11 Most Expensive Car Brands to Repair

Most Expensive Car Brands to Repair
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Luxury cars from Germany, such as BMW, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz, are the most expensive car brands to repair.


Because luxury cars have more sophisticated engines, inner mechanics, and individual parts, the effort required to fix them will reflect this.  

On the other hand, Lexus, Toyota, and Scion are the least expensive automobile brands in maintenance and repairs. 

If you reside outside of a big city or want to do a lot of traveling in your life, the first thing you should get is a good car.

Because of the vast expanses of interstate that run between each city and town, those who reside in the United States can speak to the value of an automobile.  

To stay as mobile as possible, you’ll need a robust, efficient, and, most importantly, durable vehicle. However, no matter how “bulletproof” your car or truck is, it will eventually “break down.”

You’d be hard-pressed to get through your entire life without needing to take your vehicle to the mechanic. 

Many people are unaware that some models of vehicles and trucks may be pretty costly for repairs. Some cars are a pain in the neck – and wallet – to repair, whether due to hard-to-find parts, pricey materials, or excessive labor charges (typically related to repair complexity).

Join us as we list down the Top 10 Most Expensive Car Brands to Repair. 

1. Porsche

It’s no surprise that Porsche is one of the most expensive automobile brands to maintain. It is, nonetheless, one of the most dependable automotive brands available.  

The Porsche 911 is not just one of the most popular models, but it is also the most expensive sports car to maintain, costing $19,600 over ten years.  

The Porsche 718 Boxer is another delight from this manufacturer, in addition to the 911 model. It’s a little less pricey than 911, but it’s no less entertaining.  

During the first ten years of ownership, Porsche models cost an average of $22,075 in maintenance and repairs. This is $10,285 more than the luxury brand industry average. There’s also a 51.17 percent probability that a Porsche will need extensive care. 

2. BMW

BMW is a name familiar to everyone who has even “dabbled” in autos. It is also one of the most expensive car brands to repair. These vehicles provide a remarkable combination of elegance and performance, which comes at a reasonable price.  

Any new BMW model will set you back more than a Mercedes-Benz or an Audi. Furthermore, we don’t have to say much about repair charges.  

The $17,800 placeholder is telling. It costs about $50000 more than the next most expensive vehicle on the list. That’s a giant leap. 

3. Mercedes-Benz

Consider Cadillac’s more successful sibling, Mercedez-Benz. Although the cars have a similar design and aesthetic, Mercedez-Benz is the clear “winner” in quality and performance.  

Both brands will provide you with the luxury you desire, but those looking for speed, handling, and acceleration will want to go with the more expensive option.

Regrettably, increased costs imply higher repair costs. Just be prepared to part with 12,900 if you require the services of a mechanic. 

4. Cadillac

Cadillac is a well-known automaker that many people look to when they want a comfortable, high-quality automobile. The cost of new parts and repair times, on the other hand, have remained constant. Furthermore, Cadillac’s total costs are a decent combination of retail and maintenance prices.  

Although they have built more cost-effective automobiles, these vehicles are still more challenging to operate than others, which drives up maintenance costs. 

5. Volvo

The Volvo is one of the most expensive car brands to repair. Many vehicles on this list exist to warn car buyers to be wary of car brands that appear to be inexpensive but have high repair costs.  

On the other hand, Volvo is one of the few brands on this list that may have a reasonable repair cost. Granted, $12,500 is a lot of money, and you can expect to pay a lot for a brand-new Volvo at a dealership, but the company’s commitment to safety is a huge selling point.  

Furthermore, Volvo continuously develops and adopts new safety technology to ensure you’re as safe as possible when driving. 

6. Audi

Again, German firms do not disappoint us when it comes to the performance and cost of their automobiles.

Audi A4 Allroad Quattro is undoubtedly one of the most expensive automobiles to maintain in top condition. Because of its all-wheel drive, it has also received outstanding reliability ratings.  

Additionally, keeping this car in peak condition for a decade would cost roughly $12,400. Another luxury automobile is the Audi A4 Quattro. However, its elegance and capability are unquestionably excellent attributes, but for $12,900, they are not cheap. 

7. Saturn

Saturn is next on the list of most expensive car brands to repair. Pontiac and Mercury were “standard” vehicles in the contemporary era in terms of looks.  

On the other hand, Saturn made every effort to stay ahead of the curve, producing automobiles with clean lines and appealing designs. The Saturn Vue and Sky are two excellent examples.  

Furthermore, Sky aimed to mimic the attractive and fluid designs found in sports vehicles such as the Dodge Viper and Audi R8, while the Vue gave the classic SUV a smoother and more compact look.

Saturn met its demise during the transition to the contemporary era, with production ceasing about 2010. 

8. Mercury

Mercury, which Ford owns, is another domestic vehicle that, like Saturn vehicles, requires frequent maintenance. Furthermore, Mercury automobiles’ total parts and labor expenses are reasonable; the number of times your car will be in the shop will cost you.  

Because Mercury vehicles are no longer manufactured, the cost of repair parts will continue to rise over time. Its ten years of maintenance cost an average of $12,000. 

9. Pontiac

Many of you will be familiar with the Pontiac name because of their classic muscle automobile, the GTO. Additionally, the carmaker was once a “higher cost” division of General Motors, but it hasn’t built a vehicle since 2010.  

Because we’re dealing with a line of cars that have been out of production for almost a decade, the increased maintenance cost of $11,800 is most likely to blame. It is also one of the most expensive car brands to repair. 

10. Chrysler

Those familiar with automobiles may be shocked to find that some more upscale brands are less expensive to maintain than the “mainstays” we see on the road every day.

Chrysler is an excellent example of this, as the brand is regarded for durability rather than flashy luxury features.  

The brand’s $10,600 price tag is far higher than Lexus’ ($7,000), Volkswagen’s ($7,800), and even Land Rover’s ($8,800) prices. Those considering purchasing a Chrysler Sebring should think twice, as the average 10-year maintenance expenditures are $17,100.  

11. Dodge

The Dodge is last on our list of the most expensive car brands to repair. Dodge is one of the most well-known American automobile brands.

Furthermore, the firm is responsible for popular sports vehicles such as the Viper and Charger and the famous Ram Trucks.  

Unfortunately, these cars have a somewhat high maintenance cost. Over ten years, the average cost of owning a Dodge automobile is $10,600. This expense is increased much more if you buy a Dodge Ram 1500, which has an average annual maintenance cost of $12,000.  

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