15 Best Motorcycles for Short Riders

Motorcycles for Short Riders

Shorter motorcyclists will appreciate a couple of the best motorcycles for short riders.


It sticks out amid the sea of available production models because of its low-slung seats, compact rider’s triangle, and, more often than not, low center of gravity. 

The ergonomics and seat height of a motorcycle are essential factors in assessing whether or not it is suitable for shorter riders.

The best motorcycles for short riders are listed below.

1. BMW F 900 R

For short riders, the BMW F 900 R is the perfect bike. Despite being a 900cc sport-naked motorcycle, BMW’s F 900 R. is ideal for shorter riders.  

This is primarily due to the roadster’s seat, which can be changed from 34″ to 30″ in its factory configuration. Despite its low MSRP, the F 900 R comes with a long list of high-end components and equipment, including adaptive LED headlamps and electronically adjustable Dynamic suspension.  

Furthermore, a top-of-the-line Bluetooth-connected 6.5″ TFT display, BMW’s Gear Shift Assist Pro feature, allows riders to shift gears without using the clutch. BMW offers several rider aids, including ABS Pro, Dynamic Traction Control, and Engine Braking Control.  

The Bavarian bare has a sleek, aggressive, attack-ready appearance, accentuated by sharp radiator shrouds and a retractable tail cowl. 

2. Ducati Scrambler

The Ducati Scrambler is a stylish bike that prioritizes comfort and convenience over performance. In the United States, it’s a popular option.

Furthermore, the seat height defaults at 31.1 inches. However, there is a low-height adapter that lowers it to 30.3 inches.  

Furthermore, People of all heights will like its narrow and comfortable seat, slim tank, and smooth suspension.

It’s also light, with a low center of gravity, which adds to the overall appeal. 

3. Indian Scout Bobber

Indian Scout Bobber is one of the best motorcycles for short riders. Short riders choose cruisers like the Indian Scout Bobber since their seat heights are often lower, to begin with.  

Additionally, With its simple proportions and lethal double exhaust, the Scout Bobber is an exciting type of representative.

Also, keep in mind for short riders. On the other hand, cruisers compensate for their low seat heights by catering to people with longer legs.

It’s always a good idea to sit on a bike before purchasing. 

4. CSC SG250

The San Gabriel (or “SG”) 250 from the California Scooter Company is an excellent entry-level alternative for riders searching for a contemporary cafe racer for less than $2,500.

On the other hand, the Chinese-designed standard is an excellent alternative for riders who weigh less than 275 pounds.  

There’s also a seat height of just 26 inches. The SG250 has a humped cafe seat, an inverted front end, adjustable rear shocks, LED lighting throughout, blacked-out reverse cone mufflers, and a humped front end. 

And there’s a knee-dented tank for some unexpectedly lively cornering. Despite its modest size, the SG250 is capable of a lot. 

5. Triumph Street Twin

The Triumph 900cc Street twin has a tiny parallel-twin engine, a slender tank, and a saddle only 29.5 inches off the ground.

Furthermore, This latest addition to the Triumph Bonneville lineup upholds the brand’s reputation as a joy to ride for both newbies and veterans.  

The Street Twin is a budget-friendly, powerful bike with a torque-rich engine, excellent brakes, solid suspension, and the classic Triumph gallop. 

6. Yamaha MT-07

Yamaha MT-07 is one of the best motorcycles for short riders. Short riders who want something fast but don’t like the small wheelbase and high seat of a real sportbike will love the MT-07.  

However, That’s the target market for the MT-07, and we’re happy to say that Yamaha nailed it.  

7. Kawasaki Vulcan S

The Kawasaki Vulcan S is the epitome of a motorcycle explicitly designed for shorter riders.

Furthermore, Team Green’s ERGO-FIT technology allows the rider’s triangle to be altered to any of the 18 available settings to accommodate a wide range of pilot sizes. 

8. Moto Guzzi V7

Moto Guzzi V7 is one of the best motorcycles for short riders. “It’s both eclectic and necessary.” That’s the official line from Mandello del Lario plant representatives, and I agree.  

However, The V7 is a bike that keeps its style while adhering to a more traditional design. Without a doubt, this is a motorcycle that attracts attention wherever it goes.

Furthermore, The bike’s seat is comfortable 30.3-inch height, making it easy to handle and accommodate short-legged riders.  

In addition, the handlebar, saddle, and footpeg positions have all been fine-tuned to offer a comfortable, upright riding position. 

9. Honda Rebel 500

The Rebel 500 is a versatile Japanese cruiser that can handle a wide range of riders, from novices learning the ropes to experienced riders looking for a fun around-town bike—and now, short riders may be added to the mix.  

Additionally, The Rebel is famous for a reason. Furthermore, it’s a well-made, enjoyable bike with a design that appeals to a wide range of people.

Oh, and did we mention it’s one of our most cost-effective bicycles? 

10. Zero XU

Zero XU is also one of the best motorcycles for short riders. Are you looking for short-rider electric motorcycles?

Let’s take it a step further with an e-bike since we’re not limiting ourselves to any one category.  

Unlike most motorcycles, the Zero XU stands out. It’s compact, light, and trim. Only 30 inches separate the seat from the ground.

However, It is silent, as is typical of e-bikes, and it only costs a few cents to ride. 

Additionally, Riding without a gear limit is a lot of fun. You’re ready to go once you’ve inserted the key and twisted it.

Furthermore, The acceleration is now more linear, but the top speed is 51 mph, adequate for most city travel.  

Not only does it have a detachable battery pack for quick recharging, but it also has public charging stations, depending on where you reside.

Surprisingly, riding this bike is comparable to riding a bicycle or BMX bike. It may be precisely what the more daring ones are looking for.  

There’s no reason not to give this bike a spin before investing in a more traditional model. One of them is ecological awareness. 

11. Sinnis T125

The Sinnis T125 is a small adventure bike that can handle a wide range of tasks.

It has nearly all of the features found on a full-size ADV mount but at a much more affordable price of around $4,000.   

Standard features include a grilled radiator, a complete set of crash bars, a skid plate, USB charging ports, and a set of aluminum panniers with a top case with a total storage capacity of 66.5 liters. 

12. Kawasaki Versys@-X300

Short riders may find it difficult to choose a good ADV bike because adventure motorcycles have higher seats than other motorcycles.  

Shorter adventure riders have been waiting for the Versys®-X. However, It combines a tough suspension designed for rough roads with a functional yet appealing design that features built-in luggage storage in the back.

Typically Now, all you have to do is pick an experience deserving of your time and effort. 

13. Honda Fury

Honda took extra effort to incorporate short-rider bicycles, and this is a bike for those who appreciate glitz, flare, and beauty.

It also looks fantastic, so you’ll be sure to turn your attention wherever you wear it.  

However, Don’t be put off by the design if you’re worried about driving convenience and comfort.

Furthermore, While it isn’t as comfy as some of the other bikes we’ve discussed, it isn’t bad. Even for a beginner, it is not difficult to ride.  

Additionally, it will become incredibly comfortable as you become accustomed to it, and with enough experience, you will notice the seamless cruising experience.  

Additionally, the seat is slightly below the 27-inch line, making it a pleasant experience even for shorter persons. 

14. BMW G650 GS

BMW G650 GS is one of the best motorcycles for short riders. Now, let’s take a detour. One of BMW‘s smaller motorcycles is the G650 GS.  

But don’t be fooled by its size; the BMW G650’s excellent engineering ensures a smooth ride whether you’re cruising down the road or tearing up the dirt off-road.

BMW has been attentive to shorter than average heights with a seat height of 30.3 inches and factory low suspension choices. 

15. Triumph Bonneville Bobber

The Triumph Bonneville Bobber comes in last on our list of best motorcycles for short riders.

Furthermore, the Triumph Bonneville is a legendary motorcycle that initially debuted in 1959 and is named after Utah’s land speed salt flats.  

The Hinckley firm, on the other hand, developed a Bobber version of the Bonnie in 2016.  

It drew inspiration from the custom motorcycle scene and provided clients with a bespoke-looking bobber backed by a manufacturer warranty and meets regulatory safety standards.  

Additionally, the Bonneville version’s floating adjustable bobbed saddle and faux hardtail frame produces a seat height as low as 27.17″, making it an objectively good alternative for shorter riders.  

Moreover, the Bonnie Bobber boasts modern features such as numerous riding modes, cruise control, Showa suspension, Brembo brakes, and all-LED lighting, despite its vintage appearance. 

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