Is WD 40 Safe to Use on Car Paint?

WD 40

Cars should be looking neat and clean not by exterior but interior wise as well. As a car owner, you must have heard the name of WD 40.


This is an automobile cleaner solution made for protecting metal surfaces from getting rust and corrosion.

WD stands for water displacement, the primary purpose of using this formula is to remove moisture from any surface and to provide the corrosion protection layer.

Most of us are still not sure that, Is WD 40 safe to use on car paint or not? Will WD40 hurt car paint? No need to worry because we’ll go in-depth to know more about WD 40 and its uses.

Is WD 40 Safe for Car Paint?

In simple words, the answer is YES. It is safe to use WD 40 on your vehicle paint. WD 40 is an oil-based solution that is supposed to remove dust off auto paint and act as a degreaser agent.

The only thing you have to keep in mind is that don’t forget to wipe off the WD 40 after you are done with the application process.

In case you don’t wipe off the WD 40, your vehicle will attract more dust and look greasy as well.

Why Use a WD40 on Car Paintwork?

As discussed above, WD 40 is a solution that protects auto paint. You can use WD 40 as an alternative to car polish.

The formula of WD 40 fights against paint corrosion by replacing the top paint coat that has been lost due to scratches. Most of you might have a question in your mind that does WD 40 remove scratches from the car?

Well, WD 40 contains hydrocarbons that help the oil fill all kinds of minor auto paint scuff marks. In short, WD40 helps in removing car paint scratches without causing any harm to the auto paintwork.

Besides protecting the car paint surface, you can use WD 40 on any other metallic items like bolts, machinery parts, etc. WD 40 lubricating agent works to protect the metal surface from grease, dust, and rust.

Why not have a look at some benefits and uses of WD 40?

WD 40 Uses and Benefits

WD 40 is one of the popular degreaser agents in the automotive industry that mechanics and car owners use according to their requirements.

This solution has been made using ingredients like kerosene, aliphatic hydrocarbons, petroleum base oil, etc for giving that excellent protection to the vehicle paint furnishing and other surfaces.

We’ve got some interesting uses of WD 40 for you to know the protection and cleaning abilities of this formula.

1- Cleans Engine Spark Plugs

Dirty and dusty spark plugs cause the engine misfiring, you have to keep your engine plugs clean for smooth engine performance. Spraying on WD 40 will remove all of the dust and moisture from the spark plugs.

2- Eliminates Grime and Dirt

In case grease gets mixed with the dirt, it would be way difficult for you to remove that off your car’s surface.

All you need to do is to spray WD 40 on your vehicle areas to remove all grease, dust, and dirt from the car surface.

In case you want to have a full car wash, it is recommended to use any best car wash soap to achieve that high gloss shiny look.

3- Clean Oil

As stated above, WD 40 is one of the best degreaser agents you can use for removing oil from all metallic and other surfaces. Want to clean oily exhaust pipes or any car area? Spray this amazing WD 40 solution and remove all grease.

Don’t forget to rinse WD 40 off that area using a soapy water solution.

4- Keeps Bugs Away

How to clean bugs off the car with WD40? Well, that’s a very interesting question because dead bugs might stick on your car’s windshield, door, or any other car area.

Spraying the WD 40 solution on the windshield and grill of your car will keep all insects and bugs away from sticking on your car. 

5- Protects Auto Wheels and Tires

You can use WD 40 for as a polish for cleaning the sidewalls of your car tires because dirty and full of dust tires makes the whole car look rough.

6- Lubricate Auto Parts

Lubrication is very important to keep parts in a clean and smooth look. You can use WD 40 to lubricate your car bonnet hinges, trunk hinges,  gas tank lid, car door hinges, and latches, etc. 

7- Protection Against Rust

Nuts, bolts, and many other vehicle parts might get rust and we all know that rust is not good at all for metallic parts. WD 40 is a great solution to spray on metal parts of the car to prevent them from getting rusty.

8- Rubber Protection

Rubber surfaces might get hard and rough due to extreme weather conditions so you can also protect your car’s weatherstripping, gaskets, and wipers by using WD 40.

We’ve discussed some of the popular uses of WD 40 on cars. There could be many WD 40 application areas like cleaning license plates, mudguards, bird droppings, and other car parts.

Final Thoughts

On a concluding note, we can conclude that WD is safe to use on vehicles like cars, trucks, etc. We came to know that WD 40 is such a brilliant solution that protects the auto metallic surfaces from rust, grease, oil, dust, and all grime like particles.

We’ve realized that we can use WD 40 to remove moisture, clean engine spark plugs, and many other car parts that are oily and dusty. There are many areas where one can use WD 40 in order to protect auto parts.

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