What Are the Pros and Cons of Can Am Maverick?

Pros and Cons of Can Am Maverick
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The Can am maverick is an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) manufactured by Canadian manufacturer BRP.

This vehicle has recently gained immense popularity due to its rugged capabilities, high performance, and unique features.

The Maverick has many advantages for ATV riders but has some drawbacks that you must consider before purchasing.

We will be talking about the pros and cons of can am maverick extensively in this article.

The Can am maverick has become one of the most popular off-road vehicles in recent years.

With its strong performance, reliability, and versatile design, it’s no wonder why so many people are choosing this vehicle for their off-roading adventures.

But before you invest, it’s important to consider the pros and cons of Can am maverick.

Pros of Can Am Maverick

The performance of the Can am maverick is top-notch. All of its amazing features are in our article on the pros and cons of Can am maverick.

The Can am maverick has an incredibly powerful engine that allows you to easily traverse even the toughest terrain.

Its maneuverability makes it a great choice for tight trails or winding mountain roads.

The vehicle has several modern features, such as traction control and ABS, that help ensure your safety during rough rides.

One of the biggest advantages of owning a Can am maverick is its robust engine.

With its 102 horsepower, it can easily tackle tough terrain. Its engine allows you to explore places you would have never dreamed possible. 

The Can am maverick is renowned for its powerful engine and dynamic design.

Alongside the pros and cons of Can am maverick, we’ve listed all other amazing features. This feature makes it a top choice for riders who want to tackle any terrain.

The advanced suspension system ensures the rider feels controlled and comfortable while navigating tough terrain. 

In addition, the innovative stability control system keeps the ride steady and reduces the risk of accidents even when riding at high speeds.

To know what you’re purchasing, you need to know all the pros and cons of Can am maverick.

The Maverick also comes with an array of technological features, including an interactive touchscreen display, allowing riders to adjust their settings.

You can adjust without taking your eyes off the track or trail. Furthermore, you can easily customize it with add-on accessories to suit specific riding styles or terrain types.

Keep reading to know more about Can am maverick’s pros and cons! Another great advantage of the Can-Am Maverick is its excellent handling and maneuverability.

All the pros and cons of Can am maverick reflect these great ATVs’ intriguing function and design.

The dual A-arm front suspension and FOX racing shocks give the vehicle precise control and agility on the roughest trails.

Using these shocks, you can confidently take on whatever challenge awaits you.

Additionally, it has three ride settings, allowing you to adjust to various driving styles and environments easily. 

Furthermore, the Can am maverick offers excellent power with its turbocharged V-Twin engine. This feature ensures you have plenty of speed and torque to take on any terrain.

The Maverick packs plenty of power, featuring an efficient Rotax engine with up to 107 HP and a maximum speed of 60 mph.

It also boasts an advanced suspension system for increased handling on all types of terrain.

With all the pros and cons of Can am maverick, you can make the best decision in choosing ATV vehicles.

The Can am maverick features a robust steel chassis, allowing it to withstand heavy wear and tear from tough off-roading adventures.

The Can am maverick is made with durable materials such as aircraft-grade aluminum, allowing it to handle even the toughest terrain without a hitch.

The parts are also well-built, which makes the vehicle last longer. The Can am maverick features a powerful V-twin Rotax engine that delivers enough power to conquer difficult terrain easily.

This feature ensures maximum off-road performance so that you can enjoy every minute of your adventure.

With four-wheel disc brakes, dynamic power steering, and double A-arm suspension, the Can Am Maverick helps keep you safe while enjoying your off-roading adventure.

Can-am equipped their vehicles with safety features such as Dynamic Power Steering (DPS) for added stability and responsive steering, traction control, Hill Start Assist, and Anti-lock Brakes for optimal control on rugged trails. 

Besides, you won’t have to worry about feeling uncomfortable in your Can Am Maverick as it offers plush seating with plenty of space to relax after long days on the trails. Can am design the Maverick with both the driver and passenger in mind.

It offers comfortable seating and a noise reduction system that ensures riders won’t be subjected to loud engine noises while out on the trail.

Whether you’re riding through mud or sand, climbing hills, or going over rough terrain, the Can am maverick has no problem handling it all thanks to its 14-inch wheels and ground clearance of 12 inches which lets you conquer anything in your way.

One great benefit of owning a Can-am maverick is that you can customize it to fit your needs and preferences.

Many aftermarket accessories allow you to personalize your ride from bumper to tire. 

 The Can am maverick offers impressive versatility due to its durable construction, multiple trim levels, and selection of available packages.

All these features enable it to take on various terrain conditions and job applications such as agricultural or commercial uses.

Knowing the pros and cons of Can am maverick will help you use yours better. That’s if you’d love to have one.

Furthermore, maintaining the Can am maverick is relatively straightforward, thanks to its simplistic design and construction.

You don’t need to worry about expensive maintenance fees, making it a great choice for those who want to keep costs low.

If it’s about budget cuts, this article on the pros and cons of Can am maverick can help you plan.

With its modern styling, sharp lines, and vibrant colors, the Can am Maverick has an impressive aesthetic that sets it apart.

Whether out on the trails or cruising around town, it looks great, no matter where you take it.

Another major pro of the Can Am Maverick is its versatility. You can choose from a wide range of accessories, such as storage containers, brush guards, or tire covers that will customize your ride.

All you need to do is know the pros and cons of Can am maverick; you’ll be able to choose the best designs available. 

Its strong frame and construction also allow for customization through lifting or suspension kits.

If you’re looking for more ground clearance or greater handling on rugged terrain, this vehicle is for you! Get acquainted with the pros and cons of Can am maverick and then purchase one.

Lastly, the Can am maverick features advanced safety features that make it an ideal choice for novice riders as well as experienced veterans.

It includes industry-leading stability control and anti-lock brakes, providing better traction control in slippery or unpredictable conditions.

Furthermore, a seat belt reminder system alerts drivers when all passengers are properly restrained and locked in their seats. 

Overall, the Can-Am Maverick offers exceptional performance at an affordable price point.

Its power, agility, safety features, and adjustable ride settings make it one of the most suitable vehicles for tough terrains.

If you’re considering getting one, you’ll need to know the pros and cons of Can am maverick.

Cons of Can Am Maverick

The Can-Am Maverick is a powerful, all-terrain side-by-side vehicle that provides riders with a thrilling off-roading experience. However, like any vehicle, the Can am maverick does have some drawbacks. 

Potential buyers should consider these pros and cons of Can am maverick before committing to purchase.

In this article on the pros and cons of Can am maverick, one of the most notable cons is the cost.

Depending on the model and specifications chosen, this vehicle can become very expensive quickly.

Additionally, because of their size and power output, smaller ATVs are more difficult to maintain than smaller ATVs, requiring more time investment in upkeep and maintenance. 

The biggest con of the Can-Am Maverick is its high price tag. The base model starts at $18,69; line models can cost up to $26,999 or more.

This price hike can be quite expensive for some buyers and out of their budget range.

The Can am maverick can be quite expensive. While the base model is relatively inexpensive, some higher-end models can be extremely costly, making it out of reach for some potential buyers. 

Furthermore, it is a gas guzzler and gets poor gas mileage. The most fuel-efficient model gets around 15 miles per gallon, while other models get as low as 11 miles per gallon.

If you are looking for a fuel-efficient vehicle, there may be better choices than this. Knowing the pros and cons of Can am maverick will help influence your decision-making.

However, it is important to note that the Can am maverick is not designed to be used as a utility vehicle.

It lacks features like bed space or a hitch, which would be necessary for tasks such as towing.

All the pros and cons of Can am maverick mentioned in this article can help you with all you need to know.

The Maverick is only available with two-seat seating, so those needing more room may need to look at alternative options.

In addition to its price, accessories and parts may require frequent replacement due to wear and tear from its off-road capabilities. 

Also, those living in areas with strict noise restrictions may need help operating their Maverick in such areas without causing a disturbance.

The Can am maverick is an incredibly powerful off-road vehicle, but it comes with a few perks.

Knowing the pros and cons of the Can am maverick that you should consider before purchasing is important. 

While it has plenty of power and performance capabilities, these vehicles can be difficult to handle and maneuver due to their size and weight.

This feature can make driving in tight spaces and taking sharp turns difficult.

Knowing the pros and cons of Can am maverick will prepare you for your next road trip.

Additionally, because it is fit for tough terrain, it only sometimes performs well on smoother surfaces like roads and highways. 

It is worth of note that the Can am maverick is only suitable for experienced riders. Because it’s an off-road vehicle, drivers need greater skills and attention to remain safe.

This feature may limit access for inexperienced drivers who don’t yet possess the necessary skills or confidence. 

The Can am maverick offers several comfort features, such as adjustable shocks and soft seat padding.

However, some users have complained about discomfort over long periods or after bumpy rides. If you’d still love to get one, consider the pros and cons of Can am maverick.

No vehicle is perfect; the same goes for the Can am maverick. One downside is its fuel efficiency which can leave you making more frequent stops at the pump.

Additionally, its relatively high cost may prove too expensive when purchasing a new one. This situation may be the case for some potential buyers compared to similar vehicles today.

Finally, another con of the Can am maverick is that it needs more storage space than other vehicles in its class.

While plenty of seating room and storage is in the cab, no external racks or boxes are available on this model. This may not be a better vehicle if you need to haul gear and equipment.

The Can-Am Maverick is an impressive all-terrain vehicle, but some potential drawbacks may make it the wrong choice for everyone.

To enjoy this ATV, you need to get familiar with all the pros and cons of Can am maverick.


In conclusion, there are both pros and cons of Can am maverick.

However, it’s an excellent choice for those looking for an adventurous ride with plenty of customization options.

If you have the budget and are willing to make more frequent stops at the pump, then investing in a Maverick could be well worth it!

Overall, the Can am maverick is an excellent choice for experienced riders looking for a high-performance ATV capable of handling difficult terrains.

Despite being expensive, it still offers tremendous value if you’re looking for a reliable and durable ATV.

All you need do is get familiar with the pros and cons of Can am maverick, and you’re good to go!

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