Paul Allen Yacht “octopus”

Paul Allen Yacht
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Paul Allen Yacht is one of the largest and most valuable vessels in the world.

The Death of Paul Allen who is the founder of Microsoft and a handed-down entrepreneur has led to the displacement of many of his precious and valued belongings to the market.

His exceptional belongings include the largest aircraft in the world which is specified for placing the satellites into the orbit of the earth.

One of his most successful and elite belongings includes the jet fighter, a very flyable MiG-29-UB Fulcrum.

This high-end stuff of Paul Allen is being sold off to the highest applicants. One of the most favorite chest toys of the estate sale is Paul Allen Yacht – Octopus.

Talking about Paul Allen, in 2018 he passed away while fighting cancer at the age of 65. He loves the luxury Yacht and the yachting life standards.

Additionally, for a billionaire, it is the most convenient way of spending some of his money.

In this way, he can be able to travel around the world with proper safety and security.

M/Y Octopus for Sale

Paul Allen owns several ocean liners but M/Y Octopus was his most favorite of all. This mega yacht is considered the world’s biggest motor yacht.

It owns the length of 126m/41Feet respectively. In addition, Paul Allen Yacht M/Y Octopus is sitting in the 22nd number of current rankings.

After the death of his owner, this yacht is now listed for sale at  $325,000,000, which is the price of about five Gulfstream Jets – roughly.

Manufacture of Paul Allen Yacht – M/Y Octopus

This masterpiece was manufactured in 2003 by Lurissen. At that period, this yacht was the world’s biggest yacht.

Unfortunately, she loses its growth very quickly. This is because of the continuous competition among the yachting billionaires of the world to own the biggest ship.

Later in July 2019, the Yacht was subjected to the refurbishment of eight-month to make it more worthy for sale.

Features & Specifications of the Yacht

The Yacht entertains about 26 guests as it has 13 cabins (1 cabin for 2 persons). Moreover, the group of 63 is spread among the 30 cabins.

The Octopus yacht features about 2.5 crewmen for a single guest.

Interior of Motor Yacht – Octopus

The interior is full of luxuries. All in all, it is a complete package of an extremely luxurious lifestyle.

Talking about the interior of this yacht, it has a VIP cabin, four cabins for guests, and a children’s cabin as well.

These cabins are composed of a huge study, a walk-in closet, and a delightful outside scenery with a whirlpool.

A Submarine & two Helicopters

Octopus contains a huge helicopter hanger on its fundamental deck. This deck provides shelter to the two helicopters.

Moreover, the yacht contains a big glass-bottom swimming pool and as well as a submarine that can occupy around 10 people.

Through a large hatch, the submarine and tender float into the yacht. There are two helicopters that are allowed to hang in the shelter area of the Yacht.

They have the registration numbers i.e. N904AF and N976F respectively. Now, for the selling purpose, the helicopters are replaced and feature different registration numbers.

A Recording Music Studio

On its bridge deck, the Octopus Yacht contains a luxurious and top-notch music recording studio. Paul Allen has a guitar, Jimi Hendrix.

He likes to play the guitar. Other than the studio, the yacht has a huge cinema, an observation lounge, a stylish and mesmerizing juice corner which is located at the side of the Gymnasium.

Most interestingly, there is a Hair Salon and medical centre inside the Yacht.

Large enough for a Basketball Court

As a matter of fact, the Paul Allen Yacht is an outstanding example of a luxurious private motor Yacht.

In regard to its length, it is in the number 8th position in the list of the world’s largest yachts. This yacht is beautifully equipped with a basketball court.

Exterior of Octopus (Paul Allen Yacht)

Octopus has an incredibly elegant exterior design. When compared with the other high-class and high-end looking yachts that sail in the deep sea, this octopus yacht seems somewhat timeless.

You can get pleasure as well as an exploration ship at the same time. This exceptional vessel also contains some war-like qualities.

As it has about two landing pads. One is situated on the bow side and the other is on the stern. The stern is found along with the large helicopter hangar.

This is capable of handling two helicopters easily. This unique quality makes this octopus yacht unique and also the obsession of Paul.

As a matter of fact, this extraordinary ship was created for business purposes. Especially to entertain entrepreneurs all around the world.

Its exterior, as well as interior, is designed with a blend of classical and nautical design with a modern blow.

Most interestingly, there is an astonishing pool that can be converted into an exceptional dance floor.

This modernized technology is a retractable glass system. This glass system is loaded with an astonishing lighting system.

Electric Arrangements

Talking about the power plant, Allen spent a handsome amount in this regard. The ship works on the diesel-electric arrangement.

It contains about 8 diesel generators. These generators empower two electric motors and that gives around 6 megawatts of e-juice to drive the screws.

They are extremely powerful generators that enhance the ability of the yacht to cover 12,500 miles with a single tank.

Paul was so obsessed with his Yacht, once he said:

“I felt like I am in a spaceship when I stood on the bridge of M/Y octopus”

Paul Allen

Final thoughts

The time when it was first introduced till today, the octopus is sixteen years old. It is one of the most valuable and adorable yachts in the world.

Not in looks but quality, its wonderful design, extra-ordinary size, amazing features, construction quality and most importantly, its versatility.

In fact, today, its price is more than Allen paid for this masterpiece. All in all, you must have a heavy pocket not only to buy octopus but also, to keep it running. It requires timely maintenance to work efficiently.

This is all about the Paul Allen Yacht – Octopus. Specs, features, coat, quality quantity, all in all, every crucial thing that you need to know about octopus is here.

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