What Is Google Assistant?

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Looking to do more when it comes to finding the right assistant for you for your mobile phone? If you have an Android device, you will love Google Assistant.


In 2012, tech-giant Google came up with the idea of Google Now. It was a feature on Google search which offered predictive cards with information about your day-to-day update.

But with the rapid change of the technological culture, Google Now didn’t seem to be enough.

And that lead to the invention of Google Assistant. Google Assistant was basically everything Google Now wasn’t. In some areas, even better.

What is Google Assistant?

Google Assistant is a virtual, voice controlled assistant by Google. It works as your personal assistant on smart phones and home devices.

It was first unveiled in May 2016, on Pixel XL and Google homes. Later, it was incorporated in Android devices as well. Its main agenda is to expand existing OK Google voice controlling mechanism.

Google Assistant pretty much does everything that Google Now used to do: finding out your meeting locations, travel plans and some more, all by usage of voice controls.

It lives almost in the same space as Google Now, but makes it more personalized and convenient by infusing voice controls.

Google Assistant has been spread far and wide by Google, not by just its own devices, but also with the help of its partnership and product placement tact.

Here’s what all it does

The “OK Google” segment covers voice commands, voice searching, and voice-activated device control.

It allows you send messages, check appointments and so on your Android device and Pixel device.

Google has now come up with its own version of speakers, synchronized with Google Assistant known as Google Home.

It now allows Assistant to work conveniently with third party members to get other products under the control of this AI technology.

In your Android or Pixel phones, you can open up apps with the help of the voice controls. Get recommendations on places to eat, drink, shop.

The best responses can be generated this way because Assistant keeps a calculated measure of your choices.

You can get it to read the news and customize your news feed. Through Google Home, the Assistant allows you to answer your door using your phone, while changing the channel without lifting a finger.

Upcoming Features

Google has big plans in the future laying ahead. Mostly because of the competition from its fellows: Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana. But Assistant has advanced at a very rapid speed.

Through Google home, Google is now planning to get the Assistant to control up to 5,000 devices.

Google also has strong opinions on a pro AI era of technology, which would give Assistant a chance to enter into a segment of trend altogether.

A lot of new startups have are coming up to develop rich user based interface for the existing users and for the ones planning to join the league.

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