How to Easily Convert Videos to GIFs on macOS?

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There are several times in our everyday lives where we have come across an opportunity to capture a GIF, especially coming across an exciting video from movies, TV shows etc.


While most times, we give up because of the stressful process to produce those GIFs.

Jonny Thaw, a full stack developer has had too many of those stressful times, which is why he saw a need for an application that could reduce the stress or better still, take it all away in an easier way, so he developed software called Stacc.

Stacc is an application that you can use to export high-quality GIFs from any video you might have on your Mac.

Beneath it, the application makes use of FFMPEG with some adjustments made by the developer to develop a great output without tampering on the quality.

Its functionality is not to limit GIFs; You can trim out some portion of the video into a short quality video.

But to proceed, you must have Stacc installed on your Mac. Once it’s installed, drag and drop the video you want to transform into GIFs. The video that was dropped will appear inside the app.

Stacc also gives you the ability to make adjustments to your output by offering a chance to adjust the width and the height. Its users can also control the frame rate of the output.

Note that the more you lower the frame rate, the faster your GIFs will become and it might become useless to you.

So it’s recommended that you use a frame rate around 15-25 fps.

In this article, we will work on Big Buck Bunny as a test subject using Stacc. check out the GIF below.

Cool, right? But remember the GIF may have been compressed as the one uploaded here.

The actual output of Big Buck Bunny looks crispier than the one below, and it has a size around 9 MB.

Meanwhile, check out Stacc on your Mac to bring your GIF game back on track and share your experience with us by using the comments section below.

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