How Fast Is an Electric Bike?

How Fast Is an Electric Bike

Are you a bike rider? And enjoy racing with your friends on bikes? Then you must pick an electric bike for you to enjoy the smoothest and safest ride ever.


A standard bike’s speed depends on how much effort you put into it, but with an electronic bike, one pedal will lead you to cover more distance in a while.

You may wonder, how fast is an electric bike? The e-bikes are prepared for covering a specific highest speed. Unlike road bikes or MTBs, the electric bike has a motor to optimize your ride speed.

The regular electric bike can be fast up to 20mph. But with an e-bike, you are provided the speed of 28mph.

If you still think about how fast is an electric bike? Then let me tell you there are varieties of electric bikes available in the market.

I will be discussing the variety of electric bikes and how much speed it provides. Stay till the end of this article to check out how fast an electric bike is.

An electric bike’s speed varies on different classes of bikes

In the U.S, you will find three classes of electric bikes based on their speed, operation, and wattage.

  • Class 1

Class 1 bikes come with a motor in them, and you need to pedal for once to start the motor. This kind of bike has pedal assist mode, which means it won’t fully function even with the electricity until you put it in pedal mode.

Class 1 categorized bikes have a 20mph speed, and the motor wattage ability is a maximum of 750W. You can preserve its battery power and enjoy more mileage with this bike.

  • Class 2

This bike gives you a speed of 20 miles/h. It differs in its drive system, which is activated through a throttle. To start, you can twist its throttle or push the start button.

Class 2 electric bikes have both the throttle system and pedal assist. You can enjoy 15 miles/H speed with full electricity, or it also allows 24 miles/H speed with a pedal-assist system.

  • Class 3

Underclass 3 category electric bikes do not require the throttle system; instead, they are more upgraded. These e-bikes have motors with 750W power that allows you to travel 28mph.

Note: As the class 3 bike is high-speed generated, it has some rules to ride. Your age should be 17 or above to drive this category of an e-bike and need a motor license.

Find out the reasons for picking an electric bike

How Fast Is an Electric Bike

The electric bike has rechargeable batteries that provide a maximum speed of 28mph. That’s why it is easy to ride.

The advantages of the electric bike will convince you to have one for you.

  1. Speed

With the motor, the e-bike becomes faster, and you can reach your destination faster.

An electric bike’s speed compels from 20-28 mph plus the pedal energy you put in. These are effortless to ride.

  1. Outlook and motor

An electric bike looks the same as a regular bike. You can see the following features in an e-bike –

  • Motor
  • Battery
  • Display screen

An upgraded e-bike comes with the following additional features

  • Front hub motor (mostly in class 2 e-bikes)
  • Mid-drive motor
  • Rear-drive motor
  1. Riding experience

You can experience the smoothest ride with e-bikes. As you start pedaling automatically, the electric motor system will kick in.

  1. Distance

As you don’t need to put lots of effort into pedaling, now you can cover long distances with electric bikes. So switch to an e-bike to enjoy the smoothest ride ever.


If you want to cover more distance by putting less effort, switch to electric bikes as soon as possible. You don’t have to push harder on the pedal as its motor or electronic throttle system will automatically help your bike control the speed you want.

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