SeaDream Yacht Club

SeaDream Yacht Club

Seadream yacht club came into existence in the year 1987. This means that the company is relatively new.


The owner and founder of the club are Atle Brynestad. During the beginning of the club, he acted as its chairman.

When it was launched it started with two mega yachts which include the SeaDream 1 and SeaDream 11. Within the years of its existence, this company has achieved a lot and it has reached the highest accolades.

The club is focused on their activities and that is why they maintained that their main aim is yachting, and they are not for cruising.

Their aim to their members is to offer the best yachting experience. This is what they have been providing over the years and they have experienced beyond expectations.

The best travel experience

Whether it is their aboard or their shoreside, the club offers the best. When it comes to the level of service and luxury, they are certainly the best.

Guests are happy doing business with them and during the yachting holiday, they will get the best.

While preparing the yacht club, the founder was meticulous, and they pay attention to details.

The club has the best guest rooms, and you will have a complete ocean view. The experiences you get here are exclusive and simply the best.

Guests would always come here because of the quality service they get. They offer the best dining experience in alfresco, and the salon experience is the most wonderful.

If you choose you can relax in the club pool and you enjoy a first-class spa treatment with them. As a matter of fact, there are lots of activities you can do here.

Sailing schedule

The sailing timetable starts from May to October where both SeaDream, 1 and SeaDream 11 move through the Mediterranean Sea.

In the same way from November through April the mega yachts have to sail through the Caribbean. Guests keep coming aboard because of the wonderful experience they get from the club.

How to join

If you want to become a member, you must contact the club through the contact information, and they will furnish you with the details.

A member should also sponsor you. Besides, you would be communicated about the fees. Members are entitled to several privileges and discounts. Visit their website for more.

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