17 Polish Motorcycle Brands You Need to Know

Polish motorcycle brands
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Polish motorcycle brands have been putting out solid motorcycles since the 1940s. But they are still flying under the radar in popularity in the United States and abroad if you’re interested In getting a fantastic machine.


 Instead of spending more price on well-known brands, you can look through here and see something more lucrative.

History of Motorcycle Manufacturing in Poland

Before World War II, Poland was an established player in global motorcycling. The first Polish motorcycle brands were released in 1896. And by 1912, there were about 30 different models of motorcycles for sale across five of Poland’s biggest cities.

Therefore, in 1914, Cyklon (the name means cyclone) became one of Europe’s largest producers of motorcycles.

With over 6,000 produced that year alone. In 1928, Cyklon made almost 20% of all European bikes. Meanwhile, It was also a leader in exports, with its products sold as far away as Africa and South America.

Polish motorcycle brands

1. Perkun.

A renowned manufacturer of scooters, mopeds, and motorcycles with a long history in Poland. Perkun is an example of a company with a great vision and innovative products. The company was founded by Stanislaw Pierzchalski in 1955.  

Over time, it has evolved into one of Poland’s most recognizable bike makers. Moreover, its bike also became one of the Polish motorcycle brands. It’s popular models like Vespa-inspired SZR and Vesper lines.

In addition, by 2005, Perkun merged with another Polish bike maker – Voskuyl’skie Zaklady Samochodowe (VZS). Still, it continued to use its name for its motorcycles. Until 2010 when it became a part of Indian Motorcycle Company.

2. Promot

The Promot Motorcycle Company was founded in 1999 by Polish entrepreneur Tomasz Gruszka. The first product they produced was a sports bike called Tempest. This became one of Poland’s biggest-selling motorcycles, with more than 30,000 units sold by 2004.

To date, Promot has released three new models. They are Nautilus and Spartan in 2007 and 2011, respectively, and their latest release, Demeter. These bikes also became one of the Polish motorcycle brands.

Furthermore, they plan on releasing several more products over the next few years. They have a reputation for creating luxury and high-performance bikes. These bikes combine impressive speed with excellent stability at high speeds.

 Most Promot bikes retail from around $10,000 to $18,000, depending on the year and model chosen.

3. Fabianski.

Very new, but with big plans. You might not have heard of Fabjanski, but you’ll hear more about them soon. Look at their lineup of machines. The company’s first fully-functional model is called The Retro Storm. 

Similarly, it takes some of its design inspiration from early Superbikes. It’s powered by a V4 1,300cc motor that delivers 180hp and 136lb/ft of torque. Plus, it drives via a six-speed transmission. 

Therefore, the Retro Storm has been in development for several years now, and it’s also one of the Polish motorcycle brands. When it was unveiled in 2018, fans were very excited about it—even though there isn’t much info.

4. Malcherek

Over a century ago, Malcherek began designing and building motorcycles. They later expanded into aviation and manufacturing in general. Malcherek is one of Poland’s oldest companies and its most prominent manufacturers.

 Meanwhile, It’s also becoming one of the most famous Polish motorcycle brand manufacturers. Over time the company has changed with technology, adapting quickly to stay competitive within its sector. They have managed to find success in both competitive fields: motorcycles and aviation.

 Besides, their most successful airplane is their M-10 luxury plane. It was released as a flagship model in 1933. But today, it offers modern amenities options for its passengers. 

 For instance, multiple entertainments, reclining seats for sleeping, and two bathrooms. Even a kitchenette for dining on snacks or meals prepared by a steward was added.

5. Vectrix

Known for its innovations in electric vehicles, there are somewhat new Polish motorcycle brands. The company was established in 2010 and operated out of Krosno. It produces e-bikes and e-scooters using lithium polymer batteries and intelligent tech features. 

 For example, it offers regenerative braking technology. It has a unique dual power option. This allows riders to switch between electric and fuel power on a single charge. 

 Meanwhile, Vectrix currently exports its products around Europe with significant markets, including Denmark, Italy, Sweden, Germany, and France. You can buy it in Poland from their official websites.

6. Scomadi Motorcycles

Polish manufacturer of motorcycles, including cruiser and touring bikes, and one of the well-known Polish motorcycle brands. The company was established in 1995, with headquarters in Warsaw. Since then, it has produced around 10,000 machines per year.

Today, their motorcycles are sold throughout Europe and in New Zealand and Australia. Scomadi’s current range includes nine models, ranging from 250cc to 1000cc. All are fuel-injected and feature anti-lock braking systems (ABS).  

Furthermore, Prices start at €4200 for a 250cc bike up to €11,990 for a 1000cc model. Scomadi also makes scooters (from 125cc) and mopeds (50cc). In 2014 they began selling electric scooters too.

7. Wawel Dragon Motorcycles

The story of Wawel Dragon Motorcycles started in 2010. This happened when a group of enthusiasts, businessmen, and historians wanted to make their dream come true. They are passionate about motorbikes and the history of Polish motorcyclists. 

 Meanwhile, a decision was made that all motorcycles should be replicas of legendary Polish bikes. In regards to that, they produce the best Polish motorcycle brands.

The company is based in Przemyśl, Poland, and manufactures its products there and provides service and spare parts.

8. Ajs Harley Davidson Poland

A Harley Davidson was founded in 1985. Since then, it has grown into one of Europe’s largest dealerships, with over 1,000 motorcycles sold every year. Ajs Harley Davidson sells new HD models. 

And also uses motorbikes through its seven-dealership network and deals with Polish motorcycle brands. In 2011, it began manufacturing motorcycles under license from America’s largest manufacturer of heavyweight cruisers: Harley-Davidson. The company operates two manufacturing plants in Upper Silesia.

The first one is dedicated to assembling complete bikes from parts imported from India and China. Meanwhile, the other produces engines and transmission casings for KTM Sportmotorcycles.

9. Energica Motor Company

Bologna-based Energica is an Italian company that has found success creating a high-performance electric superbike, The Ego. Not only is their bike impeccably designed and robust. It also looks like something out of a science fiction film. 

Moreover, they also create one of the best-selling Polish motorcycle brands. They are starting at $29,000 for their base model.

Their Energia’s bikes run off one motor with two drive modes: race or rain. It sounds like a winning combination, right? Well, yes and no.

10. Vyrus Motorcycles

Founded in 2003, Vyrus has quickly made a name for itself as one of the Polish Motorcycle brands and premier manufacturers.

Its motto form follows function and translates directly into its cutting-edge motorcycles designed for maximum performance and efficiency.

With exceptional power and design at affordable prices, Vyrus is one of Poland’s most exciting motorcycle brands

Suppose you want something with some serious punch. But you can’t afford to shell out mega bucks for a flashy Italian model (like Ducati or Aprilia).

It may be worth checking out Vyrus’ bikes. Particularly those models powered by KTM engines like F1 Lightning or M2 Racer. 

11. Huta Ludwików

Huta Ludwików is one of Poland’s oldest bicycle manufacturers. They were founded in 1888 when its chief competitor (Paramount) was only a year old.

Huta Ludwików quickly began mass-producing bikes under their name and other names such as Standard and Zundapp.

Currently, they specialize in vintage bicycles that are lovingly created using 21st-century technology to preserve authenticity and quality.

They’re a lovely alternative to what passes for vintage nowadays and another example of Polish motorcycle brands. They are doing it right when it comes to preserving history.

12. Almost Junak

Almost is one of the best-known Polish motorcycle brands, marques. Junak was founded in 1974, and it specializes in scooters, mopeds, and light motorcycles up to 500cc. Production was stopped for a few years after 2004. 

 However, in 2009 Almost was revived and has continued to build Junak vehicles. Today’s Junks are still designed by Janusz Oziemblowski, who created them more than 40 years ago. The range includes small engines up to big 750cc V-twins with shaft drives and belt drives. 

 Only a handful of dealerships exist throughout Poland, and most of these are in bigger cities or tourist destinations such as Zakopane or Szczawnica.

13. Centralne Warsztaty Samochodowe

Established in 1947, CWSA is a state-owned Polish repair shop. This Poland-based manufacturer produces a variety of motor vehicles and also the best Polish motorcycle brands. They also included buses and military trucks. 

 The company mainly specializes in engines and transmissions for other vehicles. If your bike breaks down in Poland, take it here. It will get fix quickly and professionally at CWS Centralne Warsztaty Samochodowe services.

14. Lech (Motorcycle)

Lech is a motorcycle produced by a Polish company, founded in 1945 as Huta Lechitów (Lechite Steel Mill). It was renowned as one of the polish motorcycle brands. Afterward, it started its production in 1947. 

 Meanwhile, in 1952 it was nationalized and became Huta Częstochowa, producing motorcycles under the name Jawa (since 1954). later owned by Koncern Maszyn i Składów Przemysłu Okrętowego (Shipbuilding Industrial Concern) having a factory in Częstochowa in 1991.

15. SM (Motorcycle)

SM has had more staying power than most of Poland’s homegrown manufacturers. Based in Bielsko-Biala, it was founded in 1957 as a manufacturer of bicycles and children’s tricycles.

That didn’t last too long, however, as in 1962, it pivoted towards motorcycles and scooters—and hasn’t looked back since.

Throughout the past 56 years, it has produced 250cc commuters and 125cc mopeds (under its Zabovia brand). But it is best known for its MAX family of larger engines that come with single-, dual- or even triple-cylinder configurations.

Besides, its reputation for producing good bikes preceded it. It also has the potential to make one of the strongest polish motorcycle brands.

16. Zuch

A producer of rugged made off-road Polish motorcycle brands. Fans revere Zuch as a heavy-duty, no-nonsense ride. However, they’re not quite as comfortable or forgiving as other options on the market. 

 Nevertheless, riders can’t deny that Zuch motorcycles are to last. If you’re looking for a serious machine that will withstand even harsh winter weather conditions. You can consider taking a look at what Zuch has to offer.

17. Sokół motorcycles

It was named after a white eagle featured on Poland’s national coat of arms. Sokół motorcycles were first produced in 1927 and initially made by hand at a Sokół factory in Warsaw.

 Yet, these bikes took a revolutionary approach to motorcycle construction. Besides, they were some of the very first models with rear suspensions. Unfortunately, production ceased in 1939 as World War II began.

 However, it didn’t restart again until 1999, when new Soko ́ ł motorcycles hit the shelves. The brand is still active today and produces modernized versions of its original models. They also produce full-size replicas of Polish motorcycle brands.


The early days of Polish motorcycle manufacturing are far behind us. Because most Polish bike companies have been sold off and changed ownership at least once, there are some hidden gems out there, though.

Nevertheless, it’s always worth checking out Polish motorcycle brands if you are interested in vintage bikes. The best thing about old motorbikes is that they don’t depreciate; they become more desirable over time! Hold onto it for dear life if you manage to get your hands on one of these beauties in excellent condition. 

 Keep in mind that people will be begging for a chance to buy it from you someday. Happy riding!

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