20 Motorcycles Similar to Harley Sportster

Motorcycles Similar To Harley Sportster 
1976 Harley-Davidson Sportster” by Cedric Collins is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Are you looking for motorcycles similar to Harley Sportster? You may have seen the iconic design and power of the sporty Harley Sportster, but maybe it’s time to try something different.

Motorcycles offer an exciting way to explore the outdoors and have a thrilling ride with friends.

They are perfect for winding country roads, weekend getaways, or just going out on a joyride.

The variety of models available ranges from classic cruisers to powerful racers and alternative off-road vehicles. 

For those looking for something other than a traditional chopper but still having the classic style of their favorite Harley Sportster, there are many modern motorcycles similar to Harley Sportster that emulate that look and feel.

Here is an overview of several body styles and manufacturers that fit those needs in today’s market on our blog list.

1. Yamaha’s Bolt R-Spec

Yamaha’s Bolt R-Spec is first on our list of motorcycles similar to Harley Sportster. It is a classic café racer motorcycle with a modern twist.

Its powerful 942cc V-twin engine delivers 61.2 horsepower and 50 lb-ft torque for strong acceleration and responsive performance on the open road. 

An adjustable “Hollywood” handlebar, forward controls, and deep bucket seat provide a comfortable riding experience, while 18” cast aluminum wheels add to the retro look.

The Bolt R-Spec motorcycles similar to Harley Sportster, also come with an array of cutting-edge technology designed to enhance safety, convenience, and comfort, including traction control, keyless ignition, and LED headlights.

The Bolt R-Spec has been incredibly popular since its release in 2014 and continues to be one of Yamaha’s top-selling models.

It’s easy to understand why — this stylish bike combines classic styling with modern engineering delivering power and performance while maintaining reliability at a reasonable price tag. 

Whether you are looking for a daily commuter or weekend cruiser, the Yamaha Bolt R-Spec motorcycle similar to Harley Sportster, provides rider satisfaction like no other.

With its timeless design and comfortable ride qualities, this motorcycle will turn heads on your next journey down the open road.

2. XDiavel

The Ducati XDiavel is a powerful and stylish motorcycle similar to Harley Sportster, perfect for the open road.

It features Ducati’s signature V-Twin engine, which delivers 160 hp, and has a maximum torque of 95 lb-ft.

This powerful engine is combined with an advanced electronics package that includes Bosch Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU). 

Additionally, it boasts a sporty, aerodynamic shape and upright stance with an aggressive look.

The XDiavel also comes equipped with Brembo brakes, adjustable traction control, and launch control mode to enhance secure handling and performance further. 

The XDiavel is great for cruising on the highway with its comfortable ergonomics and low saddle seat height.

Power delivery is smooth but responsive thanks to the variable timing on the Desmodromic system in its engine.

The sophisticated electronics package offers three ride modes – Urban for normal city traffic, Touring for relaxed riding, and Sport for more aggressive riding styles. 

With over 200 customization options available from the Ducati Accessori Originali accessories range, riders can personalize their motorcycle just as they like it.

With its uniquely designed chassis, this cruiser gives you a complete experience of iconic Italian styling, unmistakable Ducati sound, and everyday practicality – the best of both worlds!

3. Victory Octane

The Victory Octane motorcycle is a cutting-edge model in the lineup of Victory motorcycles similar to Harley Sportster.

It combines raw power with modern performance, giving riders the confidence and control they need to tackle a variety of terrains. 

The Octane is powered by an air-cooled, 1200cc V-twin 4-stroke engine that produces 105 horsepower and 81 lb-ft of torque, offering plenty of power for whatever type of riding you find yourself doing.

With its lightweight design, low center of gravity, and robust suspension, the Victory Octane allows riders to take on curves easily while providing a comfortable ride no matter where your journey takes you. 

As well as being a great powerful addition to any rider’s garage, Victory Octane motorcycles similar to Harley Sportster, offers impressive features to make your ride even smoother.

The sleek design with underslung exhaust pipes enhances aerodynamics while reducing noise output at higher speeds. 

Multiple performance settings are available through the bike’s Ride Command system, which customizes acceleration and deceleration based on riding preferences.

It is perfect for new riders needing extra guidance or experienced riders wanting greater control over their machine.

Further enhancing its comfort levels, an adjustable front foot position allows you to move forward or backward to optimize weight distribution and create precision turns when needed.

All these features combine to give you complete confidence behind the wheel regardless of conditions or terrain, making it ideal for any rider out there!

4. Honda CTX700

The Honda CTX700 is a motorcycle that was introduced in 2013 as part of the CTX series.

It features a 700cc parallel-twin engine, a 4-valve DOHC design, and liquid cooling.

An optional dual-clutch automatic transmission and traction control system was also available for those looking for an easier riding experience. 

The motorcycles similar to Harley Sportster have a standard seating position with 17-inch wheels, disc brakes at both ends, adjustable preload fork, two-level adjustable windscreen, removable side covers, and center stand, as well as lower pillion grab rails.

Its comfortable seating position and capable engine make for a great all-around bike that can handle everything from commuting to touring. 

The Honda CTX700 motorcycles similar to Harley Sportster, also have plenty of techs to offer, such as handlebar-mounted controls which allow you to cycle through the different modes, such as economy mode and power mode, while still being able to access important information like trip meters and speedometer readings.

There is also an innovative anti-skid system called the NSS (New Slipper System), which prevents wheel lock-up during aggressive braking or sudden gear shifts.

Furthermore, the immobilizer ensures theft protection, while the optional cruise control allows convenient long-distance rides.

In conclusion, the Honda CTX700 is an excellent all-around motorcycle offering great performance and plenty of comfort and convenience features.

5. Kawasaki 1700 Vaquero

The Kawasaki 1700 Vaquero is a powerful and versatile touring motorcycle that can handle any terrain.

It uses a liquid-cooled, fuel-injected 1,700 cc engine to produce 111 lb-ft of torque and 83 horsepower.

The power output is distributed through a wide ratio 6-speed transmission, which allows the rider to maximize performance at all speeds. 

The motorcycles similar to Harley Sportster also feature cruise control, adjustable suspension, traction control, ABS brakes, and windshields, providing maximum convenience and safety when riding.

For riders who demand both style and performance, the Kawasaki 1700 Vaquero does not disappoint.

Its muscular bodyline has earned it a legitimate title as one of the best-looking touring bikes on the market. 

From a distance, it looks sleek and aggressive, but up close, you’ll appreciate the attention to detail in its design, including brushed aluminum handlebars, blacked-out mufflers, and dual saddlebags.

Comfort was also considered with an ergonomically designed seat that keeps riders comfortable on long adventures or challenging terrain.

Overall this is an excellent choice for someone who desires style and serious power for touring adventures or everyday use.

6. Suzuki Boulevard C90T

The Suzuki Boulevard C90T is a touring-style cruiser motorcycle from Suzuki.

It comes with a liquid-cooled, four-stroke, 1548 cc V-twin engine and has been designed specifically for long-distance touring.

The power output of this monster machine is a muscular 95 horsepower which makes 30 pounds-feet of torque.

With an aggressive design, the C90T looks ready to tour any terrain. Standard features include adjustable accessories like adjustable front and rear suspension, windscreen height adjustability, handlebar position adjustability, and more to fine-tune the machine to match personal needs. 

It also has a modern digital display with an easy-to-use LCD screen showing all the relevant data such as speed, rpm, trip meter, etc.

Besides being comfortable during extended trips on the road, C90T motorcycles, similar to Harley Sportster, also pack enough power under their hood for serious fun when conditions permit it.

The five-speed transmission sounds pleasing over acceleration, but if you want even more out of it, you can opt for the optional 6th gear. 

Handling is great, too, since the frame geometry keeps vibration to a minimal level so that riders can make turns in comfort without getting exposed to excessive shaking or fatigue from long rides.

Also equipped with anti-lock brakes comes standard on this model, so riders can safely enjoy their ride fearlessly on all kinds of terrains without worrying about danger or accidents due to braking issues.

All these features together make the Suzuki Boulevard C90T one of the best cruiser motorcycles similar to Harley Sportster out there in terms of reliability and performance on highways and off roads alike!

7. Honda Shadow

Honda Shadow motorcycles similar to Harley Sportster, are popular among riders who prefer the classic looks of a cruiser but with all the modern comforts and reliability.

The Honda Shadow is an iconic motorcycle that has evolved over 30 years. Its timeless design gives it a vintage look while still providing its riders with modern technology and performance. 

Honda Shadow models include the Phantom, Spirit, Ace, and Aero, each offering something unique to its riders.

The Shadow Phantom is perfect for new riders as it offers great maneuverability with its low center of gravity and lightweight frame, making it an ideal first bike for those getting into motorcycling for the first time. 

The Spirit features an exceptionally well-balanced ride thanks to its powerful V-twin engine and shaft drive system, providing smooth power delivery from low RPMs up.

The Ace offers a refined level of comfort thanks to its large seating area designed for long-distance rides in total comfort. 

Finally, the Aero takes classic style to a whole new level with a custom-look tank-mounted tachometer, larger passing lamps, and chrome accents throughout its design, perfect for stylish cruising around town or on the open roads.

All Hondas Shadows motorcycles, similar to Harley Sportster, come equipped with their own selection of distinctive styling matched with exceptional performance, making them amongst one of the most popular options on two wheels today.

8. Yamaha Star Bolt

Yamaha Star Bolt is next on our list of motorcycles similar to Harley Sportster and popular mid-size motorcycles produced by Yamaha Motor Corporation.

Known for its muscular stance and ergonomic riding position, the Star Bolt enjoys widespread popularity among cruiser bike enthusiasts due to its low-cost yet high-performance features. 

The Star Bolt is powered by a liquid-cooled 4-stroke DOHC air-cooled 8-valve V-twin engine that produces 53 horsepower and is coupled with a 6-speed transmission.

Offering sporty handling, agile maneuvers, and robust power, the Star Bolt can easily take riders through city streets or on extended weekend road trips. 

The design of Yamaha Star Bolt motorcycles similar to Harley Sportster, emphasizes rider comfort, with an ergonomic seating position and comfortable U-shaped hand grips where you can extend your arms in any direction you desire.

The bike includes accessories like adjustable front fenders, rear shocks, and suspension systems for additional styling. 

Other features include classically styled instruments providing information such as speedometer, fuel gauge, and odometer reading; a long wheelbase that offers ample legroom for a more comfortable ride; and integrated headlights with bright LED bulbs illuminating the way ahead on dark highways or roads at night.

With its power, style, reliability, and affordability combination, the Yamaha Star Bolt is sure to be a hit with bikers who want maximum pleasure for their money.

9. Triumph Bonneville Bobber

The Triumph Bonneville Bobber is a powerful, sleek motorcycle with unique style and performance.

These motorcycles, similar to Harley Sportster, come with a variety of features, including a 1,200cc parallel-twin engine that produces 77 hp, plus a single-seat design, adjustable ride modes, suspension settings, an extended wheelbase for superior handling and control, and classic Bonneville looks with the added dimension of contemporary custom style. 

The Bobber also comes with traction control, ABS brakes for added safety, a full LED lighting system for bright night visibility, and several additional accessories for personalizing the ride.

The Bonneville Bobber is designed to provide riders with both comfort and performance in equal measures. 

Its adjustable ride modes let riders customize their experience and make it easier to handle tight corners or take on long winding roads when needed.

With its clean lines from front to back across its narrow profile chassis design, this bike gives off an aggressive and confident look unlike any other machine out there.

Choosing between several colors and the extensive range of optional extras lets riders craft the perfect machine to fit their needs and style.

No matter what road you take – whether it be an urban landscape or a scenic countryside adventure you can trust that you’ll always look good riding your Triumph Bonneville Bobber every step of the way!

10. Gold Wing Honda

The Gold Wing Honda is also on our list of motorcycles similar to Harley Sportster and legendary motorcycles that have been around for more than four decades.

It was first released in 1975, and since then, it has become an iconic symbol of adventure and freedom. 

Known popularly as the “King of Motorcycles,” the Gold Wing is one of Honda’s most successful and recognizable models.

The bike is renowned for its luxurious touring capabilities that riders enjoy during long-distance rides, particularly on highways and country roads. 

Featuring a large 1,832 cc flat six-cylinder engine with programmable electronic fuel injection, the Gold Wing produces up to 125 bhp and 108 Nm of torque, making it one of the most powerful motorcycles similar to Harley Sportster in its class.

It also features a relaxed, low seat height design which makes it ideal for tall riders and supports a comfortable long-distance seating position with armrests included in the standard version. 

The motorcycles similar to Harley Sportster also come with advanced tech features like ABS brakes, an airbag system, heated seats and grips, cruise control, and Apple CarPlay integration, making it an excellent choice both for leisurely touring trips or everyday city commuting.

All these features, combined with luxurious appeal, make the Gold Wing one of Honda’s most beloved models and an iconic symbol of freedom and adventure.

11. Yamaha V-Star

The Yamaha V-Star is one of the most popular entry-level motorcycles similar to Harley Sportster on the market today.

This versatile bike has been designed to provide a comfortable and stylish ride for all types of motorcyclists.

The V-Star features a robust 649cc air/oil-cooled SOHC, four-stroke engine that can lift up to 45 horsepower when fully revved. 

It also has an adjustable double wishbone suspension system with plenty of ground clearance, helping it to handle bumpy roads and provide a smooth ride.

V-Star motorcycles similar to Harley Sportster, also features advanced engineering concepts that make them easy to maintain, such as its automotive-style Kevlar reinforced belt drive system, twin spark plug cylinder head, two-pole balancer shaft, low friction oil flow path, maintenance-free CDI ignition system. 

The automatic cam chain tensioner makes replacing the timing belts easier as well!

Other upgrades like cruise control, upgraded brakes, and aluminum handlebars complete the package with maximum user comfort and safety in mind.

The lightweight frame also helps contribute to its nimble handling characteristics, helping riders of all skill levels feel confident on the roads.

With all these features combined, Yamaha V-Star motorcycles similar to Harley Sportster, offer an amazing combination of performance and comfort for riders ranging from beginner to expert.

12. Honda Rebel CMX500

The Honda Rebel CMX500 is a great motorcycle for starter riders. Not only does it offer an affordable base price, but it also has all of the features that one expects out of a quality bike.

It has a classic design with low seat height for easy maneuvering and comes standard with modern technologies such as dual channel ABS, LED lighting, and a full LCD instrument panel. 

The engine is compact and light yet powerful enough to reach highway speeds easily.

The natural torque produced by the engine is smooth and controllable, allowing easy acceleration from low RPMs.

It also yields excellent fuel economy so riders can enjoy more mileage between fill-ups. 

Moreover, its lightweight aluminum frame makes it perfect for navigating even the tightest roads and ensures the handling is always stable.

Overall, Honda Rebel CMX500 motorcycles similar to Harley Sportster, offers everything beginner riders are looking for in their first bike reliable performance combined with user-friendly features at an unbeatable price point.

Whether you’re just starting to ride or want to experience the freedom of motorcycling without breaking the bank, this model has something to offer everyone!

13. Royal Enfield Meteor 350

The Royal Enfield Meteor 350 is the newest model from the iconic motorcycle brand.

Thanks to its advanced technology and modern design, it features a more comfortable ride than any of its predecessors. 

The Meteor 350 is designed for everyday riding, with its ergonomic handlebars and well-cushioned seats providing maximum comfort on long rides.

The motorcycles similar to Harley Sportster also have great handling capabilities and plenty of power, making them ideal for urban commuting and countryside cruising.

In terms of looks, it has an elegant, classic design that blends perfectly with Royal Enfield’s traditional styling while giving off a contemporary vibe. 

In terms of performance, the Meteor 350 can offer excellent fuel efficiency — up to 40 km/l thanks to its Fuel Injection (FI) engine technology and advanced CDI ECU mapping that ensures optimum utilization of available resources.

The gearbox has been made smoother by using an anti-reversion clutch mechanism that reduces jerks associated with shifting gears when the bike decelerates. 

The suspension at both ends helps make sure you don’t get shaken up too much during your ride, while dual-channel ABS prevents wheel locking in case you need to make emergency stops or sudden steering corrections while in motion.

All these features together make Royal Enfield Meteor 350 motorcycles similar to Harley Sportster, a great all-around package suitable for riders of all abilities looking for an affordable but good quality bike they can rely on every day.

14. Suzuki Boulevard M109R

The Suzuki Boulevard M109R is a powerful and stylish cruiser motorcycle similar to Harley Sportster that has gained popularity since its introduction in 2006.

Powered by a 1783cc liquid-cooled v-twin engine, the M109R has the potential to produce serious amounts of power output for its size, making it both incredibly fast and smooth on the road. 

Featuring an aggressive headlight design and a long wheelbase, this awesome cruiser looks as intimidating as it performs.

Due to its sheer performance capabilities, the M109R is one of the most popular motorcycles similar to Harley Sportster among experienced riders.

Riders can experience cornering agility due to its strong frame structure, allowing easy maneuverability in tight curves. 

Additionally, with its sleek design and aerodynamic features, the M109R provides an efficient experience on the open road with improved fuel economy at higher speeds.

Furthermore, adjustable suspension settings allow riders to customize their ride depending on their preferences or terrain conditions, while dual front disc brakes give superior stopping power when needed.

All these features make it the perfect choice for an all-around excellent riding experience that combines style and power.

15. Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic

The Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic is next on our list of motorcycles similar to Harley Sportster.

It is a powerful motorcycle designed with everyday riding in mind. It has an aggressive, muscular appearance that grabs attention while providing a smooth ride. 

The bike is powered by a 903cc V-twin engine, which gives riders plenty of torque to take off from stop lights quickly and confidently.

The Vulcan 900 Classic has a fuel injection system for improved performance and reliability and premium components like coil-over rear suspension for greater control and comfort on the road.

It also features a two-tone tank, chrome accents, and ergonomically designed handlebars for added convenience.

Aside from its great looks, the Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic motorcycles similar to Harley Sportster, can handle long rides with ease thanks to its comfortable seating, which includes an adjustable rider backrest.

This bike also offers enhanced handling capabilities due to its lightweight chassis and low center of gravity, which helps prevent top-heaviness when cornering or maneuvering through tight turns. 

Furthermore, the impressive braking system on this bike is highly responsive even at high speeds enabling riders to keep their cool without compromising their safety.

It also comes standard with ABS (anti-lock brake system) technology for efficient stops anytime you need it.

The versatile cruiser rides differently thanks to its six-speed transmission and belt drive, which offer incredible power delivery perfect for short trips around town and longer road trips on the open highway.

16. Indian Chief

The Indian Chief is a timeless symbol of Native American culture. The traditional role of the Indian Chief was to lead a band of warriors and protect their tribe from outside threats. 

The Indian Chief motorcycles similar to Harley Sportster, usually had a reputation for courage, wisdom, and physical strength.

Throughout various tribal cultures, the Indian Chief’s authority was absolute and greatly respected by those who followed him.

He held spiritual generalship and civil responsibilities, such as mediating inter-tribal disputes and authorizing raiding parties against neighboring tribes. 

Modern-day society still reveres these valiant leaders of the past, even though most aspects of their lifestyle are now obsolete in our current times.

The iconic imagery of an Indian Chief clad in full war regalia, his fierce visage softened only by a hint that he has been through much suffering, has become an icon of Native American pride and resilience in our visual consciousness today.

Statues of great Chiefs can be found monumented around North America; whether it be Big Foot’s memorial on a blustery prairie hilltop or Sitting Bull’s hulking granite statue outside Washington D.C., these chiefs steadfastly remind observers that despite the passing onto new times, their spirit continues to remain strong within each successive generation.

17. Honda Fury ABS-Equipped

The Honda Fury ABS-equipped is a powerful, newly designed model of Honda motorcycle, engineered specifically to provide riders with power and control.

Built upon the traditional cruiser style of motorcycles similar to Harley Sportster that Honda is known for, this new design blends raw power with classic retro appeal. 

The bike is powered by an impressive 1,312 cc V-twin fuel injection engine, providing a top speed of 125 mph and smooth acceleration capable of riding any terrain.

It also boasts an electronically controlled anti-lock braking system (ABS), giving drivers increased confidence and control when suddenly cornering or stopping. 

Another outstanding feature of the Honda Fury ABS-equipped model is the rider assist technologies installed in the bike itself.

Through systems such as throttle-by-wire, traction control, and cruise controls, every journey made on one can be tailored to the rider’s own preference and performance levels. 

Additionally, modern technological advancements mean owners can access real-time feedback related to mechanical issues using their smartphone devices – providing excellent customer service and peace of mind in owning this incredible machine.

With its cutting-edge features and handsome aesthetic, there is no doubt that the Honda Fury ABS-equipped is one of the top bikes on the market today.

18. Kawasaki 1700 Voyager

The Kawasaki 1700 Voyager is a versatile touring bike that’s perfect for road trips and long-distance riding.

It has ample power from its 6-speed transmission, with a maximum torque of over 100 Nm at just 4,000 rpm.

It features two independent shafts, an adjustable single-shock rear suspension, and 17-inch cast wheels for a smooth ride. 

Like Harley Sportster, the Voyager motorcycles also feature a digital Fuel Injection system for optimum performance and fuel economy.

The ECU-controlled drive mode selector provides three engine modes – standard, Eco, and Touring – which offer personalized settings ranging from power assist to fuel economy settings.

This makes the bike ideal for any journey; it can take in the scenery or put the pedal to the metal on open highways. 

The large windshield deflects wind and rain while keeping airflow up, providing comfort even during long trips.

There’s also plenty of foot room on the ergonomically designed floorboards to handle shifts comfortably while managing longer distances in comfort.

19. BMW R 18

The BMW R 18 is a luxury motorcycle designed with classic style, incorporating modern engineering and technology.

The first model in the series, the R 1200 RT, was released in 2018. The bike features a large boxer engine which has been widely praised for its reliable torque delivery and performance capabilities. 

It also comes with two cylinder heads, two overhead camshafts, and four valves per cylinder, providing plenty of power even at low RPMs.

Its gorgeous design includes a low-slung teardrop gas tank with long upright handlebars, a comfortable dual seat, and classic wheel trim.

 The engine has been built to be air-cooled to make it easier to maintain over time and also become more fuel efficient when compared to its liquid-cooled competitors.

To keep vibrations down to a minimum, BMW has incorporated an innovative counter-vibration system offering a smooth riding experience even around tight curves or changing surfaces. 

On top of that, the bike can reach speeds up to 125 mph thanks to its powerful engine coupled with different driving modes that help optimize output depending on conditions and the type of road being ridden on.

Finally, the optional cruise control feature allows riders to relax their hands during extended rides without worrying about adjustments or deceleration.

20. Ducati Diavel 1260

Lastly, The Ducati Diavel 1260 is a beast of a machine. It offers remarkable performance, power, and thrills only Ducati can provide.

With its incredibly smooth suspension system, powerful engine, and muscular styling, the Diavel 1260 already catches all eyes on the street. 

The motorcycle sports an air-cooled 156 hp 1262 cc Testastretta v-twin engine, giving it an amazing power output that makes it an excellent choice for on-road use. 

These motorcycles similar to Harley Sportster, also come with the convenience of modern systems such as cornering ABS technology, three riding modes, cruise control, traction control, and wheelie control meant to help riders stay safe even during extreme driving scenarios.

Other features include an adjustable rear shock absorber to ensure stability and ride quality over any terrain, USB sockets, and Bluetooth connectivity to stay connected while on the road. 

Moreover, this particular variant also includes a dedicated multimedia platform, Connectivity Box, where owners get access to services like Spotify music streaming service and GPS navigation, which can be integrated directly into your motorcyclist’s driving experience.

These features further enhance one’s ride experience, making it a complete package suitable for touring and day trips.


The Harley-Davidson Sportster is one of the most iconic motorcycles around, and for a good reason.

From its classic lines and distinctive styling to its powerful performance, the Harley Sportster is an all-around great motorcycle that brings smiles everywhere you ride.

But Harley isn’t the only manufacturer that has produced similar models.

There are a variety of other motorcycles similar to Harley Sportster available on the market today that offer similar design characteristics and performance levels as the Sportster but with their own unique style. 

From traditional American cruisers like Victory Motorcycles or Indian Motorcycles to sporty options from Honda and Kawasaki, there’s a wide range of choices regarding finding a motorcycle similar to the Harley Sportster.

Each of these motorcycles similar to Harley Sportster, offers something different in terms of style, features, and power delivery.

Hence, it’s important to take your time when shopping to ensure you find exactly what meets your needs best.

No matter which bike you choose, you can feel confident knowing you’ll get a great machine that will last for years.

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