11 Motorcycles Similar to Harley Davidson

motorcycles similar to harley davidson
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Are you looking for motorcycles similar to Harley Davidson that provide the same performance, features, and style as Harley Davidson?

If so, you’re in luck. Today there are many excellent alternatives to Harley Davidson’s iconic bikes on the market.

Harley Davidson is one of the most iconic brands on the planet, and their motorcycles have been popular for decades.

But they are not the only ones who can provide high-performance two-wheelers with a unique design aesthetic.

Plenty of other companies out there build bikes just like Harley Davidsons; they may even be better in some ways. 

Whether you are an experienced rider or just starting out, many great options on the market offer similar capabilities as Harley Davidson Motorcycles but cost significantly less.

So if you’re looking for a bike like a Harley that won’t break the bank, read on to learn about some excellent choices!

1. Honda Rebel

The Honda Rebel CMX500 is first on our list of motorcycles similar to Harley Davidson. It is a great motorcycle for beginner and experienced riders alike.

It features modern styling, easy handling, and reliable performance, all at an affordable price.

The CMX500 is equipped with a compact 471 cc parallel-twin engine that provides sufficient power and torque for those who want to go on long rides or tear up the streets. 

The Rebel motorcycles similar to Harley Davidson, also have an upright seating position that gives it a classic cruiser look while still providing comfortable riding ability.

Its low seat height of 27.2 inches makes it extremely accessible for even the shortest riders. 

The Honda Rebel has also been designed to be easy to maintain; it doesn’t require special tools or expertise to keep it running optimally.

By utilizing Honda Genuine® Parts & Fluids, riders can extend the life of their bike by keeping all components properly functioning as intended with minimal effort.

Furthermore, Honda manufacturers have made every effort to streamline the service process, which helps eliminate costly delays and repairs due to unforeseen issues found during routine maintenance appointments. 

Ultimately, with its attractive design, comfortable ride dynamics, reliable performance, and cost-effective upkeep procedures, the Honda Rebel CMX500 delivers an overall superior value to similarly priced motorcycles.

The Kawasaki Vulcan is a unique and powerful motorcycle that has become a favorite among serious bikers.

It was first introduced in the 1980s and has since become an iconic symbol of power, style, and performance. 

With its aggressive look and large engine displacement, the Kawasaki Vulcan stands out among other motorcycles for its distinctive style.

The size and luxury are unmatched, even compared to some of the biggest. 

The Kawasaki Vulcan is a classic Japanese motorcycle originally manufactured in 1984. It has come to define the middleweight cruiser segment for over three decades.

The bikes have seen several iterations since their initial release, with materials, technology, and engineering improvements making them more powerful and efficient while remaining true to their classic design.

The most recent variant of the Vulcan series is the Kawasaki Vulcan S.

This bike combines modern engineering with vintage styling, boasting smooth performance and superior handling thanks to its liquid-cooled 649cc engine and adjustable ergonomics for added comfort.

Its low seat height makes riding it easier, even for shorter riders.

Additionally, with durable components such as tires from Dunlop and an adjustable rear suspension designed by Showa, this machine offers reliable stability even over bumpy terrain at relatively high speeds.

All these features combine to make this classic cruiser both stylish and reliable, perfect for weekend rides or long road trips alike!

2. Yamaha V-Star

The Yamaha V-Star is next on our list of motorcycles similar to Harley Davidson.

It is a classic cruiser-style motorcycle from a Japanese manufacturer. Its long and iconic history makes it one of Yamaha’s longest-running and most loved models.

Its unique design has made it an instantly recognizable icon, but its features are what make it stand out in the crowd. 

Whether you’re looking for performance or style, the V-Star has both in spades.

The V-Star’s frame is designed with an engine capacity of 942cc and is available in three different models: The Custom, Classic, and Touring.

It boasts an impressive 53 horsepower engine and delivers plenty of torque even at lower revs. 

Additionally, the air-cooled unit delivers decent fuel economy compared to other similar bikes on the market.

The motorcycles similar to Harley Davidson also sport plenty of advanced technology such as cruise control, traction control, side stand security system, adjustable suspension, and a digital speedometer, allowing owners to see their speed without taking their eyes off the road. 

Riders get all this combined with legendary Yamaha engineering for a perfect balance between power and reliability that can stand up against any other cruiser-style bike.

With loads of features, upgraded technology, and nostalgic looks from yesteryear, the Yamaha V-Star is an excellent choice for any motorcycle enthusiast seeking adventure on two wheels.

3. Suzuki Boulevard M109R

The Suzuki Boulevard M109R is a powerful cruiser-style motorcycle that packs plenty of punch.

It’s equipped with an 1883 cc four-stroke, eight-valve V-twin engine that provides strong low-end torque and smooth acceleration right up to its maximum speed of 136 mph. 

These motorcycles similar to Harley Davidson, were designed with highway riding in mind.

They feature a lowered seating position with adjustable foot pegs to maintain an ergonomic posture while zipping along the roads.

Meanwhile, its five-speed gearbox ensures you always have enough power for any situation.

The bike also includes a revolutionary electronic fuel injection system that maximizes fuel economy and minimizes emissions. 

Other features of the Suzuki Boulevard M109R include a modern digital instrument panel, stylish leather saddlebags for long weekend rides, and attractive chrome accents for added visual appeal.

The chassis is built from lightweight aluminum alloy and suspended via inverted front forks, link-type rear suspension, and linked brakes, ensuring a steady ride even over rough surfaces.

A broad handlebar allows for increased maneuverability and better control in tight turns, making the M109R suitable for recreational and hardcore touring enthusiasts.

4. Royal Enfield Meteor 350

The Royal Enfield Meteor 350  is a powerful and stylish midsize cruiser-style motorcycle from one of the world’s oldest motorcycle brands.

This modern classic-style bike has a 350cc fuel-injected single-cylinder engine that delivers 20.2 bhp power and 27 Nm peak torque. 

The Royal Enfield Meteor 350 motorcycles similar to Harley Davidson, also comes with an innovative triple spark-ignition system that reduces FCD (Fuel Consumption Deviation).

It also comprises features such as an 18L fuel tank capacity, 281mm front and 240mm rear disc brakes, tubular double cradle frame, aluminum swinging arm suspension, 12V full DC electric system, and halogen headlights.

All these features make it perfect for riding on city streets and long trips through the countryside. 

The Royal Enfield Meteor 350 motorcycles similar to Harley Davidson, have been specifically designed to offer a more relaxed riding experience by providing excellent handling balanced with great power delivery.

Its saddle height is 710 mm which offers riders a comfortable upright seating posture for long rides, while its ground clearance of 174 mm allows it to maneuver around bumps easily. 

For greater convenience and utility, these motorcycles similar to Harley Davidson, also consist of storage compartments under the seat where riders can store all their important stuff like phones or wallets during long rides.

Additionally, it comes equipped with an app called Tripper Navigation Map powered by Google Maps which will help riders find the shortest route to their destination during touring trips.

5. Triumph Bonneville Robber

The Triumph Bonneville Bobber is one of the most iconic motorcycles similar to Harley Davidson around and has rightfully earned its place in the history books.

This classic cruiser was first introduced in 1959, and since then, it has served as the perfect example of British engineering and design.

The Bobber is an old-school chopper with a powerful 1,200cc high-torque parallel-twin engine that delivers excellent acceleration. 

The motorcycles similar to Harley Davidson also feature high-spec suspension for improved handling and front and rear disc brakes for maximum stopping power.

On top of its classic design and iconic aesthetic appeal, the Triumph Bonneville Bobber also comes equipped with some modern technologies that ensure rider comfort and safety.

It is fitted with a switchable traction control system to help riders remain in control at all times and prevent wheel slip while cornering.

It also features adjustable ergonomics that allow you to tweak seating positions according to individual preferences. 

Moreover, it also boasts LED lighting for maximum visibility when riding, even in low-light conditions.

All these features make the Bonneville Bobber motorcycles similar to Harley Davidson, an ideal option for riders who prioritize style, performance, and convenience.

6. Honda Gold Wing

The Honda Gold Wings are iconic touring motorcycles similar to Harley Davidson produced by the Japanese manufacturer Honda since 1975.

The Gold Wing is renowned for its exceptional comfort, power, and luxury features, making it an ideal choice for long rides and road trips. 

With a powerful 1833cc horizontally opposed six-cylinder engine capable of producing up to 125 horsepower and 123 lb-ft of torque, the Gold Wing also has plenty of performance capabilities.

Additionally, its advanced suspension system features a modern double-wishbone front-end design that provides unparalleled stability while optimizing ride comfort at all speeds.

The Honda Gold Wing motorcycles similar to Harley Davidson, also have various technological features.

An electronically adjustable windscreen allows riders to customize their riding experience best to suit their traveling conditions at any given time.

A 7-inch TFT LCD display offers easy access to audio controls and vehicle information such as tire pressure, speedometer readout, and oil temperature. 

In addition, its optional airbag system provides added protection and peace of mind in the event of an accident.

With its stellar combination of power, performance, and luxury amenities, the Honda Gold Wing is a top pick among experienced motorcyclists looking for a reliable touring companion on longer trips or simply a comfortable way to get around town.

7. Yamaha Star Bolt

The Yamaha Star Bolt is a cruiser-style motorcycle manufactured by Yamaha Motor Company.

It is one of the best-selling cruiser motorcycles similar to Harley Davidson in its region, designed for riders who are looking for an easy ride and plenty of styles at an affordable price.

The Star Bolt’s looks have classic retro styling and offer comfortable riding experience that makes it popular with both beginning and experienced riders. 

The Star Bolts standard engine is a 942 cc air-cooled 4-stroke V twin SOHC (single overhead cam).

It provides plenty of power on the low end for cruising around town without worrying about shifting gears all the time while reaching higher speeds when desired.

The frame is made from steel tubing and provides a rigid platform to ensure accurate handling and excellent road-holding capabilities. 

These motorcycles similar to Harley Davidson bikes, also feature an adjustable suspension system that allows owners to tailor the ride to their liking and a powerful braking system that makes getting back under control very easy in emergencies.

Furthermore, it comes with several accessories such as aftermarket bars, windshields, luggage racks, seats, and sissy bars, giving riders extra options when customizing their Star Bolt for their own taste.

The design also makes it easy for new owners to get accustomed to the rider position immediately.

8. Honda Fury ABS

The Honda Fury ABS-equipped is a mid-size cruiser motorcycle offered by the world’s most renowned motorcycle manufacturer, Honda.

The Fury is stylish and dependable, offering the highest level of performance standards that can be expected from Honda. 

It features a 1,312 cc (80 cubic inches) V2 4-stroke powertrain, producing 61 horsepower and 78 pound-feet of torque.

The motorcycles similar to Harley Davidson also feature an Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) to help increase stability and reduce braking distances during panic stops. 

The Honda Fury ABS-equipped also has several unique styling elements, such as custom headlight detailing and chrome accents on the tank and wheels.

This enhances the bike’s menacing look on the road, allowing the rider to stand out from other motorcycles easily.

The seating position is relaxed yet comfortable to promote long rides without strain or fatigue.

At the same time, a wide range of accessories are available to customize the bike further to suit any rider’s tastes.

Whether commuting or touring around town, the Honda Fury ABS, one of the many types of motorcycles similar to Harley Davidson, will provide a powerhouse performance every time it hits the road.

9. Kawasaki 1700 Voyager

The Kawasaki 1700 Voyager is a powerful touring motorcycle that is designed for serious riders. This bike has plenty of power, with a 106 cubic inch engine that produces 101 horsepower.

The power is enough to cruise comfortably on highways or twisty backroads, and it can even handle aggressive riding in the city if needed. 

Similar to Harley Davidson’s impressive performance, these motorcycles are complemented with advanced features like Kawasaki’s computer-controlled fuel injection system and ABS brakes.

It also has plenty of luxury features, making it a great long-distance tourer. It has comfortable seating for both the rider and passenger, and wind protection is provided by its full fairing. 

Cruise control also makes things easier on long trips, while the audio system allows riders to enjoy music as they cruise down the road.

The 1700 Voyager motorcycles similar to Harley Davidson, also have ample storage space for carrying cargo, such as suitcases or camping gear, which makes it perfect for adventurous weekend getaways or extended road trips.

With its power, features, and comfort combination, the Kawasaki 1700 Voyager offers an exceptional ride experience for all types of riders.

10. BMW R 18

The BMW R 18 is the new flagship cruiser from the German luxury automaker.

The bike is powered by a massive boxer-style engine, with a displacement of 1800cc, which produces 91 hp and 116 ft-lbs. of torque.

These motorcycles similar to Harley Davidson, come equipped with all the modern amenities, including traction control, ABS brakes, keyless ignition, heated grips, and an adaptive suspension system. 

In addition to its impressive performance capabilities and high levels of comfort for riders and passengers alike, R 18 motorcycles similar to Harley Davidson also look great thanks to its classic styling and distinctive blue paint scheme.

The R 18 has been designed from the ground up to be perfect for long rides in any weather or terrain.

Its low seat height makes it easy to maneuver even for riders with shorter inseams, while its low center of gravity gives it excellent stability at low and high speeds.

The ride quality is also top-notch, thanks to its advanced adjustable suspension setup that absorbs bumps and provides plenty of grip on smooth surfaces and rougher roads.

Alongside these features are premium features such as LED headlamps, an integrated audio system with Bluetooth connectivity, and cruise control so you can easily relax while on your journey without worrying about speed limit reductions.

11. Indian Chief

Indian Chief is ending our list of motorcycles similar to Harley Davidson. It is a classic motorcycle model that the Indian Motorcycle Company first produced in 1922.

The Indian Chief motorcycles similar to Harley Davidson, was designed to be a luxurious and powerful motorcycle that offered riders the latest in technology and comfort. 

Over the years, the Indian Chief became one of the most popular motorcycle models in the world, thanks to its iconic design and performance.

Throughout its history, the Indian Chief has undergone numerous updates and changes to keep pace with the ever-evolving motorcycle industry.

From the classic model produced in the 1920s to the modern version produced today, the Indian Chief has always been at the forefront of motorcycle technology and design.

With its powerful engines, comfortable seating, and smooth handling, the Indian Chief remains one of the most sought-after motorcycles on the market.

Today, the Indian Chief is produced by the Indian Motorcycle Company, which Polaris Industries own.

The modern version of the Indian Chief is available in various styles and configurations, including touring, classic, and vintage.

With its iconic design and unbeatable performance, the Indian Chief is a true motorcycle legend. It continues to be a popular choice among riders worldwide.


There are dozens of motorcycles similar to Harley Davidson on the market that could easily pass for a Harley.

Harley Davidson has been around since 1903 and has built a reputation for quality, style, and customization that few other brands can rival.

Despite intense competition from other bike makers, the company has held its own. 

Whether a die-hard Hog fan or someone who wishes they had one of their own to ride, there is no shortage of two-wheeled options for choosing what’s right for you.

Our blog guides us to finding motorcycles similar to Harley Davidson for any budget or taste.

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