How to Create an Auto Repair Shop Logo?

How to Create an Auto Repair Shop Logo
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As you begin your auto repair shop, it’s important to ensure that people remember you.


People may not always remember the name of your shop. However, you want them to remember your logo. It will be a big part of your brand.

Creating an auto repair shop logo requires a lot of thought and attention to detail.

Determine Your Specialty

The logo for an auto repair shop should tell people a bit more about who you are and what they can expect from you. There’s no need to over-complicate the process, though.

You may focus on oil changes, brakes, or even collision repairs. Whatever your specialty is can be incorporated into a logo.

You may want to use a graphic such as a wrench or a tire to give people a hint about what it is that you do.

This can ensure that people automatically know what you have to offer before heading over to your website or visiting your shop.

Consider Colors

You can incorporate several colors into your logo. Most graphic designers agree that you shouldn’t have more than three logos as it will start to cause confusion.

Keep in mind that whatever colors you choose, your logo should look equally good in black and white as it does in color.

The colors should say something about who you are.

For example, if you want to show that you are veteran-owned or take a patriotic stance, your colors may be red, white, and blue.

If you are a female-owned auto repair shop, you may opt for pink and white.

You may want to do some research about color psychology to know what each color has to say about you and your company.

Red is associated with aggressiveness, while blue is calming. Green is associated with the environment, while yellow is intellectual.

Creating Your Own vs. Hiring a Professional

How to Create an Auto Repair Shop Logo

When you are ready to create a logo for your auto repair shop, you have to consider how it is going to be created. You can take the DIY approach, or you can hire a professional logo designer.

If you have graphic design experience, there’s nothing wrong with sitting down at the computer and creating your own design.

Be sure that you are able to create a design that is attractive and capable of communicating what your company is all about.

Inexperienced designers tend to choose the wrong colors and fonts. It comes across as amateurish – and this could end up hurting your brand’s reputation.

A bad logo can impact marketing campaigns which are bad news for all automotive digital marketing services.

It can also make it hard for you to share the logo on everything that is necessary for branding, including:

  • Social media campaigns
  • Website design
  • Clothing for employees
  • Business cards
  • Print media

Your auto repair shop logo needs to make a strong first impression. Whether someone sees your logo for the first time on an employee’s coveralls or on marketing material, you want them to be impressed.

If someone can connect with your logo, you are one step closer to earning their business.

If you don’t have a background in logo design, it’s often best to hire a professional. While it is a marketing expense, it is well worth it to ensure that you get the level of branding needed to be successful.

You can sit down with a logo designer to talk to them about your repair shop, core values, and what you want your logo to communicate.

It is even possible for a logo designer to create multiple logos so that you can choose the one that immediately speaks to you.

Whether you choose to create an auto repair shop logo on your own or hire a professional, there are a few tips that you should follow.

It can ensure you get a great-looking logo that is memorable and capable of providing a fantastic first impression.

#1: Keep Your Design Clean

You want a design that looks good in any size. If there are too many intricate components, it can get lost or look messy if you’re printing it onto a small business card or having it embroidered on a jacket.

#2: Explore Unique Fonts

Fonts should be easy to read and help your logo to stand out. Be sure that the fonts allow for proper spacing so everything can be read.

#3: Consider a Tagline

You can add to your logo with a tagline. Choose five to seven words that help people to learn a bit more about your repair shop.

#4: Make a Promise

Use your logo as a way of making a promise to your audience. You can use various colors and graphics to tell people about your low prices, your commitment to the environment, or something else.

#5: Research Your Competition

You’re likely not going to be the only auto repair shop in town. Research your competition’s logos to ensure that you don’t have a similar color scheme or design as them.

#6: Ask for Opinions

Don’t feel as though you have to make the decision about a logo on your own. Having a second or third set of eyes on the design can help you to see how a design could be misunderstood.

You may even want to have some of your existing customers vote on the logo for your shop.

#7: Ensure Your Logo Can Stand the Tests of Time

The logo you ultimately choose is likely going to be with you for a very long time. It can be costly to change logos once you begin to brand yourself.

Don’t lock yourself in with a design that may limit you to the services that you offer (or may offer in the future).

Once you have a logo in place, you’ll find that it’s easier to market yourself. And you never know – the professional logo you brand yourself with could catapult you to becoming the best auto repair shop in town.

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