Top 10 Longest Trams in the World

Longest Trams in the World

Exploring the longest trams in the world is a difficult task because some trams are still operational while others have diminished over time.

The tramway network introduced in the 19th century and early 20th centuries was significantly different from the existing network.

The main advancement in trams was the transition from horsecar to electric trams. Currently, operational trams are marvels of the electric system placed in them.

Most countries now consider it to be an integral part of the country’s mechanism. Specifically providing a backbone to modes of transportation.

1. Trams in Melbourne

The Trams in Melbourne, Australia, is known as the world’s longest operational urban tram network. The fun fact about Melbourne is that Trams are the second most popular mode of public transportation.

The network spans 250 kilometers (Double track).  In 2017-2018, it covered about 206 million passenger journeys.

As of May 2017, the tramway network consisted of 493 trams, 17663 tram stops, and 24 routes. The terminus routes run from East Coburg to Port Melbourne, passing throughout the stop along the way.

The trams in Melbourne are still running since 1885. Since then, these have become an iconic element of Melbourne’s identity, appearing in tourism and travel advertising.

2. Moscow Tramway Network

Russia’s Moscow tramway network is the world’s second-longest tramway network. Its network length is estimated to be 208 kilometers. It accommodates over 207 million journeys every year.

It has been in operation and running since 6 April 1899, with 40 lines. Since its creation, it has been owned by the Moscow government and operated by Moskovsky Metropolitan.

The unique thing about this tramway network is that it is separated into two sub-networks covering all the areas from Novokonnaya ploschad’ (Square) – Chistyye Prudy subway station to Proezd Entuziastov (Enthusiasts’ drive) – Novovorotnikovskiy pereulok.

3. Trams in Saint Petersberg

The Trams in Saint Petersberg are the main means of public transportation in Russia. It once had a record for having the second-longest trams in the world, but due to the removal of tracks, it lost it.

But now, it is considered the 3rd longest tram with a network length of 231 kilometers and 40 routes.

They are still operational since the electric trams era in Russia began in 1907. Gorelektrotrans operates it.

In 2017-2018, it covered about 206 million passenger journeys. As of May 2017, the tramway network consisted of 493 trams, 17663 tram stops, and 24 routes.

The terminus routes run from East Coburg to Port Melbourne, passing throughout the stop along the way. It covers the routes from Poselok Strel’na to Zavod “Severnaya Verf.”

4. Trams in Cologne

The Trams in Cologne, Germany, are known as the 4th longest trams in the world. The estimated network length of 198.5 kilometers, with 12 lines and 233 stations.

It covers almost 760,821 daily ridership and has a record of approx. 214 million journeys in 2018. The tram in Cologne began operation in 1877 and is still operational.

They are operated by Kölner Verkehrs-Betriebe (KVB) till date. It follows different ruotes from Weiden West – Bensberg to Thielenbruch – Bonn Hbf covering all the stops.

5. Berlin Tramway

The Berlin tramway network is the oldest tram system, dating back to 1865. The network length of 193 kilometers covered 197 million journeys in 2013.

The electric tram era in Berlin began in 1895 and is still operational. Since 1929, operated by Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG). It consists of almost 800 stops and has around 22 lines I-e, 9 MetroTram lines, and 13 regular tram lines.

The routes covered from Mitte, Am Kupfergraben to Niederschönhausen, Rosenthal Nord and S-Bhf. Köpenick to Schmöckwitz.

6. Milan Tramway Network

The Milan tramway network is used as a public transportation system. The network length of 181.8 kilometers.

The electric tram era in Milan began in 1893 – present and is still operational. Since 1917, operated by Azienda Trasporti Milanesi (ATM). It consists of 553 stops almost and consists of 17 routes.

The first line run from Greco (Via Martiri Oscuri) to Roserio and last one covering P.le Lagosta to Viale Rimembranze di Lambrate.

7. Trams in Vienna

The Trams in Vienna are the 7th longest tram system in the world. The network length of 176.9 kilometers covered 293.6 million ridership journeys in 2013.

The electric tram era in Vienna began in 1897 and is still operational. People use it widely as a vital means of transportation in Austria as well. It is operated by Wiener Linien. It covers 30 routes around Vienna and has 1071 stops.

It has an area covered by different lines in working that include Absberggasse to Beethovengang and Schottenring to Karlsplatz. 

8. Tram Network of Budapest

The Tram Network of Budapest, Hungary, has contributed as a backbone of transportation. It is one of the world’s longest trams, with a route length of 174 kilometers and a yearly ridership journey of 393.4 million recorded in 2011.

As of 2021, it has 38 routes and has been operational since the development of electric trams in 1887. It is operated by Budapesti Közlekedési Zrt.

This tram network covers the 630 stops by going through the different line/routes from Bécsi út / Vörösvári út to Kelenföld vasútállomás and last line from Mexikói út to Újpalota, Erdőkerülő utca.

9. Leipzig Tramway Network

The Leipzig, Germany Tramway Network is the essential element of Germany’s public transportation. It is one of the longest trams in the world, with a route length of 148.3 kilometers and a yearly ridership of 134 million, with 15 lines and 165 stops in all.

It was operational and turned into electrical trams in 1896. Since 1938, it is operated by Leipziger Verkehrsbetriebe (LVB), and is integrated in the Mitteldeutscher Verkehrsverbund (MDV). The route is from Knautkleeberg to Mockau Post.

10. Trams in Brussels

The Tram in Brussels, Belgium, is the 10th longest tram system in the world on our list. At the same time, it is known as the 16th longest tram system in the world due to its route length.

It has an estimated network length of 141.1 kilometers. It covered almost 149.1 million journeys in 2017.

The electric tram era in Brussels began in 1894 and continues to this day. The trams are still running. Since 1954, the Brussels-Capital Region has been owned and operated by STIB/MIVB.

The Brussels tram consisted of 18 tram routes, whereas some of the lines qualify as per-metro. Initially, in 1869 the very first horse-drawn trams were installed in Brussels, Belgium, and drove from the Porte de Namur to the Bois de la Cambre.

In total, there are 14 stub termini and 10 loop termini in the Brussel’s tram system and 4 routes that end on central tracks between running lines.

Bottom Line

The tramway networks in the world have now become an essential part of their daily lives. It has created a great value for the means of transportation as well.

It is to conclude that the above list is presented by following the facts and statistics. These were the top 10 on the list of longest trams in the world.

These tram lengths keep on changing with the introduction of new routes and the removal of a few. In addition, countries are trying to build new tram systems to manage traffic issues in their respective countries.

So, keep on visiting to grab the latest news as we keep on updating the content as soon as some change occurs. 

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