorite Spanish car brands? Let’s check out the top 7 brands available in Spain and across the globe. Stay tuned till the end.

Nowadays, the major domestic of Spain is the Volkswagen Group’s assistant brands like S.A, SEAT, Irizar, etc.

Here are some best Spanish car brands you will love to know more about.


SEAT is considered the most significant automaker of the Spanish car brand. The brand published its first car in 1953 from Martorell.

The company was collaborating with FIAT till the early 1980s. Now the SEAT cars are prepared with the Audi Brand Group. And produced more than 400 thousand cars every year.

At the time of promotion, the marketing specialist of SEAT uses the name of tourist places of Spain like- Leon, Alhambra, Marbella, Ibiza, etc. In 2015 the Seat Lean grew as the best-selling car in Spain.


Irizar was started in 1889; basically, it’s a bus to stagecoaches or carriages for traveling. After the owner’s death, his son took responsibility and became successful in this field. Later on, it became Spain’s renowned bus company.

The Irizar still provides buses and other best vehicles. The company proved itself among other luxury and sports car brands.

3. Spania GTA

GTA Motor has smartly decided to produce sports cars instead of luxury cars. And established itself as the fastest and reliable brand of its time. From 2010 to now, it has made sports cars designed by Domingo Ochoa.

4. Tramontana

The Spanish car brand Tramontana was established in 1995 under Josep Rubau.

The brand is famous for technically reviving the classic car and constantly launching its products.

But they only produce limited models, and you will find 12 items every year. Their cars are pretty expensive as they add real gold for decoration. So, you can say that Tramontana cars are not for average drivers. If you like retro cars, then Tramontana will fulfill your desire.

5. Hispano-Suiza

Though in the beginning, Hispano-Suiza was not that popular, they conducted lots of remarks later on providing luxurious creations.

The company stopped making cars till 1939 due to providing aircraft to the country. After making profits from the national project, the company gets back to producing cars around 2019.

You must see the Hispano Suiza H6 model and check out the company’s staff.

6. Pegaso

The company started in 1946 by making sports cars, omnibuses, armored vehicles, and tractors. But they couldn’t make it out in the market that well; most of the time, the company was barely afloat.

7. Tauro Sport Auto

Tauro Sport Auto is a Spanish luxury sports car company situated in Valladolid and established in 2010. It started with a group of businesspeople tied up with the British sports car manufacturer to create this company.

Tauro V8 is the most popular model, and the base engine provides four variants, i.e., coupe, spider, portago, and saeta.


These are the most renowned Spanish car brands and their manufacturers. Some brands are expensive but highly demandable in the market, and some companies are old but still on the leaderboard.

Spain has genuinely proved their skills in the car business with up-and-down experiences.

As per your demand, you purchase any of these from the top 7 Spanish brands.

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