List of Mercedes SUV Models

Mercedes SUV Models
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Mercedes-Benz has long had a reputation for its luxury sedans, led by the iconic S-Class flagship.

Today, Mercedes SUV models are among the coolest vehicles in the car industry, and the lineup features exclusive luxury and exciting off-road capabilities.

Car enthusiasts have found the brand’s SUV models to be dazzling. They extend from small size to large-sized offerings, covering any taste you might have.

Also, Mercedes incorporates modern technology and safety features in its vehicles, placing it among the safest car brands.

All Mercedes SUV models offer the sportier and relatively more expensive AMG performance versions.

In addition, the GLC and GLE have the fastback four-door-coupes to give customers more options. It is cool to see all these options available.

Then, there is the luxury Maybach version of the GLS to suit the taste of the ultra-wealthy.

Anyone taking a trip to a Mercedes showroom will always leave with an exclusive, exciting experience.

Let’s explore the impressive sides and the major drawbacks of these SUV models.

Compact Mercedes SUV Models


The subcompact GLA is the smallest SUV in Mercedes’ lineup, 173.6 inches in length. It has a relatively higher price for its base variant, the GLA250. Nonetheless, previous models did not have the SUV vibes, looking more like raised A-class.

Mercedes redesigned the starter SUV for the 2021 offerings, giving important multimedia and safety tech updates. The biggest advantage over the competition is the upscale interior and infotainment system.

This model shares little bits of mechanical and tech features with the current generation of the A-class and CLA-class sedans.

Gladly, we now have the latest-generation MBUX multimedia system. The base GLA250 offers 221 horsepower from its 2-liter four-cylinder engine.

It would be great if Mercedes upgraded the funky eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, though it still offers decent performance.

The main drawback of this transmission is the rough driving experience through low-speed traffic.


The GLB is longer than the GLA by almost ten inches but follows the GLA in size and price. You can get the five-seat configuration or the seven-seat configuration, but I wouldn’t bet on seating adults on the last row.

Also, the GLB has a more conservative design than the other five-sear SUVs. Asides from the extra two-seat third row, this Mercedes SUV model lacks a sporty driving feel.

The 2-liter twin-turbocharged four-cylinder gives the base version GLB250 221 horsepower. Those who need more power can step up to the AMG GLB35 for 302 horsepower.

There is a lot to like about this car, but it lacks the spice, and fun other pleasant compact SUV models have. The ride quality, engine, and driver assistance technology are some of its strongest suits. However, even augmented video navigation cannot save it from criticism.

The cabin quality and cargo space might be good, but the cranky low-speed transmission behavior might ruin the experience.

Many have condemned its lukewarm handling and wide turning circle. Let’s hope Mercedes makes these needed upgrades in the next version.


The GLC balances all the positive sides of other Mercedes SUV models. It has a compact feel but adds a posh interior to exude the luxury feel.

Gladly, Mercedes redesigned it for 2020, giving it new styling, interior, powertrain, and the latest MBUX multimedia system.

The GLC seamlessly blends refinement, technology, safety, and comfort without the discontinued GLC350e plug-in hybrid version.

It generates 255 HP from the 2-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine for the base model. The hotter AMG GLC43 is available with a 385 HP turbocharged V6.

Notwithstanding, those who need more power can opt for the 469 HP or 503 HP of the AMG GLC63. Combining these power levels with a posh interior and a slick multimedia system is mind-blowing.

However good this car seems, the lag on initial acceleration and cramped back seat might ruin the fun experience.

GLC Coupe

The Mercedes GLC Coupe tries to combine the practicality and raised driving position of the regular GLC with the styling of a sloping roof. It is always fun to drive coupes but can this model deliver on its promises?

Slopping roof lines have always given a sportier feel to any vehicle. This design makes you think the BMW X4 or the Porsche Macan will be fun to drive.

The GLC Coupe has more aggressive bumpers than other Mercedes SUV models previously mentioned.

Notwithstanding, the wrap-around headlights and huge allow wheels look similar to those on the regular GLC. The Coupe maintains the posh interior as its more practical sibling.

There are tons of brushed metal trims, soft-touch plastic, and relaxing soft and supple leatherette.

The infotainment system in the Coupe is different despite having a similar interior to the regular version. A free-standing display and conventional dials replace the dual-screen setup. Practicality is the main reason people choose the regular GLC over the Coupe.

However, if you are the fashionable type, the stylized exterior of the GLC Coupe will suit your taste. A little more, and this car would’ve been among the best four-door sports cars even with its SUV structure.

Mid-size Mercedes SUV Models


The GLE mid-size SUV occupies the sweet spot among Mercedes SUV models. It takes most of its design features from the E-class sedan, and no wonder it became the automaker’s bestselling vehicle in the United States in 2021.

What exactly made it outshine the less expensive GLC? The GLE has many configurations and personalities, resulting in a full lineup. There are two and three-row models with different trim levels and features.

The GLE350, 450, and 580 offer 255-hp, 362-hp, and 483-hp respectively. The base model has a four-cylinder engine, while the high-end variant has a V-8 engine. You can’t deny the roaring and lovely sound of a V-8 engine.

If you are unsatisfied, you can go for the AMG GLE53 with 429 horsepower or the AMG GLE63 Shot rod with a roaring 603 horsepower from a twin-turbo V-8 engine. Nonetheless, all these variants have the luxury as their common feature. Interior materials are posh, with enough room.

The cargo space is decent enough, and the MBUX system will wow you with many innovative features. Imagine the feeling you get touching that impressive twin 12.3-inch displays that provide augmented reality navigation.

The GLE offers a smooth ride and roomy back seats, unlike its smaller siblings. Drivers can take advantage of the head-up display to ease their driving experience. However, the brake pedal doesn’t feel great, and the third row is only suitable for kids.

Hopefully, Mercedes will fix these small issues in subsequent versions of our much-loved GLE SUV.

GLE Coupe

The GLE Coupe is 60mm shorter in wheelbase than the standard version but 20mm longer than the old version. Somehow, Mercedes have given the current model more space on the interior. But, can this be enough to attract more buyers?

The new Coupe promises more appealing sportiness and elegance than its regular sibling. The sloping roof has always eluded the feeling of sporty driving. Still, it does little to prevent this car from being large.

Driving this car is thrilling as the steering is light at low speeds and the host of sensors step in to boost the experience. The standard air suspension does a good job of keeping those bumpy grounds bare.

Head inside the Coupe to find two huge screens similar to the ones on the regular variant. Once again, the Mercedes infotainment system steals the show with its stunning and easy-to-navigate interface. You can easily add destinations and waypoints to the sat-nav.

Notwithstanding, you will be better off with the navigation apps on your mobile through Coupe’s Apple CarPlay and Android Auto features. Behind the front row are three seats, with enough headroom and legroom for adults.

The base GLE Coupe model comes with turbocharged six-cylinders while reserving the V8 engine for the AMG’s GLE63S. It is fun to drive this car, but the coupe design deals a blow on practicality.

Full-Size Mercedes SUV Models


The top-of-the-line GLS outshines the GLE model in so many ways. It is the flagship of Mercedes SUVs in the same way the S-class leads the sedans. Also, this vehicle is the longest, with 204.9 to 206.4 inches in length.

The newly redesigned GLS has a smooth and bristling look with the latest powertrain and chassis technology. The twin 12.3-inch dash displays and the MBUX infotainment system rule the interior, giving this vehicle so much technology that might confuse newbies.

You will get top-notch practicality with the GLS that outclasses other SUVs and sedans. Most models have three rows to seat up to seven passengers except the Maybach version.

The first two rows carry first-class seats with luxury touches like reclines, footrests, and massage. Furthermore, there is a built-in fridge and champagne flutes for the back-seat passengers.

All GLS variants roll out with sophisticated driving tech, such as an electronically adjustable suspension. Another option is a system that eases cornering by tilting the car’s body like a motorcycle.

Finally, we have some hybrid power in the base GLS450. This variant runs with a mild-hybrid turbocharged six-cylinder engine that produces 362 horsepower. More power comes to the GLS580 with a 483-hp V-8 engine.

Notwithstanding, you can go up to the AMG GLS63 with a 603-hp V-8 engine. The luxurious interior and E-active body control system make driving with so much power easy. It is a smooth ride from the moment you turn on the ignition.

The entire experience would be exciting if you didn’t mistakenly activate the “Hey Mercedes” feature. Also, the touch-sensitive steering wheel controls could use a tone down.

Mercedes – Maybach GLS

The Maybach GLS600 is at the submit of luxury SUVs, and it completely outclassed rivals with an upgraded interior and retuned powertrain. Everything about it screams premium, basking in the euphoria of the luxury trimmings.

Mercedes offers the same comfort to the rear passengers as the front passengers, and it made it this way because they wouldn’t expect anyone to pay such a hefty price and still drive themselves. For years, this formula worked so well with the S-class, and we see its effectiveness here.

The GLS600 eliminated the third row to give more room to the second-row passengers. As a result, buyers can pick up the car in four or five-seat configurations. Full executive seats with adjustable and massaging functions are present in the four-seat setting.

Rear passengers can control the car’s infotainment system from an MBUX tablet or entertain themselves with the 11.6-inch multimedia screens. The GLS600 may not have the practicality of its 3-row siblings, but it is unlikely for this to bother the owners. Overall, it is luxury at its finest.


Contrary to what people may think, the G-Wagen has been in existence since the 1970s. The latest generation stays true to its off-road capabilities, bearing the same rugged, boxy look. Nonetheless, the latest version is slightly longer and wider with 21st-century technology.

Mercedes has stretched, softened, and ramped up the new G-class to compete with the very capable Jeep Wrangler and Land Rover Range Rover. The brick shape is both a hit and miss, contributing to the iconic look and poor fuel economy.

Inside, you will receive a warm welcome from the previous multimedia tech, which is still good. The rest of the interior speaks of luxury and class but retains the basics to accommodate off-roading, and Mercedes offers different interior configurations.

The spare tire sits on the back, blocking visibility through the rear mirror. Notwithstanding, it distinguishes it from other Mercedes SUV models. A capable 4-liter V-8 engine generating 416 horsepower powers the base G550.

Those who need more power can opt for the AMG G63 with 577 horsepower. The G-class remains an iconic SUV with a slick interior and off-road driving technology. However, the poor fuel economy and multimedia system need improvements.

G-550 4×4 Squared

This model towers over the regular G-class, and the additional height comes in at almost a foot taller than the G550. You can’t help but appreciate the portal axles and the 36.1 inches 325/55R-22 Pirelli Scorpion ATR off-road tires. In many ways, they define this extreme G-class model.

The G550 4×4 squared has 17.2 inches of ground clearance, suitable for extreme driving conditions. Mercedes cleverly used in-hub gears to locate the wheel centers below the axles’ driveshafts. The steep approach and breakover angles pushed this car to the limits.

Drive tests have revealed that there wasn’t an obstacle the car did not overcome. Notwithstanding, opening the cabin welcomes you with a luxurious interior with the latest infotainment technologies, and the only difference here is the height to get aboard.

It’s not easy to get into this beast, but the experience is worth it. The vehicle strikingly combines luxury and extreme off-roading. Once again, Mercedes delivers on a no-compromise vehicle. On the other hand, an extra room in the back-seat area will go a long way.

G 63

The G63 is slightly more powerful than the regular G-Class, and its 577 horsepower comes from a twin-turbocharged V-8 engine, which gives it incredible performance on the road. Nonetheless, the car still maintains a posh interior like the sibling.

This Mercedes SUV model carries modern amenities like the innovative multimedia system. Also, it has capable off-roading systems, though not as extreme as the 4×4 squared. Reviewing the car from the outside to the inside shows Benz built it to impress.

Stepping into the cabin gives a familiar feel like the older G-class. However, it is modernized and complete with the trappings of new technology.

A 12-inch screen carries the digital instrument panel. Other features include high-quality materials, a surround-view camera system, and cup holders.

The car has plenty of head and legroom for taller drivers/passengers in the front and the rear. It would be best to stay in shape to open the side-hinged gate at the rear because it doesn’t come with a power liftgate. Also, the full-size spare tire adds to the weight of the rear door.

The car has 38 cubic feet of cargo space with the rear seats up and 69 cubic feet with the rear seats folded. Hence, the car still offers some practicality.


Mercedes is one carmaker that stands out with its innovative features and modern technology. It pulls out all the stops to offer premium luxury, comfort, and an unbeatable driving experience.

As a result, many buyers don’t mind digging deep into their pockets to own their vehicles.

We see excellent craftsmanship from the sedans to the SUV models. The GLS600 sits at the pinnacle of engineering, design, and driving technology. Driving any of the Mercedes SUVs is an unforgettable experience.

Mercedes offers SUV models to cover all price segments, from the low-priced GLA to the premium Maybach GLS600.

In other words, you can find the right vehicle for you at your preferred price range. Notwithstanding, I expect many enthusiasts to pick the AMG versions over the regular.

The G-class stands at the edge of Mercedes SUV models. Together with its siblings, it offers off-road capabilities that will thrill adventurers.

For more ground clearance and a better approach, you can go for the G550 4×4 Squared. Nonetheless, this car brand is showing no signs of slowing down.

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