14 Motorcycles Similar to Ducati Monster

Motorcycles Similar To Ducati Monster
Ducati Monster 620 cafe racer” by FlyingSauceur is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Are you a fan of Italian motorcycles? Do you like the classic design and power of the Ducati Monster?

If so, you’re probably looking for motorcycles similar to Ducati Monster that offer the same look, feel, and performance without having to shell out tons of cash. 

The Ducati Monster has been on the market since 1993 and has become a favorite among motorcycle enthusiasts.

With a unique combination of style and power, it’s easy to see why this bike is so popular.

But if you’re in the market for cars similar to Ducati Monster but don’t want to break the bank, there are plenty of options.

In our article, we will look at motorcycles similar to Ducati Monster from different manufacturers that offer a similar experience as the bike at an affordable price.

Read on to learn more about these awesome rides!

1. The Kawasaki Z650

This is the starter of our list of motorcycles similar to Ducati monster and is a powerful medium-sized sportbike perfect for riders of all skill levels.

With its uniquely designed trellis frame, the Z650 offers a light and highly responsive ride, while its 649cc parallel-twin engine produces plenty of torque and power.

Its ergonomic design allows riders to have plenty of ankle clearance and a roomy seat for long rides, while its bungee-style tabs allow passengers to hop on or off easily. 

Its dynamic spark ignition system is specially designed to provide smooth acceleration over a wide RPM range, making it ideal for both city streets and tight twisties.

Kawasaki Z650 motorcycles similar to Ducati monster, have amazing braking capability thanks to its front twin-piston caliper and rear disc brakes.

The Kawasaki Z650 packs many modern features, including traction control, ABS, an adjustable windscreen for more comfortable rides in any weather conditions, two power modes (low & high), and an adjustable foot peg position for better riding posture.

Also, it has the popular mode KTRC rider setting that optimizes performance from low-speed operation up to higher speeds on winding roads.

It also offers an economy-mode engine setting to provide fuel-efficient city riding.

The Z650 is also available in five colors black/liquid silver metallic/graphite gray metallic or white/metallic flat spark black, or pearl night coach white/metallic carbon gray. You can customize your bike according to your own personal style.

2. Yamaha MT-07

The Yamaha MT-07 is a powerful and versatile motorcycle released by a reputable Japanese manufacturer in 2014.

It is a compact, lightweight bike that offers agility, responsive handling, and reliable performance.

The MT-07 has become popular due to its impressive power-to-weight ratio and relative affordability.

Moving on, it packs a 689cc liquid-cooled parallel twin engine with a linear torque curve, allowing it to deliver great amounts of low-end torque when accelerating or climbing hills.

The engine is coupled with an adjustable suspension setup with KYB damping units for greater stability at high speeds and improved steering precision in turns. 

The Yamaha MT-07 motorcycles similar to Ducati monster, also come standard with modern features such as LED headlights, an LCD digital display on the dash, and ride-by-wire technology for smoothing out throttle response.

Unified ABS brakes are also included for better control during braking maneuvers, adjustable windscreen settings, and optional rider modes (Sport/Touring/Urban) to suit different road conditions.

For those seeking further customization options for motorcycles similar to Ducati Monster, Yamaha also offers their range of Genuine Accessories.

This ranges from chrome crash bars to high-mount exhausts and luggage racks.

This makes the Yamaha MT-07 an excellent option for those looking for great value but premium performance on two wheels.

3. The KTM Duke 790

One of the motorcycles similar to Ducati Monster is the KTM Duke 790, a powerful and agile performance motorcycle from the Austrian KTM brand.

Designed to give riders a thrill, it features a 799 cc parallel-twin engine that delivers thrilling power with superior torque whenever you need it when out on the road or track.

With its lightweight frame and low center of gravity, this bike offers impressive handling and great control on any surface. 

Additional features such as adjustable seats and handlebars give riders more customizability for comfort, and its Brembo brakes ensure reliable stopping power at all times.

The KTM Duke 790 is ideal for those looking for a bike that can do more than take them from A to B.

For those looking to take their ride to the highest level, KTM offers several optional accessories and upgrades to enhance their experience aboard the Duke 790 further. 

Options include suspension upgrades with Öhlins shock absorbers or WP Xplor pro fork springs, allowing ultimate control over any terrain.

You can also equip your ride with a selection of beautifully crafted spoke wheels with tubeless tires giving you even greater agility in corners combined with improved traction.

From casual rides across town to full-on race day adrenaline rushes, the Duke 790 have you covered.

4. The Ducati Scrambler Hashtag 400

This is not left out of our list of motorcycles similar to Ducati monster, and it’s a perfect choice for riders who are looking for a fun, easy-to-handle bike with a classic scrambler style.

This nimble bike has an 89-horsepower engine, which gives it great power and torque for tackling any terrain.

The air-cooled, single-cylinder engine offers sufficient power for the casual rider to have plenty of fun on the back roads. 

The chassis itself is compact but sturdy; its tubular steel construction makes it ideal for tight maneuvers in town or short sprints down country roads.

In addition, this model comes with fork protectors and a USB port mount so you can listen to your favorite tunes while riding.

Regarding design, the Ducati Scrambler Hashtag 400 features a classic Italian style inspired by the iconic Ducati Scrambler each year since 1962. 

Classic spoked wheels, wide handlebars, and high fenders all give this model a timeless look that will turn heads wherever you go.

It also comes with traditional touches such as black exhaust pipes, machined headlight brackets, and handcrafted leather covers for the fuel tank and side stand to add more character and style to the bike.

If you’re searching for a beautiful machine that offers modern performance and classic style, look no further than the Ducati Scrambler Hashtag 400.

5. KTM Duke 390

Compared to other motorcycles similar to Ducati Monster, this is a powerful and stylish street bike with an advanced single-cylinder engine and aerodynamic styling.

It also features top-of-the-line suspension technology, making it suitable for urban and rural roads.

The Duke 390 features a compact 373cc engine with fuel injection, allowing for smooth acceleration and more efficient performance.

This lightweight bike has an excellent power-to-weight ratio, allowing it to easily zip through traffic in tight spaces.

Thanks to its WP Apex suspension system, the KTM Duke 390 is responsive and agile and provides superior cornering ability, making it perfect for twisty corners and tight turns.

It also has strong Brembo disc brakes giving riders greater control over their speed even when riding on wet surfaces. 

Furthermore, this street bike has a lightweight frame and WP upside-down front forks, providing users maximum stability while navigating unpredictable conditions.

In terms of style, the Duke 390 motorcycles similar to Ducati monster, have aggressive lines that give this street bike a modern and rugged look which appeals to young riders looking for something sporty yet edgy.

6. Honda’s CB300R

Honda‘s CB300R is ideal for riders just getting into motorcycling or those wanting a lightweight, reliable, and affordable entry-level motorcycle.

It’s light enough to be easily maneuvered yet fast enough to keep up with traffic and perform well on some of the more technical roads.

Its refined power delivery and low center of gravity make it forgiving in uncomfortable situations like gravel roads, potholes, or passing quickly on highway traffic. 

CB300R motorcycles similar to Ducati monster, feature an all-new steel frame that is lightweight yet stiff, so it’s easy to handle while also providing predictable handling and control.

The fuel injectors offer instant throttle response while still maintaining excellent fuel economy; this bike gets over 60 mpg in real-world conditions! 

With ABS brakes, modern street tires, and large-diameter USD forks featuring a spring preload adjuster, the CB300R is both cost-effective and ready to go out on the streets today -all at a price point that won’t empty your wallet.

The Honda CB300R, one of the motorcycles similar to Ducati monster, is built with performance in mind.

Its single-cylinder engine delivers 286cc of power and 20 nm of torque, making it ideal for commuting or weekend riding and tackling twisty back roads where you can enjoy the bike’s maneuverability and agility.

7. The Husqvarna Vitpilen 701

Next up on this list of motorcycles similar to Ducati Monster is this stylish and powerful motorcycle designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and performance-driven.

From its sleek body styling to its single-cylinder engine, the Vitpilen provides a unique riding experience suited to anyone from amateur riders to professionals.

The bike comes with a 41 hp engine that’s perfectly suited for any street situation, whether cruising down the highway or navigating city streets. 

The engine is connected to a lightweight, 6-speed gearbox that provides crisper shifts and more control when you’re accelerating through tight turns.

The Vitpilen has distinctive features that make it stand out from other motorcycles, such as its customizable cockpit area.

The rider can suitably modify the handlebars, grips, seat height, and footpegs depending on their driving style and preference. 

Additional detailing includes an optional LED headlight surround kit that harmoniously complements the bike’s sharp exterior.

An LCD display is also available, containing all necessary information needed during your ride, such as gear position, speedometer, etc.

The Swedish-made motorcycle comes in two colors: white with yellow accents and black with toxic green accents – both options are excellent for making a statement on the open road!

8. The Honda CB500F

The Honda CB500F is a versatile, reliable middleweight naked bike from the Japanese automotive giant.

Built for both on- and off-road use, it perfectly balances power, lightweight handling, and unmistakable style.

Equipped with a smooth 471cc liquid-cooled parallel twin engine, the CB500F produces 52 horsepower and 28-foot pounds of torque at the rear wheel, providing riders with plenty of usable power for commuting or tackling twisting backroads. 

The lightness of its chassis also makes it easy to maneuver through traffic and around tight corners.

The modern specs on the CB500F make it an attractive proposition for any rider looking for a combination of power & agility.

An electronic fuel injection system provides precise control over the air/fuel mixture under varying conditions, significantly improving mileage.

ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) helps maintain stability during braking on low traction surfaces; 6-position adjustable levers help riders find their optimal grip angle.

The digital dashboard gives riders feedback on speed, rpm, and more, while the LED headlights ensure visibility even when the sun goes down. 

It’s clear why this model appeals to both experienced riders and those starting out.

With its comfortable ergonomics & no-compromise performance, this package will surely deliver pleasure every time you take it out for a spin! There are more motorcycles similar to Ducati Monster you should know!

9. The BMW G 310 R

If you are looking for motorcycles similar to Ducati Monster, this is an entry-level street bike from the German manufacturer.

Featuring a single-cylinder 313cc engine, it has been designed to be lightweight and nimble, allowing even novice riders to gain confidence and control.

It offers excellent fuel efficiency thanks to its efficient engine design, which is great for city commuting or weekend cruises.

Its affordability makes it an attractive option for a first motorcycle.

The BMW G 310 R’s most distinctive feature is its compact size – it’s small enough to fit in any garage or storage space without taking up too much room.

The build quality and attention to detail are great for an entry-level machine, including some models’ options such as ABS brakes, a luggage rack, and adjustable footpegs. 

Additionally, BMW has put safety first with this model – all variants are equipped with dual sport-style tires that provide superior grip in wet weather conditions. Its well-sorted suspension also ensures great comfort during long rides.

Overall, the BMW G 310 R is a great choice for those looking for an affordable beginner bike that performs well on city streets and open roads.

10. The Bimota Tesi 3D RC

On our list of motorcycles similar to Ducati Monster, the Bimota Tesi 3D RC is a unique and eye-catching café racer from the Italian brand Bimota.

It has been conceived by combining the essence of two classic motorcycle designs, one from the past and one from the present.

First, it features a radically modern chassis design with an asymmetric front end, making it look like nothing else on the market. 

The machine also features an advanced suspension system that takes its cue from Ducati’s Desmosedici GP race bikes, allowing for quicker acceleration and cornering under more aggressive riding conditions.

In terms of powertrains, the Tesi 3D RC is equipped with either an air/oil-cooled four-stroke engine or an electronically fuel-injected version that produces up to 93 bhp of peak power at 8500 rpm and 77 Newton meters of torque at 6600 rpm – giving it enough grunt for all types of riding situations.

Furthermore, it comes paired with a six-speed manual transmission that offers smoother gear shifts even under full acceleration.

In addition, the bike gets upgraded brakes and rubber dampers to improve its overall stability during high-speed turning maneuvers or aggressive decelerations.

All these components are tightly packaged into an aggressively styled bodywork that simultaneously exudes performance and sophistication.

This makes the Bimota Tesi 3D RC one of, if not the most desirable, café racers on the market today.

11. The Triumph Street Triple R

The British brand created this powerful, agile, light motorcycle with an impressive engine and superb ride quality.

This bike has a 765cc triple engine that produces an impressive 111 bhp at 12,000 rpm and 73 Nm of torque at 9,550 rpm.

It features lightweight 17-inch alloy wheels fitted with Pirelli Diablo Rosso 2 street tires for improved handling performance. 

The Triumph Street Triple R features advanced suspension settings like a Showa Big Piston Fork in the front and Ohlins TTXGP suspension for added comfort during long rides at higher speeds.

Additionally, it is equipped with Brembo M4.32 brakes in the front and rear, along with an optional ABS system, providing increased road safety. 

Triumph motorcycles similar to Ducati monster also have modern electronic rider aids, such as switchable traction control systems that help riders twist the throttle more confidently, whether riding on wet or dry surfaces.

It has a low-speed setting to increase control further while stopped or in slow cornering maneuvers.

The Street Triple R also has three distinct rider modes, Rain, Road, and Sport, which can be switched instantly according to weather conditions or individual riding style preferences. 

Other features, such as adjustable instrument clusters and electronically adjustable levers, make this a perfect choice for street riders who don’t mind splurging a little extra for serious performance upgrades.

Overall, the Triumph Street Triple R makes up for its high price tag by offering excellent power delivery and superior built quality compared to its competitors.

Thus, making it one of the most attractive mid-range naked-sports motorcycles similar to Ducati Monster available today!

12. The Kawasaki Z900

The Kawasaki Z900 is a powerful and versatile roadster-style bike first unveiled in 2017 as an upgrade to the popular Z800.

This motorcycle has been designed to offer advanced riding technology that includes traction control, ABS, power modes, and a selectable engine braking system to make life on the streets easier and safer.

The motorcycles similar to Ducati monster, also have a lightweight frame, Adventure Sport-styled bodywork with LED headlights, and a 124 HP liquid-cooled 948cc inline four-cylinder engine for incredible performance. 

To top it off, this bike, on our list of motorcycles similar to Ducati Monster, has a sleek look that will make it stand out from the crowd.

For riders looking for something different in terms of comfort and convenience features, the Kawasaki Z900 offers plenty.

The seat is adjustable to find your perfect riding position while allowing extra space for taller riders. 

It also comes with superbike-inspired instruments, including an updated LCD dash display that gives you all the important information, such as speed, fuel level, range, etc.

Meanwhile, heated grips on the handlebars ensure comfortable rides even in cold weather conditions.

All these features, combined with the superior agility of this model, allow you to take advantage of those winding highways or twisty mountain roads before returning home again safely.

13. The Yamaha MT-09

Amazing motorcycles similar to Ducati Monster include the Yamaha MT-09, an incredibly popular mid-range motorcycle that has been around since 2013.

It’s powered by a liquid-cooled 847cc, 3-cylinder engine that produces a whopping 115 horsepower and 65lb-ft of torque.

This allows it to reach speeds up to 160 mph and accelerates from 0-60 in under three seconds. 

MT-09 motorcycles similar to Ducati monster, also feature a unique frame design with aluminum and steel construction for maximum rigidity, responsive handling, and superior balance.

The multi-plate wet clutch provides smooth shifts between gears, while the YCC-T throttle system enhances acceleration sensitivity.

Additionally, the Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle system (YCC-T) increases control over engine output so you can always get the most out of your ride. 

To further improve the rider experience on the MT-09, Yamaha has included many innovative features, such as adjustable footpegs and electronically adjustable suspension, so that you can customize the ride according to your preferences.

The motorcycle is also equipped with advanced traction control for maximum grip and stability when riding in wet and dry conditions. 

Safety features such as ABS brakes provide increased braking power when necessary and is also included so riders can have peace of mind when taking their motorbike out for a spin.

All these features combined make the Yamaha MT-09 one of the most sought-after motorcycles on the market today – perfect for professional riders and recreational weekend warriors alike!

14. The BMW F900 R

Finally, on our list of motorcycles similar to Ducati Monster is a highly versatile street bike that is designed to handle different terrain and driving styles.

It features an 895cc parallel-twin engine that delivers 74 hp and 67 lb-ft of torque, allowing riders to experience plenty of power while also having excellent fuel efficiency.

The bike also allows its riders to choose between low, normal, and high riding modes, which adjusts the amount of power output according to the rider’s needs. 

The bike has an inverted telescopic fork suspension on the front for improved absorption when tackling uneven terrain and a central spring strut adjustment in the rear for better stability at all speeds.

This bike is perfect for commuting, touring, or hitting the backroads because of its durability and versatility. 

The F900 R has a seating position that keeps riders comfortable even on long trips, and it also has great braking power thanks to its dual four-piston caliper disc brakes on the front wheel and a single two-piston caliper disc brake on the rear wheel.

All these features make this bike a great addition to any rider’s garage.


In conclusion, the Ducati Monster is an iconic motorcycle that has been beloved by riders worldwide since it was first released in 1993.

It offers a unique combination of performance, style, and comfort, earning it a place among the most popular motorcycles ever made.

Whether you’re a beginning rider looking for an exciting yet easy-to-ride motorcycle or an experienced rider searching for thrills and adventure, the Ducati Monster can provide both on top of its jaw-dropping good looks. 

Other motorcycles similar to Ducati Monster include other supersport models from Yamaha, Kawasaki, and others though their quality may vary widely when compared directly to the classic Italian performance machine.

No matter which motorcycles similar to Ducati monster you choose, one thing is certain: get out there and ride!

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