9 Motorcycles Similar to Honda Grom

motorcycles similar to honda grom
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Have you ever considered buying motorcycles similar to Honda Grom? If so, you’re certainly not alone.

The Honda Grom has become increasingly popular among motorcycle enthusiasts in recent years. 

The Honda Grom is a 125cc street-legal bike with a sporty look and decent performance features.

It’s lightweight, maneuverable, and highly customizable, making it perfect for commuting and weekend joyrides.

Perhaps best of all, it’s also relatively inexpensive compared to its competitors on the market. 

It’s no wonder so many people are curious about the Honda Grom as an ideal beginner motorbike or even for those seeking an upgrade from their last model.

So if you’re looking for the latest specs, performance traits, customization motorcycles similar to Honda Grom, and more from our blog post, keep reading!

1. Kawasaki Z125 Pro

Kawasaki Z125 Pro is first on our list of motorcycles similar to Honda Grom.

It is a small yet powerful bike that offers performance and agility to riders of all levels. A single-cylinder engine with 125cc displacement powers it. 

Cylinder power outputs are 10.6 horsepower and 7.8 torque, and it accelerates rapidly up to the top speed of 72 miles per hour.

The motorcycles similar to Honda Grom also have an electric starter system, making it easy to start without significant effort, even when cold starting in freezing temperatures.

Furthermore, this bike benefits from improved fuel economy compared to other 125cc models due to its low-resistance air filters and lightweight parts such as pistons and exhausts, reducing overall drag on the acceleration process. 

Kawasaki Z125 Pro motorcycles similar to Honda Grom, also include a 6-speed rotational transmission system that provides smooth gear shifts riders can shift through gears without hesitation, making it easier for them to adjust their own preference of speeds depending on traffic conditions or winding road characteristics.

Additionally, this motorcycle performs well in tight corners with agile handling, narrow profile body design, and low center of gravity, making it easy for bikers to take sharp turns on diverse surfaces. 

On the design front, Kawasaki Z125 Pro stands out with its sleek lines, giving it a modern look that appeals to a wide array of potential customers – especially younger ones who tend to enjoy adventurous rides while taking narrow paths or taking part in MotoCross activities involving heights and jumps! 

Regarding safety measures, Kawasaki motorcycles similar to Honda Grom add optional ABS brakes for increased stability when riders need emergency stops – preventing accidents!

All in all, Kawasaki Z125 Pro motorcycles similar to Honda Grom, provide riders who search for an adrenaline boost with many exciting features in one little package!

2. SSR Razkull 125

The SSR Razkull 125 is also on our list of motorcycles similar to Honda Grom. It is a rugged yet easy-to-ride motorcycle that has quickly gained popularity among beginner and intermediate riders. 

The Razkull boasts a powerful 125cc engine that exudes impressive torque and top speed, and the ergonomics are tuned specifically for maintaining rapid cornering speeds and secure handling overall.

Additionally, it features modern safety features such as an ABS braking system to ensure safe stopping power in any situation. 

The overall look and feel of the SSR Razkull 125 emphasize its street-racing design with bright yellow and red accents on the frame, plus a loud-looking exhaust note that talks back when pushed hard to remind you it’s there.

This Street Fighter-inspired two-wheeler comes complete with a sharp-looking headlight fairing embedded into the frame itself, making it look just as mean at night as it does during the day.

The well-designed fuel tank paired with comfortable seating means even longer rides can be enjoyed without feeling overly tired afterward. 

All in all, if you are looking for attractive, performance-focused motorcycles similar to Honda Grom that won’t break your budget, then you should definitely take a closer look at the SSR Razkull 125.

With updated components and more power than ever before, this affordable bike offers loads of bang for your buck!

An exciting riding experience awaits any rider willing to throw their leg over one of these bikes, whether you are new to motorcycling or want something more modern than something else on the market today.

3. Kymco K-Pipe 125

Kymco K-Pipe 125 is a pocket bike designed for the urban rider. This bike’s agility and light weight make it the perfect choice for navigating congested city streets, tight alleyways, and winding lanes. 

The bold design ensures great visibility on busy roads. Equipped with a reliable 4-stroke single-cylinder engine and electric starter, this powerful bike is easy to start and maintain while being fuel efficient with its semi-automatic transmission. 

Kymco K-Pipe 125 motorcycles similar to Honda Grom, have been built with riders’ comfort in mind, featuring an adjustable seat height plus 31mm front suspension absorbing the bumps of any road surface, giving riders confident control when cornering at high speed.

The design really stands out against other bikes in its class; its LED headlights emit an attractive beam of light, while the six color options allow buyers to personalize the look of their bike to suit their own style. 

Additionally, a built-in anti-theft alarm offers peace of mind when parking up. Suppose anyone attempts to tamper with your bike.

In that case, a loud sounder will sound to alert nearby people of the disturbance and disable the engine from being started until reset by following certain steps in the owner’s manual. 

Overall, Kymco’s highly capable K-Pipe 125 has impressive features that will make urban commuters smile from ear to ear every time they ride it.

An environmentally friendly four-stroke engine combined with a strikingly attractive design makes this outstanding machine stand out from its competitors to deliver total satisfaction.

It’s no surprise that Kymco regularly goes down in history as one of the most reliable upright motorcycles similar to Honda Grom you can buy today!

4. Ice Bear Vader 2

The Ice Bear Vader 2 is a popular electric bike that is perfect for commuters, off-roaders, and weekend warriors alike.

Sleek and stylish, the Vader 2 gives riders a smooth ride and an energetic boost on their journey, whether you’re riding to work or exploring the woods on the weekend. 

To top it all off, these motorcycles similar to Honda Grom, also feature all of the safety features you could ask for in a reliable off-roader without compromising on speed or comfortability.

The frame of the Ice Bear Vader 2 has been built using high-quality aluminum alloy to ensure that it can handle tough terrain with ease and stability. 

Even with its lightweight design, riders do not have to worry about potential obstacles, as the front suspension fork protects them from bumps in the road or trail.

Moreover, 26-inch thick tires are sure to give riders adequate traction on any terrain they may find themselves in, whether sand, gravel, or asphalt roads.

Along with its oil suspension forks, riders also get an LCD screen mounted on the handlebar, which displays all relevant information such as speed RPMs, distance traveled, and more.

The 366-watt motor provides plenty of power while managing electricity consumption due to its two 500-watt brushless gear motors so that users don’t have to worry about having dead batteries after long rides.

Finally, dual disk brakes are activated through mechanical pull brakes, and levers aid in stopping power even when traveling at full speeds.

All these features come together from the Ice Bear Vader 2, ensuring riders get safe but enjoyable rides wherever they go.

5. Ice Bear Little Monster

Ice Bear Little Monster is a beloved children’s show that follows the adventures of a cheerful polar bear and his four very quirky friends.

The show debuted in 2017 and quickly gained a huge following among kids and adults alike due to its blend of incredibly colorful animation, hilarious writing, and catchy songs. 

The show is led by Ice Bear’s adventures and offers plenty of humor while teaching meaningful lessons about friendship, courage, and resilience.

The characters featured on the show are all interesting and unique in their own way.

There is Ice Bear himself, a naturalist who loves exploring nature and goes through life with an irrepressible optimism; Tammi Raye, an eccentric yet articulate red panda who speaks her mind fearlessly; Cubby Westwood, an adorable raccoon whose childlike curiosity often gets him into trouble; Milo O’Feely, a brave frog whose past experiences have made him overly cautious; and last but not least Lilly Fuseangloupe, a boisterous elephant with an insatiable appetite for sweets! 

All these diverse characters have plenty of adventurous moments together that fill each episode with laughter and valuable lessons about friendship.

Whether they’re racing down water slides or sharing vital tips on how to survive snowstorms, Ice Bear Little Monster always promises plenty of fun-filled antics among the five friends.

It has also given us memorable catchphrases like “everybody chill” when somebody needs to relax!

Fans of the show are sure to enjoy every new outrageous scenario thanks to this creative bunch, a true testament to why it continues to be loved by viewers worldwide!

6. Benelli TNT 135

Benelli TNT 135 is a small, fully-faired motorcycle from the Italian brand Benelli.

It is powered by a single-cylinder, 135 cc engine that produces 11.6 kW of maximum power at 9500 rpm and 11.5 Nm of peak torque at 7000 rpm.

The engine is mated to a 5-speed transmission for smooth shifting operations. 

The motorcycles similar to Honda Grom also feature three riding modes, Rain, Street, and Sports, for varying riding conditions and different levels of performance.

The bike also gets ABS as standard fitment for safer braking operations, even on wet roads.

As far as the design goes, Benelli TNT 135 looks quite modern with split headlamps, full fairing, sculpted fuel tank, and sharp lines all around it that make it an attractive proposition in this segment. 

The front suspension comprises 37mm USD forks, while the rear suspension has an adjustable preload mono-shock setup to tame bumps on uneven roads.

Regarding performance, Benelli TNT 135 motorcycles, similar to Honda Grom, offer good acceleration capability thanks to their powerful BS6-compliant 1-cylinder engine, which offers good performance while keeping emissions under control as per new regulations. 

Further aiding performance are the three riding modes that offer riders different throttle response levels depending on the road they are tackling or their preference.

The brakes provide good stopping power with single-disc brakes at both ends that perform their duties quite well when called upon in necessary situations. 

Overall, Benelli TNT 135 makes a great offering in its segment; combining sporty styling, an efficient engine, and useful features such as an adjustable rear shock absorber and three ride modes, it provides riders an all-round package to satisfy their need for speed without having to break the bank too much due to its very competitive price tag.

Making it one of the best options from its stable if you’re looking for an affordable yet fast motorbike with great looks!

7. Lifan 150cc

The Lifan 150cc is a perfect bike for those who want an economical and reliable option for day-to-day transportation. This motorcycle is stylish and comfortable and provides a smooth ride. 

Lifan motorcycles similar to Honda Grom, come with a viscous clutch and five-speed transmission, making operation simple and easy.

It also features advanced technology, such as a fuel injection system, which improves the engine’s overall performance. Its unique body framing gives it an aggressive look that catches the eye when on the road, while its sporty look exhibits its versatility.

The 150cc engine of this bike has exceptional power output with maximum torque at just over 3,000 RPM, making it ideal for city streets and highways alike. 

Furthermore, these powerful motorcycles similar to Honda Grom, deliver impressive acceleration from low to high-speed ranges, so riders do not have to worry about being stuck in traffic jams for too long.

Moreover, its ergonomic design makes riding more comfortable for longer periods of time due to its suspension setup, which absorbs most of the bumps in the road. 

Overall, the Lifan 150cc offers great value for money compared to similar motorcycles on the market, as it offers both style and performance in one package at an affordable price point.

With excellent fuel efficiency reaching up to 75 miles per gallon and top-of-the-line components coupled with advanced technology create an amazing machine with few rivals worldwide.

It’s probably no surprise that plenty of people swear by the reliability and comfort of every Lifan 150cc!

8. X-Pro 125

The X-Pro 125 is a powerful, feature-packed scooter that offers quality performance and reliability.

This scooter from the Hongdou brand has a stylish design and is an excellent choice for commuters who want a reliable vehicle to get around town quickly and comfortably. 

The X-Pro 125 is powered by a single-cylinder engine that delivers 13.9 hp of maximum power and 14 Nm of peak torque, allowing it to easily cruise at faster speeds with plenty of power for passing other vehicles on the roads.

Its sound transmission also means it can be used in noisy areas without fear of disturbing people. 

The frame of the X-Pro 125 motorcycle similar to Honda Grom, has been designed to offer great stability and agility, ensuring this scooter has good cornering capability while remaining stable even on rough terrain.

The seat height is also adjustable so riders can find their most comfortable seating position while providing the extra space needed for transporting passengers or luggage.

The front suspension consists of dual telescopic forks and rear twin shock absorbers, which provide better comfort during long rides by absorbing vibrations caused by uneven terrain surfaces. 

In terms of storage, X-Pro 125 motorcycles similar to Honda Grom offer a generous underseat storage compartment that can house helmets or other items, as well as an additional boot compartment found underneath the seat that can store small items securely.

Other features such as anti-lock brakes, electronic fuel injection, and LED lights all work together to help make your ride safer, so you won’t have too much to worry about while riding this scooter.

Overall, the X-Pro 125 is an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable yet stylish vehicle that will make getting around town quicker, smoother, and more pleasant than ever before.

9. Yamaha MT03

The Yamaha MT03 is last on our list of motorcycles similar to Honda Grom and a true gem among motorcycles.

Without being overly powerful, it offers everything an experienced rider or beginner could ask for.

This lightweight and nimble bike have excellent handling, perfect for riding on winding roads and city streets alike. 

With its sharp, angular bodywork style, the MT03 also sports great looks that give it personality. The minimalist design helps streamline the weight even more, making it a very maneuverable and zippy ride.

Yamaha MT03 motorcycles, similar to Honda Grom, come with a 689cc four-stroke engine that produces around 46hp. 

Although this is slightly underpowered compared to other comparable bikes in its class, it is still enough to have a lot of fun on the street or highways.

Furthermore, Yamaha made sure to equip the bike with plenty of torque at low revs, making it very usable both in town and on long rides out on the open road.

The engine itself is extremely reliable, which makes the MT03 ideal for long trips as well as everyday rides. 

While offering great performance for an affordable price tag, the Yamaha MT03 does not give up quality components either.

The suspension system consists of 43mm inverted forks up front and an adjustable mono-shock at the rear, allowing fine tuning according to rider preferences or terrain conditions.

Braking power comes from dual petal disk brakes giving this bike reliable stopping power in all conditions: wet or dry roads alike.

As always with Yamahas, you get top-notch componentry at a great value without sacrificing quality, so if you are looking for a performant yet dependable motorcycle, look no further than Yamaha MT03 motorcycles similar to Honda Grom!


In conclusion, the Honda Grom is an excellent motorcycle for those looking for a great ride at an affordable price.

It has been given rave reviews from both experienced riders and beginners alike.

Its impressive performance features, and well-designed frame, make it the perfect choice for any beginner or an experienced rider who wants to get their first taste of riding on two wheels. 

One of the best things about these motorcycles similar to Honda Grom is that they can accommodate riders of all sizes, meaning that individuals of practically any height and weight can comfortably experience what motorcycling has to offer.

These motorcycles, similar to Honda Grom, are quite similar in design, power output, and price to the Honda Grom; many might view them as an even better fit than either of these motorcycles above. 

Like the Grom, this bike utilizes a 125cc engine to provide impressive performance characteristics but improves upon the design aspect by featuring an aggressive headlight up front.

Additionally, these motorcycles similar to Honda Grom, feature Dual Overhead Cams (DOHC) technology and adjustable suspension to further tailor their operation to rider preference rather than having only one ride mode like many smaller bikes have limited themselves to.

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