11 Motorcycles Similar to Honda CB

motorcycles similar to honda CB
1976 Honda CB 750 motorcycle 017” by Corvair Owner is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Are you looking for a motorcycle with the same experience as the Honda CB? Are you looking to explore a new riding experience? Are you a fan of the Honda CB motorcycle?

If the answer to these questions is yes, you should read further and discover some excellent motorcycles similar to Honda CB.

Honda has been manufacturing motorcycles since the 1950s and has been renowned for producing robust, reliable bikes with comfortable ride dynamics.

The Honda CB is one of their most popular models, offering riders a smooth ride and superior performance.

The Honda CB series of motorcycles have long been popular among riders due to their reliable performance, affordability, and style.

With prices ranging from entry-level models up to advanced touring bikes, there’s something for every kind of rider. 

Whether weekday commuting or weekend exploring, the CB lineup offers great fuel economy, powerful engines, and a style that’s hard to beat.

Despite its entry-level price tag, the Honda CB range has top-notch features such as ABS brakes, LED lighting, and advanced suspension.  

You’re in luck if you want something similar to the Honda CB! Several motorcycles similar to Honda CB on the market share similar features to the Honda CB.

In our article, we will explore some of these motorcycles similar to Honda CB options so you can find the perfect ride.

1. Kawasaki Z650

Kawasaki Z650, also known as the KZ650, is first on our list of motorcycles similar to Honda CB and was manufactured in 1978 by Japanese motorcycle manufacturer Kawasaki Heavy Industries.

The Z650 is a two-cylinder standard/naked bike, and as a member of the Z series, it marked an important milestone in motorcycles by being the first-ever middleweight 650cc motorbike. 

Launched in 1977, the bike was a bestseller for Kawasaki, and its success led to an updated version: the GPz550, released in 1982.

The 1978 model boasted advanced features such as 36mm Mikuni carburetors, points ignition with 6 pole rotors instead of 12 poles CDI ones, bigger 18-inch front and 17-inch rear wheels, larger 5-gallon fuel tank; additional instrumentation with a new cluster featuring a battery charging indicator; cast five-star wheels instead of wire spokes; enlarged cooling fins and single overhead camshaft engine. 

The resulting 68 horsepower (50kW) power output could reach a maximum speed of 125 mph (201 km/h).

Moreover, being lightweight and powered by heavy-duty air shocks with adjustable preload, this motorbike ran smoothly yet over uneven terrain or narrow paths for long trips. 

The Kawasaki Z 650  motorcycles similar to Honda CB, had many positive critics due to their sleek design that blended style and modern technology.

Like most other 2000cc bikes from its category, it featured a good braking system allowing riders excellent control even under hard braking or cornering conditions despite having only 2 piston calipers compared to others who counted even 4 pistons per brake disk conforming to regulations at that time.

Overall it was praised as much for its reliable performance on long rides as for its impressive looks in urban settings.

2. Laverda 500

The Laverda 500, known as the Jota, is also on our list of motorcycles similar to Honda CB and was an Italian motorcycle manufactured and sold in 1978.

It had a 484cc parallel-twin engine, four-speed transmission, and three disk brakes. 

It was unique for its time because it had two front shocks and a high compression ratio.

Café racers inspired its design; however, due to its low power output of 40 hp @ 6500 rpm, it was more suitable for highway travel than for racing.

The motorcycles similar to Honda CB also featured individualization possibilities not seen on other motorcycles of the era, with options such as dual exhausts or seat style customization.

The Laverda 500 saw success in nations such as the Netherlands, where it won the ANF motorcycle championship twice (1978 & 1979).

Additionally, it competed in numerous street rallies. It even performed factory testing at Le Mans, resulting in an impressive 4th place finish in 1982 by Mario Riccioli while competing against newer models such as Honda’s CX500 and Yamaha’s XT500. 

Today the Laverda 500 is highly sought after by collectors due to its rarity, and retro styling appeal, especially amongst classic European bike enthusiasts who look upon this iconic piece of machinery fondly for igniting their love for it motorcycles at a young age.

With only 400 ever produced and few examples rode today, owning one of these pieces of history would be something special, indeed a true testament to vintage Italian engineering culture from the 1970s.

3. BMW R 45

The BMW R 45 was motorcycle similar to Honda CB manufactured by German automaker BMW between 1978 and 1984.

This model updated the previous R 65, featuring a similar frame but increased power in its 449cc engine. It had a five-speed gearbox and was capable of a top speed of 85 mph. 

It also boasted improved braking potential, thanks to its disc front brakes and stronger suspension for better ride quality.

The R45  motorcycles similar to Honda CB, were the perfect mix of comfort and performance for those looking for an enjoyable ride with plenty of power on tap. 

Regarding styling, the BMW R45 featured beautiful, classic lines that were popular in the late 1970s.

The sharp curves of the tank combined with the chrome accents gave it an elegance rarely seen in motorcycles at this time period.

Although it wasn’t quite as stylish or aerodynamic as later models, it still held its own among other classic motorcycles from this era. 

When released in 1978, the BMW R45 set new standards in luxury motorcycle design and performance, all while competing favorably with much cheaper Japanese motorcycles at the time.

Despite its higher price tag, many motorcyclists saw it as a good investment due to its reliability and long-term benefits, such as low maintenance costs and fuel economy. 

Many riders even referred to it as “the best heavy touring bike there is,”; so if you’re after a truly traditional motorcycle experience with some added muscle under the hood, then you can do no wrong by taking a look at what BMW had to offer during this groundbreaking period.

4. Yamaha XV 250

The Yamaha XV 250 is a 1992 Japanese dual-purpose cruiser motorcycle that was designed and produced by Yamaha Motor Company.

XV 250  motorcycles similar to Honda CB, have a single-cylinder, four-stroke engine with a 249cc displacement, and it can reach speeds of up to 55 miles per hour. 

For those looking for a reliable ride, the Yamaha has been praised for its smooth low-end torque while providing plenty of acceleration when necessary.

The lightweight frame allows it to outmaneuver other similar models on the market.

As far as styling goes, the Yamaha looks stylish with its chrome accents and low-profile design, making it ideal for those seeking a functional and good-looking bike.

For riders who are concerned about safety, the XV250 motorcycle similar to Honda CB, offers superior braking performance thanks to its front disk rotor brake system, which ensures maximum control during quick stops and turns.

Additionally, this larger disk stabilizes the bike under heavy braking conditions like wet roads or hard corners.

Furthermore, this model comes with an electric ignition system that eliminates plug trouble maintenance issues and makes for more reliable starting each time one turns on the engine.

In conclusion, the Yamaha XF250 is a great choice for anyone who needs a powerful yet smooth riding experience from their dual-purpose cruiser motorcycle.

It is built with quality parts like its electric ignition system and superior braking performance to help ensure maximum safety for its rider no matter what type of roads they may be cruising on.

Furthermore, its stylish look gives off an attractive quality that many riders love as much as they love its power output and performance levels that make every journey enjoyable.

5. MOTO GUZZI 850 T 3

The MOTO GUZZI 850 T 3, 1978, is a classic Italian motorcycle that can turn heads and make any motorcyclist jealous.

It features an iconic, timeless design with classic lines and minimalistic features that are both modern and classic. 

With its bulky tank, big exhaust pipes, rear drum brakes, and low-slung frame, it looks like it could be from any era.

This beauty is even more special because it’s powered by a V-twin cylinder engine producing 75 horsepower.

It gives you enough power to easily cruise at highway speeds and maneuver around in city traffic.

On top of having an impressive design and powerplant, the MOTO GUZZI also has reliable handling thanks to its narrow tires, which help you corner easily while offering a comfortable ride.

Its five-speed transmission gives you smooth shifts when changing gears, resulting in a soft clutch feel, ensuring smooth acceleration. 

What stands out about the Moto Guzzi motorcycle similar to Honda CB, are its exceptional starter system.

With one button press, you get an instant start without having to worry about kickstarting or cranking for long minutes before being able to fire up the engine. 

In conclusion, the MOTO GUZZI 850 T 3 from 1978 is an outstanding motorbike that offers a unique blend of performance, style, and reliability which remains unmatched even nowadays among its competitors thanks to the full-featured quality build process by Moto Guzzi’s highly experienced engineers back in the day.

Motorcycle enthusiasts who are lucky enough to own one of these beasts won’t want to give them up anytime soon due to the truly unforgettable driving experience they offer!

6. Keeway Dorado 250

The Keeway Dorado 250, released in 2016, is a high-performance motorcycle designed to deliver an exciting and thrilling ride.

This machine offers a powerful combination of great style and power, making it ideal for long-distance commuting and leisure rides. 

The Dorado’s air-cooled, OHC single-cylinder engine has been finely tuned for smooth, reliable power delivery through all RPM ranges with a maximum output of 22 hp at 6500 rpm, giving riders the confidence to travel up to speeds up to 90+ mph.

The motorbike also features a 6-speed transmission that shifts smoothly for accelerated performance during take-offs and provides improved fuel economy when touring. 

Concerning its exterior design, the Keeway Dorado 250 has been crafted from top-grade components with consideration for weight management.

Stylish touches such as dual headlights and LED taillights ensure good visibility on dark roads, while the ergonomic saddle provides enhanced comfort during long trips.

Additionally, safety is considered with robust suspension (front telescopic forks & rear twin shock absorption), which ensures stable handling even over rough surfaces -this combined with a strong steel framed structure, guarantees increased rider safety & stability. 

Overall, the Keeway Dorado 250 is an impressive feat of engineering that exemplifies maximum performance in terms of both power and handling capability due to its advanced technical specifications combined with stylish design elements making it an ideal choice for avid adventure bikers wanting reliable performance without sacrificing aesthetic appeal.

With years of experience in the industry and a passionate customer service department besides its wing, you can be sure to get satisfaction from purchasing these amazing motorcycles similar to Honda CB!

7. Ducati 860 GTS

The Ducati 860 GTS is a classic model of a mid-1970s motorcycle and a favorite amongst vintage motorcycle collectors.

This street bike was produced by the Italian company Ducati in 1978 and represented an evolution of the highly successful bevel drive 750 and 900 engine designs, with a new 850 cc capacity. 

Featuring characteristic ‘V’ twin cylinders and an overhead camshaft, this motorcycle was faster than its predecessor while retaining the classic style of touring bike feel. 

The 860 GTS motorcycles similar to Honda CB, feature all the original design elements that have made Ducati mid-sized bikes so popular.

The frame has closely spaced top tubes for superior handling and deep cornering angles, distinguishing it from other early sports bicycles. 

The engine producing 54 horsepower was also larger than that found on many competing models then, making it faster off the line and more responsive to throttle inputs.

The team behind the Ducati 860 GTS paid careful attention to details such as chrome-plated fork stanchions and polished alloy covers, giving it a distinctive look choice for riders looking for authenticity on their vintage rides. 

In terms of practicality, this model offers riders good protection against unfavorable weather conditions and great visibility while riding at high speeds on highways or country roads.

All in all, the Ducati 860 GTS motorcycle similar to Honda CB, had everything going for it back in 1978 when it launched into popularity; still now – four decades later – this motorcycle holds its own among modern bike collections with its classic styling complementing high levels of performance!

8. Vento V-Thunder

The Vento V-Thunder was a model of motorcycle released in 2006 by German automobile manufacturer Vento.

The V-Thunder had a daring and bold look that set it apart from its contemporaries.

It features a muscular 1290cc engine with 4 valves, an overhead camshaft, and electronic fuel injection that delivers 130 horsepower with top speeds of just over 150 mph. 

The large frame of the bike was built for Stability and Safety, engineered with reinforced aluminum alloy wheels.

Regarding handling, the bike can turn thanks sharply to its fork suspension system, which gives a better-balanced response to changing conditions while driving.

In terms of styling, the V-Thunder had plenty of accents, such as two thick exhaust pipes at the back, stylish rims, and handlebars constructed out of molded cast plastic rather than metal – all designed to give off an aura of confidence when riding this powerful machine.

The Vento V-Thunder motorcycles similar to Honda CB, also came equipped with several accessories such as a removable windscreen, aluminum footrest, and cushion seat that make long journeys across open roads more comfortable and enjoyable.

In addition, it also included an ABS braking system plus double disk brakes on both its front & back wheels for efficient stopping power in most weather conditions.

For safety purposes, there are even side mirrors on each side for extra visibility – ensuring riders have full control over what’s coming up behind them when taking curves or passing through busy areas. 

 Regarding maintenance, any rider could choose either regular engine oil changes manually or automatic sensor service, where everything is managed electronically using remote access instead, reducing time spent servicing the motorbike itself by nearly 70%.

The price tag of this dynamic machine was around Rs1 lakh. Still, it proved to be a popular choice amongst riders looking for an innovative option that combines power and comfort in one package delivering all one needs from great handling to optimum performance in style!


The HERCULES K 125 S is a classic German motorcycle produced by Hercules Werke in 1977.

It has an engine size of 123cc and is considered a rarity among single-cylinder motorcycles. 

Design-wise, these motorcycles similar to Honda CB, have a conservative style thanks to their rounded tank, metal fenders, and low-slung seat.

Bellows frame its no-nonsense angular headlights with split upholstery giving off a vintage look. 

An iconic feature of the HERCULES K 125 S is its understated red paint with white pinstriping on the gas tank, which was considered quite stylish in 1977!

This simplistic design makes it perfect for customization and remains timelessly cool. 

The HERCULES K 125 S is powered by an air-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke engine that produces 8 HP at 7500 RPM and maximum torque of 9 Nm 5000 RPM, enough power for daily transportation.

This model is also known for its reliability due to its well-designed components, such as double disc brakes (which were not so common in its time) and robust 5-speed transmission, providing smooth shifting action essential for city streets or mountain roads alike.

So whether you are looking for an easy starter bike or want to relive your days of old using a classic motorcycle –the HERCULES K 125 S will be more than capable of seeing out any task required from it!

10. Yamaha XS 250

The Yamaha XS 250 is a vintage motorbike first released in 1978.

It has since become one of the most popular and reliable models of  motorcycles similar to Honda CB among classic bike enthusiasts everywhere.

This model features a 249cc two-stroke single-cylinder engine and provides steady power when you need it on challenging terrains or winding roads.

The lightweight frame makes the XS 250 easy to maneuver while providing controlled agility so you can confidently take on whatever comes your way.

The XS 250 motorcycles similar to Honda CB, were designed with convenience and reliability in mind, making it an ideal choice for those who want thrilling rides without worrying about costly repairs.

The 45mm Keihin carburetor ensures a smooth ride and maximum performance, while its four-speed transmission lets you adjust your speed quickly as needed for winding turns or steep hills.

Additionally, its compact design allows for hassle-free storage should you ever need to store your bike away from home when not in use. 

For many decades now, the Yamaha XS 250  motorcycles similar to Honda CB, have continued to draw the attention of classic bike lovers who appreciate its solid construction and low-cost maintenance needs.

Its dependable performance over the years has easily made this vintage machine a favorite for Yamaha riders seeking out leather jackets and custom parts to get the perfect look and feel out of their motorbike trips with friends or significant others.

11. Honda CJ 250 T

Lastly, the Honda CJ 250 T was introduced in 1978 as the successor to the earlier Honda CL 125 ‘Twin.’

The CJ250T’s 368cc, single-cylinder engine was powerful enough to make it a popular choice for touring and commuter riders. 

Riders well-received it for its smooth acceleration and handling of smooth city roads and winding mountain paths.

Its mechanical simplicity made servicing and repair relatively easy, increasing its popularity among bikers from all walks of life. 

The 1978 Honda CJ250T  motorcycles similar to Honda CB, offered several new features that made biking more accessible to enthusiasts, old and new.

For instance, it came with two overhead camshafts, allowing for higher compression fuel burning and lower emissions than other bikes at the time.

It had an oversized fuel tank, which increased efficiency; larger wheels, which improved road comfort; wider seat padding; a new gearbox relay system; and an alternate font option on the instrument panel, all features that provided bikers more options while riding. 

In terms of styling, the 1978 Honda CJ250T had a few key updates that set it apart from other models on the market, including a new streamlined frame designed with modern components like twin headlamps, dual rear shocks which provided better stability at high speeds; revised wheel covers; and new laguna blue paint job with gold accents.

All these aesthetic improvements gave riders a refreshed look that still paralleled designs found in classic Harley Davidsons of the era.

The Honda CJ250T thus proved to be both reliable and stylish compared to other motorcycles similar to Honda CB of its era.


The Honda CB range has existed since 1969 and has become synonymous with performance and reliability.

Many riders now opt for an upgrade and want to try something different while maintaining the same quality as their original bike. 

Whether you’re an experienced rider or just starting, there are a variety of motorcycles similar to Honda CBs that can offer great value and performance.

Our article has guided you through some of the greatest Honda CB  motorcycles similar to Honda CB available on the market today, helping you make an informed decision whenever purchasing your next bike. 

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