6 French Motorcycle Brands

French Motorcycle Brands 

Although Harley-Davidson and Triumph are the most popular motorcycle brands in the world, they are not the brands hailing from France.

To date, French motorcycle companies have produced. Some of the most iconic motorcycles in history, like the Trax, the Motobecane, and the Vedette scooter.

Which have been featured in movies like The Deer Hunter and have starred on TV shows like Mad Men.

Here’s a list of lesser-known French motorcycle brands you might not know about but should check out.

1. Peugeot

Peugeot is a French company that has been around since 1896. They originally started as a bicycle manufacturer but eventually transitioned into motorcycles. 

They’re known for their innovative designs and high-quality products among French motorcycle brands. Some of their most popular models include the SV 250, the TE 250, and the XP6 Enduro.

2. Voxan

Voxan is a French motorcycle brand that was founded in 1996. The company produces a variety of motorcycles, including cruisers, sports bikes, and naked bikes. 

However, Voxan is best known for its Wattman electric motorcycle, the world’s most powerful production motorcycle among French motorcycle brands. Other popular models include the Black Magic cruiser and the Roadster sport bike.

3. Gnome & Rhone

Gnome & Rhone was a French motorcycle manufacturer that was founded in 1910. The company produced a variety of motorcycles, including racing bikes and military motorcycles. Nonetheless, Gnome & Rhone ceased production in 1957.

4. Rene Gillet

Rene Gillet was a French company that produced motorcycles from 1903-1965. The company started out making bicycles and then moved on to motorcycles when it saw the potential for growth among French motorcycle brands in the market.

Therefore, Gillet was known for their innovative designs and racing success. Some of their most popular models were Type A and Type B.

5. Godier & Genoud

Most people know about the big French motorcycle brands like Peugeot and Motobecane, but there are many other great ones out there.

GODIER & GENOUD is one such brand. Based in Lyon, GODIER & GENOUD has been making motorcycles since 1896. 

In addition to motorcycles, they also make bicycles and electric scooters. If you’re looking for a quality French motorcycle brand that’s not as well-known, GODIER & GENOUD is worth checking out.

6. Scorpa

Scorpa is a French company that produces off-road motorcycles. The company was founded in 1991 and is based in Saint-Jean-de-Vedas, near Montpellier. 

Moreover, Scorpa makes four models of motorcycles among French motorcycle brands: the Twenty, the Easy, the Trial, and the Factory. All of Scorpa’s motorcycles are equipped with four-stroke engines.


The list of French motorcycle brands is pretty short, but that doesn’t mean they’re not worth considering. All the brands on this list are known for their quality and performance, so you can’t go wrong with them.

Check out some French brands if you’re in the market for a new motorcycle. However, You might be surprised at what you find.

For example, few people know about french motorcycles because they don’t sell many models outside of Europe.

So if you have your heart set on buying a bike but don’t want to deal with all the difficulty that goes along with it! Just check out the list above.

Does France Make Motorcycles?

France has a long and varied history when it comes to motorcycles. Some of the most well-known French motorcycle brands in the world are French.

Are Motorcycles Popular In France?

France is home to some of the most iconic motorcycle brands in the world, but surprisingly, motorcycles aren’t all that popular in the country. Only about 1% of the population owns a motorcycle.

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