All You Need to Know About Jordan Belfort Yacht

Jordan Belfort Yacht
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For those that don’t know, Jordan Belfort Yacht is the former CEO of Stratton Oakmont. He featured in the film The Wolf of Wall Street, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill.


He has a net worth of a million and owns an impressive yacht. Here’s all you need to know about his boat and the actual yacht he holds that’s worth 9 million dollars.

We also look at other famous vessels owned by celebrities or high-profile CEOs. You will be surprised! Scroll down to discover more!

Details about the Jordan Belfort Yacht

The yacht’s name is The Motivator, so it is natural for anyone to expect that it should come fully equipped. There are a lot of activities that will keep you interested in what you are doing.

Apart from swimming pools, gymnasium and Jacuzzi, there are also video games areas that make you want to stay. In Jordan Belfort Yacht, the dining room has a seating capacity of 14 people, and there is an observation deck.

This makes it a perfect spot for lovers of sunrises and sunsets. In addition, there is a pilothouse on board where you can steer the yacht when in open waters.

But do not worry because when back in port, you can delegate these responsibilities to your captain and get busy with something else such as fishing or jet skiing.

The construction of Jordan Belfort’s Yacht

Though it is known as the Jordan Belfort yacht, it was sold to Dan Briger and Bradley Ruderman in 2010. However, they immediately resold it to Matt Sorrentino.

They all contributed between $8 million and $10 million towards its construction. Meanwhile, It had a soft launch on 22 May 2012.

And got an official name change from Lady Lara III (its original name) to Too Good To Be True (TGTBT). The yacht costs around $400 million, which is quite expensive even by today’s standards.

In addition, It has all the facilities you will need on a luxurious holiday trip. Some of these include; a helipad, sauna, fitness center, Jacuzzi, and even a miniature golf course! This boat can accommodate up to 18 guests and 24 crew members.

The interior design and features of Jordan Belfort Yacht

It is not so easy when you are on a yacht, but there are still some things you should know. The interior of Jordan Belfort’s boat, named The Heidi after his daughter, is beautiful and luxurious.

It has five bedrooms and bathrooms with an outdoor terrace that overlooks Jordan’s private island. 
In addition, the upper deck includes a Jacuzzi for relaxing and entertaining purposes.

Guests can enjoy watching all kinds of sports activities from above or from one of three other decks. 
Also, there is a gym and sauna inside and a helipad outside.

Feadship Amsterdam built the boat itself in 2003. It measures about 120 meters long (394 feet) and weighs about 5500 tons (5500 kilograms). As you can see, the Jordan Belfort yacht is something special!

How much did it cost him to build Jordan Belfort Yacht?

Many smaller vessels can cost over $300 million in today’s market. But a comparable size Jordan Belfort yacht would cost much more in today’s market—perhaps as much as $500 million.

This figure is due to changes in currency exchange rates and also inflation. Here is how we got that number: in 2012, Belfort acquired a yacht estimated at $300 million (by Forbes). 

Also, considering inflation since then, a current estimate would be around $450 million (using CPI data from Bloomberg).

The yacht itself was estimated at close to 300 feet long and at least 50 feet wide. Now, to give you an idea of what such a vessel costs, here are some examples of recent sales figures for similar yachts:

The Eclipse sold for $330 million in 2010 •The Octopus sold for $315 million in 2011 •The Rising Sun sold for $250 million in 2014 Using these figures, along with our estimates on inflation.

We calculated that building a vessel similar to Mr. Belfort’s could cost about $500 million today. Some additional factors could affect construction costs and make it even more expensive than that amount.

Other facts about his lifestyle

It’s safe to say that Belfort is still living his best life. Jordan Belfort’s yacht has a helicopter landing pad, an aquarium, and giant plasma televisions (yes, plural).

He often hosts parties on his boat, and you won’t believe who’s been in attendance: Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Denzel Washington have all partied with The Wolf of Wall Street. 

This man knows how to live essentially! And he also knows how to indulge. The yacht is filled with crazy fun toys for guests. Jet skis, scuba diving gear, water skis, and a golf cart just for kicks.

He even had night vision goggles installed inside his bathroom. With amenities like these, it’s no wonder why Belfort loves his lifestyle so much.

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