Ford SYNC 3 a Step Forward Towards Technology

Ford SYNC 3

More than a decade ago, most cars contained a manual system regarding connectivity and functionality, but technological advancements changed it forever.


During the area of manual and outdated systems, Ford introduced an aberration in the form of its SYNC system in 2007.

This system provided Bluetooth connectivity and incorporated many tech functions, but it was a bit creepy until or unless Ford launched its most advanced SYNC 3 system.      

Ford SYNC 3 revolutionized the ease of working and connectivity while driving your car, no matter in heavy traffic or highway road, free from all odds.

Even the first model of the SYNC system enabled drivers to connect their cars and smartphone via Bluetooth for navigational and calling purposes, but with the contriving of the SYNC 3 system, voice commands took over everything.

Ford SYNC 3 presents all the basic capabilities which its previous versions ever had, but SYNC 3 system made it super easy to control more than 60 functions with your voice commands and steering buttons.

Ford SYNC 3 comes with an eight-inch touchscreen. This touchscreen has tons of capabilities; now, you can navigate just by pinching and zooming in and out on screen.

Workability of SYNC 3 System

The interface has improved drastically, and the speed of functionality has increased dramatically in SYNC 3 systems.

The Ford SYNC 3 touchscreen display and graphics provide an enhanced experience over the window-based systems of SYNC 1 and 2.

Touch smoothness and other functions are also a big plus with the updated versions of this remarkable system.

This system comes with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay as standard. In addition, AppLink allows drivers to navigate applications from mobile phones via the car.

If you have an android phone, then google assistant will help you with all functionalities.

You can also connect Apple gadgets with AppLink to take assistance from Siri.

Voice Command; a beast mode of Ford SYNC 3

If I adumbrate SYNC 3 system, I will say nothing else except Voice Commands. Sixty commands to control all over the car from navigation to search, answering calls to finding stores; in short, each primary function is just a voice command away from your access.

Ford SYNC 3 is equipped with a spectacular voice functionality that it’s no more phrase sensitive.

To be more accurate, it has become more like other digital assistants like Alexa and Siri. This means you don’t need to say the same exact phrase for a particular command or action to perform.

Commands just conveying understandable ideas are more than enough to serve the purpose with the latest technology.

Previously, only particular terms were used to perform functions. If you say, “I’m hungry,” then only this single phrase will always be used to direct the assistant to help you.

Over time and especially with the arrival of SYNC 3 systems, this experience has utterly changed.

Nowadays, if you say “I’m Hungry,” “I need to eat,” or anything like that car will interpret the same with its artificial intelligence feature working in the backend.   

Another lovely update in the Ford SYNC 3 system is that if you say some command like “Car needs a refill,” then the digital assistant will itself shows you all nearby petrol pumps.

Above all, instead of directing towards the petrol pump, it will ask for your permission before adding that location to your navigation map.

Means working has become more intelligent and, side by side, more authoritative under your directions.

Ford SYNC 3 has another fantastic feature for you that if you connect to Wi-Fi or any cellar network, you will receive automatic over-the-air updates.

Currently, this feature is available in limited versions of SYNC 3, but soon it will be launched for all the users.     

Alexa and SYNC 3 System

Recently, Ford has collaborated with Amazon to add Alexa to the AppLink catalog. Alexa will assist Ford SYNC 3 users in knowing weather conditions, determining traffic patterns, and even finding sports scores.

Additionally SYNC 3 system has introduced another feature of audiobooks and the latest music from the amazon galleries.     

Waze has also made its way to AppLink connectivity. You can view directions and navigate to the point of interest.

It also gives real-time traffic updates like police vehicles in that area or any accident that happened nearby.

Waze also assists drivers in finding the nearest gas or refill stations. Many other navigational features are available for 3.0 or higher versions of the SYNC 3 system.

Ford is now building an in-depth collaboration with Google. In 2023, both will launch an amazing feature of building google apps in the SYNC 3 systems.

It will feature Google Maps, Google Assistant, and Google Play apps; all build in with the latest versions of this technology.

Bottom Line

There are a few issues reported by the people operating SYNC 3 systems regarding functionality and related features, but most of them are resolvable by merely updating the system.

So, the overall experience of customers has been awe-inspiring with this technology. Have you ever used SYNC 3 system; if yes, please let us know about your experience in the comment section.     

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