How Much is Car Insurance in Indiana?

How Much is Car Insurance in Indiana
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Just under 15% of Indiana’s population lives in rural areas, with most auto owners residing in urban areas like Anderson, Evansville, and Indianapolis, where car insurance is likely to cost more.

So, how much is car insurance in Indiana? The state’s average auto insurance cost ranges from $360 for minimal coverage to $1,260 for full coverage.

Let’s look at Indiana’s car insurance cost from all angles.

Car Insurance Cost in Indiana

It is challenging to calculate the specific cost of auto insurance in Indiana because so many variables, like your age, driving history, region, and the auto insurance company you select can your actual auto insurance price.

The average cost of automobile insurance in the state is less than the national average, which is several hundred dollars for basic coverage or more than $1500 for full coverage.

So, if you reside in Indiana or want to do so, your rates will probably be lower than those in many other states.

Nonetheless, by requesting quotes from some of Indiana’s most affordable companies, you may still be able to save money on coverage.

Check the Various Insurance Company Rates

Check insurance premiums by the companies and see how the yearly rates can differ between companies despite a similarity in the coverage.

One company presents full insurance premiums at a high average of $4,400, while others’ average complete coverage rate is less than $700 annually.

Check the Insurance Rates by Towns and Cities

The cost of auto insurance is often higher for residents in larger cities.

The 20 most populous cities in the state are listed in the table below, along with the differences in Indiana vehicle insurance premiums among them. 

The average yearly premium for full coverage and the percentage rise in the average annual premium is typically seen in cities like Fishers, Lafayette, Anderson, and Noblesville.

Conversely, the greatest rates are typically found in Lawrence, Hammond, Evansville, Gary, Jeffersonville, and Indianapolis.

Age-Related Automobile Insurance Prices in Indiana

Young, inexperienced drivers nearly usually have to pay more for auto insurance than more experienced drivers.

Keep in mind that maintaining a clean driving record is essential to earning consistently lower premiums as you age, even though the rates reflect that teens and drivers under 25 pay the highest rates.

Indiana Car Insurance Rates For Drivers With Records

Focusing on safe driving practices and avoiding collisions, moving offenses, and particularly DUIs are things you can do to keep your premiums low.

Your auto insurance in Indiana may go up by an average of 18% after just one speeding ticket.

Also, if you have a restricted budget, a DUI would certainly result in a significant rate hike of about 50%.

When you or your loved ones are wondering how much is car insurance in Indiana, remember the options are vast.

You have more than 20 insurance companies to choose from, and you can tailor a package to match your budget.

Insurance in this state overall is quite affordable when compared to many others.

Don’t risk your and your family’s safety and security. Get affordable insurance in Indiana today.

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