Samsung OneUI: Everything You Need to Know

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Samsung One UI is Samsung’s new Android Pi update. It is an overlay for Android devices running on Android 9 (Pi) or higher versions of android.


It was developed on the 7th of November, 2018 by Samsung Electronics. Phones like Samsung Galaxy S9, S9 Plus, S8, S8 Plus, Galaxy Note 8 and Note 9 do not exactly come with it but newer system updates, update to One UI. It is available in over a hundred languages to enable a wide range of users.

It has made one-hand use of android devices easier as many important things in the devices have been moved towards the bottom.

Features of OneUI

1. Dark Mode

The Samsung OneUI introduces a new dark theme which many users have been anticipating. Since phones with this UI mostly have AMOLED screens, the dark theme display is really evident.

It makes for comfortable viewing at night so that your eyes can be rested enough even when looking at your phone’s screen for a long time. It works on all the apps on the phone.

2. Navigation Gestures

OneUI brings pretty simple navigation gestures. For example, you can swipe up from the centre to go home, pull up from the left to open up the recent screen and swipe up from the right to go back.

There are times when you accidentally delete photos, and that is when the trash feature in Google Photos comes in handy. OneUI brings a similar thing to the table.

The first time you delete a picture, the app will prompt you to turn on the recycle bin feature from the settings. Once you enable this, deleted videos and pictures will remain there for about fifteen days before they are deleted permanently.

4. Lift to Wake

If you use the face unlock or eye scanner to unlock your phone, you always need to press the power button first. But Samsung OneUI brings a handy lift to wake gesture that makes it faster. Once you pick up your phone, it senses it and comes awake.

You can enable it in the Gestures and Motion option in the advanced features.

5. Reset Settings at Midnight

When you are shooting a video or reading a book in the day, you increase the brightness of your phone or set screen timeout to the maximum and mostly forget to reset these before we sleep, making the phone stay on for long and draining the phone’s battery.

OneUI has an optimisation battery setting that automatically resets the brightness, media volume and timeout at midnight.

6. Keyboard Feature

There are a few new features of the keyboard. For example, the floating mode that allows you to move the keyboard to any part of the screen. In this mode, you can adjust the size of the keyboard and the transparency.

There is an adaptive theme that changes the theme of the keyboard between light and dark, depending on the current app you are using.

Devices Running OneUI

A few devices in these groups of devices use the Samsung OneUI:

  1. Samsung S series
  2. Galaxy Z series
  3. Galaxy Note series
  4. Galaxy A series
  5. Galaxy Xcover series
  6. Galaxy M series
  7. Galaxy J series
  8. Galaxy Tab S series
  9. Galaxy Tab A series

Confirm from the Settings > About Phone menu in your device to check if it used the Samsung OneUI. 

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