18 Most Popular Motorcycle Brands in the World

Most Popular Motorcycle Brands

A motorbike, also called a motorcycle, motorcycle, or bike is a single-track vehicle with two wheels held by handlebars.


And an engine operated by a rider, who sits on a seat mounted on the frame. Behind the rear wheel of the most popular motorcycle brands, this vehicle allows the driver to control their speed.

However, its throttle and braking system may be operated either by hand or foot. Many drivers can benefit from riding motorcycles – from young people looking to travel long distances to older people looking to travel short distances.

This article lists some of the most popular brands in the world today.

1. Hero

The Hero group is a leading two-wheeler manufacturer in India, founded by Charudutt Mishra and Brijmohan Lall Munjal in 1984.

Her group is one of the most popular motorcycle brands, launched with much success, called Hero Honda Super Splendor.

Nevertheless, The company is headquartered in New Delhi, and its two-wheelers are exported to many countries like India, the UK, Nepal, and China.

It has more than 4500 dealerships in India alone and is considered one of the largest bike manufacturers in Asia.

2. Bimota

To a lesser extent, Bimota is known as one of the most popular motorcycle brands for its high-end performance machines.

And for its ergonomically interesting bikes, Bimota bikes tend to be expensive and do not sell very well.

That hasn’t stopped Bimota from continuing to produce some of the most extreme motorbikes on Earth.

If you’re trying to go faster than everyone else on two wheels, you’re probably looking at a Bimota. 
Nonetheless, the company has been around since 1973 but only started selling motorcycles in 1978.

The company’s first model was called Bimota, designed by Luigi Colani, and it featured an air-cooled V-twin engine that produced 75 horsepower at 10,000 rpm (the top speed was about 150 mph). Since then, Bimota has continued to make motorcycles with mighty machines.

3. Victory Motorcycles

The most popular motorcycle brands are what Victory refers to as its Fat Boy. The Fat Boy is a comfortable ride with a seat that will allow you to enjoy long trips. Cruise control when you don’t want to be bothered by speed limits.

New riders will love how easy it is to navigate through traffic. If you’re looking for an upright seating position, you might prefer Victory’s Kingpin model.

Thanks to its regal styling and bright chrome details, you’ll feel like royalty as you’re riding through town on your Kingpin.

4. Suzuki

This is one of the most popular motorcycle brands, founded in 1909. Japan’s biggest auto manufacturer owns Suzuki. They make motorcycles, but they also produce cars and marine engines.

They currently have over 60 subsidiaries worldwide and are located in over 60 countries. Its goal is to have a presence in every primary market by 2015, with plans of being on four continents. 

The company aims to be innovative as it pursues sales of 2 million vehicles per year as of 2018 and up to 5 million units globally by 2030 by 2020.

They hope to achieve revenues of $20 billion through sales of both cars and motorcycles while investing $1 billion annually. It should be noted that Suzuki was ranked #13 on the Forbes list of the top 100 most innovative companies for 2014.

5. Harley Davidson

A survey conducted by Motorcycle Consumer News showed that people are most likely to ride a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

In reality, nearly 50 percent of those surveyed said they would choose a Harley-Davidson motorcycle as their next bike

However, It’s no surprise when you look at how many styles and types riders can choose from. Whether you’re looking for a custom bike or one you can take on long trips, Harley-Davidson offers the most popular motorcycle brand.

6. Ducati

The best-selling motorcycle brand on Earth it’s an Italian manufacturer called Ducati. Adriano and Marcello Ducati founded the company in Bologna, Italy, but they began manufacturing engines for other companies.

Then, they branched out into small engine production, producing everything from scooters to chainsaws.
Nevertheless, the company was bought by Cagiva in 1974 and had financial trouble throughout the 80s.

But it was purchased by Texas Pacific Group (TPG) again in 1995 after filing for bankruptcy protection. In 2003, it became part of a more prominent and most popular motorcycle holding company called Investindustrial; since then, it’s been doing well financially.

7. BMW motorcycles

BMW Motorrad is a German manufacturer of the most popular motorcycle brands, headquartered in Munich.

However, most BMW motorcycles are manufactured at contract manufacturers’ plants worldwide, and BMW’s motorcycle division operates eight production plants exclusively for motorcycle manufacturing.

BMW’s best-known motorcycle is probably its RT series of street bikes; they feature shaft-driven parallel-twin engines. 

Moreover, They are manufactured at BMW’s Berlin factory. Other notable products include sports tourers from the K series and GS family and touring.

Also, adventure bikes from F 800 and R 1200 models (known outside North America as big single or parallel twins).

The latest R 1200 GS Adventure model with Anti-lock Braking System. (ABS) Discovery Channel’s MotoGP coverage can be seen every time they go to South America.

8. Triumph

Founded by John Sylvester Taylor in 1884, Triumph has remained one of Britain’s most famous motorcycle brands for over a century.

The company remains family-owned and is headed by its fifth generation of Sydneys: 37-year-old Matthew W.  On the other hand, Healey is the grandson of company founder John Sylvester Taylor.

Triumph is best known for its distinctive Bonneville and Thruxton motorcycles, and it also produces several other lines, including Daytona 675R, Tiger 800, and Rocket III Touring Cruiser motorcycles.

9. KTM

KTM bikes are the most popular motorcycle brands with amateur and professional riders. Thanks to its ruggedness and innovation, KTM’s history can be traced back to 1885.

When it started making bicycles, In 1929, it branched out into motorcycles under motorcycle designer Fritz Trattnig. By 1950, KTM had become a motorcycle manufacturer that supplied sidecars for German Army vehicles during WWII.

Nowadays, KTM produces some of the most powerful off-road motorcycles on Earth. It has a 625 cc single-cylinder engine and an output of 78 hp at 8250 pm.

And the Duke series is perhaps KTM’s most famous range of motorcycles due to its affordability while still offering a high level of performance.

10. Honda

Suppose you’re looking for an exciting and one of the most popular motorcycle brands to ride. Then, a Honda might be perfect for you.

Hondas are known for their relaxed style and unique designs, but they also feature easy-to-ride functionality. 

Many people who want to ride a motorcycle opt for a Honda. Why? Because it’s so easy to maneuver and get used to riding again. The new models are terrific, with sleek bodywork that doesn’t look like anything else on the road today.

Some even have crazy features that make you stand out from your fellow riders. Make things more convenient when you head out on long trips with friends or family members on board!

11. Bajaj

If you’re looking for the most popular motorcycle brands basic bike that’s highly reliable, check out bajaj. Their bikes have been sold all over India for years.

And their prices are low enough to give Honda a run for its money. As you move up through their line of models, you get more bang for your buck if you can afford to splurge on yourself.

Moreover, it might be worth it to go with Honda or Harley. The Enfield Bullet is easily one of my favorite motorcycles. It’s got a cult following around the world, and this is due to its unique styling and simplicity.

With this in mind, It’s not exactly what most people would call fast, but it makes up for that in character. Bikes like these are often referred to as commuter bikes, meaning they don’t have much power.

But they’re designed to be very comfortable for long rides. They’re also usually built sturdily, so they last a long time—even if you put them through hell!

12. Benelli

Benelli is one of Italy’s leading, most famous motorcycle brands manufacturers, Founded in 1911. If you live near a country road and like to go fast and turn corners, look at a Benelli.

The Mana 1130R is an Italian-made performance at its finest. However, Its shiny chrome horn, five-speed gearbox, and high-performance brakes add style to an otherwise minimalistic design.

Notably, it’s pretty reasonably priced as motorcycles go, like Ducati bikes and Aprilia scooters. Benelli’s can reach up to 180mph and ease when driven on long stretches.

And also with few speed bumps or sharp turns that require slowing down. Since these bad boys do not come with seat belts, wear your helmet for maximum safety before taking off.

13. Norton

The Norton Classic is one of only five most famous motorcycle brands to have won international competitions.

Also, in all three classes, production, endurance, and Formula 1. Built by a subsidiary of British Leyland called Birmingham Small Arms Company (BSA).

And also under license by two other companies in Italy and Spain. Nevertheless, the three-cylinder single-overhead camshaft engine was used for several BSA motorcycle models (some with more than one cylinder).

Norton produced their last bike, for retail sale, in 1972 but then continued making race bikes into 1987. Currently, none of these bikes are available on US roads.

Besides, there is a strong following among enthusiasts who feel Norton is due for a resurgence as an American brand. This is because of its unique history and its excellent racing pedigree.

14. Moto Guzzi

In 1921, Moto Guzzi became a world-renowned Italian most popular motorcycle brand based in Mandello del Lario.

Although best known for its touring motorcycles, Moto Guzzi also produces scooters and racing bikes. As well as engines and spare parts, the company’s history stretches back to 1911.

However, two brothers began producing aircraft engines and, by 1918, started manufacturing motorcycles. When economic problems hit post-World War I Italy, a bank took control of Moto Guzzi until it was repurchased.

By Mandello del Lario residents Giuseppe Guzzi and Vincenzo Parodi, who continued production after officially forming Moto Guzzi in 1921.

15. Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield produces around 500,000 bikes per year, making it one of India’s most famous motorcycle brands.

It is best known for its classic 350cc Bullet model, and Royal Enfield has made a name among motorcyclists. Nevertheless, by offering affordable and reliable transportation. 

Notwithstanding, the company is headquartered in Chennai and was founded in 1901. As well as a British subsidiary of arms manufacturer Reginald Ethelbert Terrell’s Royal Small Arms Factory.

Following Indian independence, Royal Enfield set up production facilities at Dharuhera, Haryana, where it continues to build motorcycles today.

The most recent models include modified versions of existing classics and an entirely new line of modern-looking vehicles designed to compete with Honda.

16. MV Agusta

MV Agusta is a motorcycle manufacturer, and Powersports company founded by Massimo Tamburini and is now run by his son Giovanni.

Founded as Meccanica Vergheri Agusta (MV) in 1945 near Milan. The brand’s logo is based on a mounted samurai. 

Nonetheless, MV has supplied engines to many famous motorcycle brands, including Cagiva, Benelli, Bimota, and Aprilia.

In 1995, American businessman Bill Melvin bought an interest in MV Agustas’ parent company. And it also formed MV Augusta USA Corp, producing motorcycles bearing both names.

17. Aprilia

In 1950, Aprilia was the most popular motorcycle brand based in Noale, Italy. Since 2005, Aprilia has been owned by Piaggio & C. S.p.A., which also owns Vespa and Moto Guzzi. 

This is to say, Aprilia ranks among Italy’s oldest motorcycle manufacturers and has been recognized for its contributions to the motorcycling sport. And it also includes multiple wins at the world championship level (MotoGP).

18. Yamaha

Japan’s Yamaha began as a musical instrument maker. And it wasn’t until 1955 that they started manufacturing the most popular motorcycle brands.

Since then, they have become a massive name in off-road vehicles, and motorcycle production has shifted more towards cruiser bikes. 

Moreover, In 2007, Yamaha was named one of Forbes Magazine’s best family brands.

Today, they continue to be a leading manufacturer of quality and innovation. Popular models include R1; FZ8; V-Star 1300 Deluxe; VMAX Superbikes; YZF-R1M; MT-01.


While there are many most popular motorcycle brands out there, most will never make it big or capture a solid market share.

Sometimes, all it takes is a bit of innovation and creativity to stand out.

Here’s our top list of popular motorcycle brands in the world right now! We hope you find it helpful when you want to get a new motorcycle.

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