Key Characteristics to Look for When Choosing WordPress Hosting Provider

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WordPress is among the most popular systems for building websites. If you don’t already know, many of the websites you visit on the Web are built with this content management system (CMS).


This is why many website owners look for a decent web hosting provider that offers WordPress-optimized hosting for their WordPress-powered website.

But how can you choose the best option for you when there are so many choices?

We will address this question in our article and provide you with some advice for finding a good WordPress hosting for your site.

What Characteristics Should WordPress Hosting Have?

If you search the Internet for WordPress hosting, you will soon find dozens of results.

However, there are several aspects you should consider when hiring a reputable WordPress hosting company, and the reality is that the cheapest ones can cause you a lot of difficulties in the future.

As a result, you should think about investing in professional web hosting, as it will provide you with peace of mind and faster website performance.

Let’s start with the most significant considerations when selecting a hosting provider as well as a plan for your website:


One of the first considerations in web hosting is the type of server it provides for your website.

Avoid any hosting that doesn’t accurately describe the resources that will be featured on your website, and choose one which emphasizes RAM over CPU cores.

A larger amount of RAM helps you to experience greater performance in resource-intensive operations as well as when you receive a large number of visits. In other terms, the more RAM you have, the more stable your website will be.


In addition to RAM, a server should employ SSD, which is significantly faster and perform better in comparison to HDD.

As you may expect, this results in improved website performance, enabling WordPress to operate better and reply more quickly.

Keep in mind that the speed of websites is now more important in the latest Google algorithm.

The Basic Web Vitals are becoming increasingly crucial, and having a speedy website is essential for high positioning and avoiding algorithm penalties due to poor user experience. 


When problems arise, you will realize how critical it is to have a hosting company that provides quality backups that are separate from your installation. 

Many web servers allow you only to back up from the control panel, which is fine but not fully secure.

Unless you want to spend hours building a reliable external backup system, it is better if the hosting company provides daily backups that may be readily restored through your user panel.

Having backups is necessary not only in case of trouble but also in case of website crashes. If backups are performed at a higher level than your host control panel, it will be quite simple to restore all data without deleting anything in the event of any kind of problem.

Control Panel

A quality panel with which you control all components of your website, such as backup copies, certificates, mail, and so on, is required in addition to a powerful server.

Nothing beats cPanel and Plesk in this regard, which is somewhat more intuitive. There are other solutions that might be speedier than these, but they aren’t as comprehensive or simple to use.

Unless you have a really technical profile, avoid using anything else besides the two we mentioned. 

Great Support

Finally, and most importantly, when you hire WordPress hosting provider, make sure they have competent technical support to assist you in resolving issues.

You will need to check how customer support can be reached, whether it is only via email, tickets, or also via calls and chat support.

These small details are really important if you want your website to run as smoothly as possible. 

Please note if you don’t have proper customer support, you will have to manage everything yourself without any help. This can be very stressful, especially if you are working on your first website.


Each provider is different and unique in its own way, and choosing one depends totally on you.

No matter what type of hosting you end up choosing, we have laid out the main features and characteristics you will need to look at.

Take your time, do your research, and we are sure that you will be happy with the choice you make.

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