What Is Machine Learning (ML)?

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Machine learning (ML) helps computer systems understand data and behaviour better over time, in turn progressively improving their performance on a specific task.


To function effectively though, big data and machine learning need to go hand in hand.

In other sense without data mining and data acquisition, artificial intelligence and machine learning will be deemed useless and inaccurate.

Machine learning can help businesses make sense of data and know how to use it in the best way possible. You don’t have to tell your computer to do every task.

Instead, it knows what you expect it to do from your past behaviour.

Even on the personal front, it could mean your smartphone telling you it is time to brush, or your health app telling you it’s time to visit the doctor.

How Can Machine Learning (ML) help in Areas like Healthcare?

Some of the examples of non-healthcare data mining activity are through the implementation of electric bikes and scooter in the major cities for mapping streets and your activities.

This type of activities can be found in every aspect of our lives from internet search to shopping online or simply social networking.

You may or may not have agreed for sharing some of these collected data by overlooking the fine prints or none. Healthcare is not immune to Data mining and very much is practiced as we speak.

Patient information and Dara created by healthcare providers and physicians are extremely valuable commodities and it will only get more expensive.

It is your property and is being traded between large monopolized entities today for billions of dollars.

At the same time, it is unsafe due to this trade practice and its centralized nature that makes pirates of information incentivized to hack.

Access to your health information is access to your private data and can be used against or for your interests.

For example, if you decide to purchase a cigar online it may well end up in the insurance company data base which may affect your premiums.

As the larger corporations are gaining full control of healthcare system by disarming the independent physicians and providers along with full access to your valuable information at no additional cost or informed consent and even without proper government oversight and control, the monopoly of healthcare business is more and more inevitable thus opening the door to a new era of private corrupt totalitarian system that is not only will destroy the quality and value of Hippocratic personalized medicine but also will take the cookie cutter robotic medicine to the next level.

If not claimed, big data will empower wrong entities that in turn will gain more money to buy more lobbying power and hence suppressing individuals whether patient, physician or provider ultimately utilize data for machine learning with miss guided algorithms.

This viscous circle of broken healthcare can be stopped from spiralling out of control. And that is through personalization of medical service delivery while preserving personal touch and eliminating corporate takeover of the medical practice.

Machine Learning will Make Things Easier

It’s not just about healthcare, machine learning will help businesses do more at everything, including bringing in more productivity.

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