How Tilt Tray Trucks Deliver Moving Containers

Moving interstate often requires hiring a container removal service to deliver all your property and valuables in a container using a tilt tray truck.

Moving interstate often requires hiring a container removal service to deliver all your property and valuables in a container using a tilt tray truck.

But, even when people book a container removal service, they are often clueless about the type of truck and equipment that will arrive when the moving day finally comes.

To learn more about the different ways that a tilt tray service will move your containers, read this article.

5 steps of a container removal service

When you hire a container removal service for an interstate move, you will be assigned a removalist specialist to move your containers.

Over the course of the service, these are the 5 steps that they will undertake:

  • The removalist specialist will deliver an empty moving container via a tilt tray truck to your home. After this, you will be responsible for putting your valuables in the container.
  • After packing, they will come back to get the loaded container back and move it to the rail terminal.
  • Your container will be moved via rails.
  • Once the container arrives at the rail terminal, the company will pick up the loaded container and deliver it to your new house.
  • After you have extracted all your valuables from the loaded container, the container removal service will pick the empty container up.

Tilt tray truck vs side loading truck

When we help clients with their residential move using our container removal service, we often use tilt tray trucks to provide the service.

Why tilt tray trucks? It’s because most people require us to deliver and extract a moving container to and from their driveway, and a tilt tray truck is much more suited to deliver a container to a driveway.

But, we can also use side loader delivery when we are out of tilt tray trucks or when a tilt tray truck’s space isn’t enough for the client’s needs. When using a side loader, the truck driver will park the truck beside where you want the empty container to be placed.

Then, the container will be lifted down to the ground. While it’s still a good option, it’s important to understand that getting a side loader is a bit more expensive than a tilt tray truck.

If you’re wondering how a tilt tray truck works with a shipping container, it does so with its sliding tray on the rear of the truck where the container is placed.

A tilt tray uses a hydraulic system on the tray’s underpart to tilt the tray back and forth. There’s also a winch placed at the front of the tray attached to the tray to help the driver load the container onto the truck.

To put the container on the ground, the operator will tilt the sliding tray to allow the shipping container to slide on and off.

Will the contents of a shipping container move when being loaded or unloaded on a tilt tray truck?

Yes and no. If the shipping container contents are correctly secured, then no, they won’t move. However, when they aren’t properly secured, there’s always a chance of the items moving around, leading to unwanted damage.

Regardless of whether the contents are secured properly or not, of course, our tilt tray truck operators move shipping containers on and off the tray very delicately and carefully to ensure that damage can be avoided.

Even if the items are properly secured, they will still be prone to damage if no care is applied while the container is being moved.

To ensure that the items won’t move, it’s essential to pack the container properly. Secure items into place, use tie rails on the interior walls for your furniture and place big lugs below and atop the container to ensure that your large items are secure.

To have a better idea of loading a container properly to minimize movement inside and ensure your items are safe during loading, unloading, and transit, here are some links you need to check out:

  • How to pack – Packing tricky and awkwardly-shaped items in a moving container
  • DIY Guide – How to load a moving container
  • Packing specialty items into a moving container

Tips to secure the contents of a shipping container in place

  • Use furniture blankets, ropes, and tie-down straps to secure your household furniture inside the shipping container.
  • Tie all large items to the tie rails to minimize movement.
  • Use plastic wraps and furniture blankets to cover all your furniture. It’s to make sure they don’t move around and get damaged or dented.
  • Make sure that the weight of the items inside the shipping container is distributed evenly.

To ensure that the items are secured, it’s crucial to plan the packing first. Identify which items are heavier and difficult to pack, and pick the items that you’ll need for packing.

Try to put your heavier items around the walls, so it’s easier to secure them around the container’s walls using rope and strapping. Then, smaller and lighter items should be put in the gaps.

Also, to ensure there won’t be space for things to move around during transit, make sure to use all the space inside the container.

Moving interstate is hard, and there’s potential for your valuables to be damaged during loading, unloading, and transit, which is why you need a tilt tray service in Bunbury that knows how to retrieve and deliver your items safely.

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