Top 8 Motorcycle Brands That Start With Z

Motorcycle Brands That Start With Z

Whether you’ve been a lover of two-wheelers for a while or are just starting, you must surely be aware of the brand you can depend on to provide the greatest product consistently.


Even if you’ve been considering buying a motorbike for some time, you should still be aware that many different brands are available.

Not all of them provide the same degree of comfort, dependability, and general quality as others. Because there are so many motorcycle manufacturers worldwide, in this article, we’ll look at some of the motorcycle brands that start with Z.

1. Zanella

Zanella, an Argentine motorcycle manufacturer founded in 1948, is the first name on our list of motorcycle brands that start with Z.

Zanella began manufacturing motorcycles in the 1960s under license from the Italian Ceccato motorcycles. They produced 100 and 125 cc engines created by renowned Ducati engine designer Fabio Taglioni.

The business, which has two plants—one in Caseras and the other in San Luis—is based in Caseros, close to Buenos Aires.

Mopeds, motorcycles, bikes, quads, karts, and 4-stroke engines with displacements between 50 and 500 cc are just a few of the many goods made by Zanella.

Only the mopeds, nevertheless, are produced in Argentina at the Caseras and San Luis factories. 

Nearly all other goods are imported, typically in the form of knockdown kits. Politicians, dealers, and workers all came together at the facility on December 22, 2018, for a fantastic party commemorating the 70 years since its founding.

2. Zero Motorcycle

An American company makes electric bikes. Former NASA engineer Neal Saiki created it in Santa Cruz, California, under the previous name of Electricross, in 2006. The business is currently situated close by in Scotts Valley. 

It is also one motorcycle brand that started with Z. In 2010, the first model year with the Agni Motor. The Zero S started arriving in large quantities.

At the same time, the DS, a dual-sport variant built on the S chassis, also became available. From 2011 to 2013, the XU, a smaller street bike with a replaceable battery built on the same chassis as the Zero dirt bikes, was manufactured.

The Zero S & DS models were the first production electric bikes that could travel more than the EPA-estimated 100 miles on a single charge in 2012 when Zero debuted the ZF9 Power Pack.

The Zero S and DS had a major overhaul in 2013. A new brushless permanent magnet AC motor was added, and the battery’s capacity was raised to 11.4 kWh.

The dual-sport Zero FX variant with modular, interchangeable power packs debuted in 2013. On 2013 models, CHAdeMO fast charging was also an option.

For usage by law enforcement, the military, and other organizations, Zero Motorcycles also provides a series of electric motorcycles.

The company’s regular models serve as the foundation for the fleet of bikes. These are also supplied with police lights, sirens, crash bars, and storage accessories.

3. Zero Engineering Motorcycle

Based in Okazaki City, Aichi, Japan, Zero Engineering manufactures motorcycles. The “Zero Style” was developed by renowned bike builder Shinya Kimura and has gooseneck frames positioned low to highlight the engine.

This decision is subtly creative. It signified the transition from the more traditional aesthetic to the more contemporary.

To integrate naturally into the overall design, each component was manufactured individually using copper and brass. 

Although this option appeals to Japanese attitudes and lifestyles, the actual machine was still a Harley Davidson born in America.

Despite the prominence of the new-school style, “Zero Style” has developed a strong reputation in the United States over time. Zero motorcycles aren’t like high-tech choppers with flashing colors, wide tires, and billet components.

A championship in a calendar show in LA prizes at the easy rider show, and distinctions at the Grand National Roadster Show in California in 2004 are just a few of the achievements Zero has won.

For the Discovery Channel program “The Great Biker Build Off,” Zero Engineering designed a special Harley with a distinctively Japanese appearance.

Additionally, one of their motorcycles appeared in the films “Iron Man” and “Iron Man 2,” bringing attention to “Zero Style” outside of Japan. It also belongs to the group of motorcycle brands that start with Z.

4. ZEV motorcycle

Its headquarters are in Morgantown, West Virginia, and its test facilities are in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania. Z Electric Vehicle Corporation (ZEV) is an electric scooter manufacturer and distributor. It is entirely owned and run by Americans. 

With assembly facilities in the US, Australia, and Vietnam, it assembles its automobiles in China and the US. According to ZEV, their electric scooters are the strongest, quickest, and most versatile in the world.

19 electric scooter models available from these motorcycle brands start with Z. The scooters vary from the ZEV 3600, which has a peak speed of 60 kph (37 mph) and a range of 32 miles (51 km), to the 10 kW (13 hp) 10 LRC, which has a range of 140 miles (230 km) at 65 percent power and a top speed of 130 kph (81 mph). 

Another product category is full-fairing sports bikes from ZEV’s M-S range of electric motorbikes. ZEV scooters are powered by lithium and less expensive lead/sodium silicate batteries. It also includes a gearless electromagnet hub motor. 

ZEV’s large-diameter, multiphase motors run at high speeds without being affected by the power-robbing. Also, an oil bath cooling system has the motor-destructing effects of excessive heat.

With up to 30% greater battery capacity than rival bikes, ZEV asserts that its motors are among the most efficient worldwide and provide a longer range.

However, ZEV’s scooters were disqualified for not finishing the 2016 Vetter Challenge. This was an Ohio efficiency rally; they still took part.

5. ZNEN Motorcycle

It is a Chinese motorcycle company Chen Huaneng established in Taizhou, Zhejiang, in June 1988. ZNEN didn’t start producing its first petrol mopeds until 1996.

Zhongneng Industry Group creates three primary goods in the automotive sector after twenty years: motorcycles, electric mopeds, and gasoline mopeds. One of Zen’s top models is the C Artemis, a motorcycle brand that starts with Z.

A four-stroke twist-and-go scooter by Znen Motors, the Znen C Artemis is available in 50cc, 125cc, and 150cc variants (model numbers ZN50QT-E, ZN125T-E, and ZN150T-E, respectively) (model number ZN150T-E).

This scooter is manufactured in Zhejiang, China, by Znen Motors and exported to other nations. There, they are sold under different brand names. 

It is certified by the American EPA, DOT, and the European EEC. Its appearance is very reminiscent of the much earlier Honda Joker.

6. Zongshen

A Chinese manufacturer of motorbikes, quad bikes, generators, and engines has its headquarters in Chongqing, Zongshen. It is one of the reputable motorcycle brands that start with Z. 

It states that it produces more than 1,000,000 motorbikes annually. They are a privately owned company whose main engine technology is well-known.

Motorcycle engines, special vehicle engines, all-purpose engines, boat engines, and aircraft engines are among its offerings. 

Motorcycles, specialty cars, lawn and garden equipment, and big, medium, and small agricultural machines are examples of power end products.

Zongshen motorcycle engines, all-purpose bikes, and three-wheeled motorcycles are unquestionably the best in the Chinese market.

7. Zontes Motorcycles

Zontes bikes, a significant industrial company created in 2003, is on the list of motorcycle brands that start with Z. For instance, ZONTES possesses cutting-edge industrial machinery. They specialize in the construction of motor vehicles. Low-pressure alloy casting, die casting, a fully automated manufacturing line, and multi-axis welding are just a few of the in-house specializations. 

Every motorbike benefits from the vast expertise that ZONTES has produced. This led to the submission of multiple patent applications and innumerable “science and innovation” prizes.

The ZONTES models use a lot of electronics and technology to provide drivers with a highly futuristic driving experience. All of ZONTES’ expertise is actively put to use to deliver an unmatched driving experience. 

For instance, after just a few meters of driving, the brand’s skill at the chassis level is apparent. The suspension’s effectiveness and the chassis’s stiffness provide ideal safety and faultless storage. You will come to love ZONTES engines’ kind nature even more.

A strong emphasis is placed on learner legal models in the current Zontes model lineup. This is diversified in appearance and ranges from 125cc to 310cc.

Therefore, Zontes has the bike for you if you search for your first-gear bike. It can also be a daily commuter or a lightweight recreational cycle.

8. Zündapp Motorcycles

Zündapp is the final name on the list of motorcycle brands that start with Z. The Zünder- und Apparatebau G.m.b.H., stands for Igniter and Apparatus in German.

It was a significant German motorcycle company that Fritz Neumeyer formed in 1917 in Nuremberg. Fritz formed it along with Friedrich Krupp AG and the machine tool firm Thiel. 

After World War I, the market for weapons parts fell, and Neumeyer took over as the business’s sole owner in 1919. Two years later, he branched into the manufacture of motorcycles. Zündapp moved into the microcar, moped, and scooter sectors after World War II. 

However, the motorbike business failed in 1984. Model Z22, the initial Zündapp motorbike, debuted in 1921. The Motorrad für Jedermann was a straightforward, dependable design made in enormous quantities.

The K-series debuted for the first in Zündapp’s line of heavy bikes in 1933. The “K” stands for the enclosed driveshaft with two universal joint drivetrains that these vehicles employed, known as a kardanantrieb. Introducing the enclosed crankcase was Zündapp (then a novelty).

The series had models with displacements ranging from 200 to 800 cc. This model was a huge success and helped Zündapp grow its market share in Germany from 5% in 1931 to 18% in 1937.


We’ve now concluded the article’s discussion of motorcycle brands that start with Z., But even if some of these motorcycle brands that start with Z are no longer in operation or being produced, you may still buy one if you want to.

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