Top 10 Fastest Private Jets in the World

Fastest Private Jets
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People want to travel more luxuriously and frequently, which has fueled the growth of the fastest private jets in recent years. 


The globalization of industries and the increased reach that customers can have prompted people worldwide to seek faster travel options.   

Furthermore, to meet the rising demand, private jet manufacturers are beginning to develop faster, more inexpensive, more cost-effective aircraft.  

Developments in this area are the result of technological advancements in other fields. This enables the production of private jets with greater range and speed than ever before.

These are some of the fastest private planes available in the world. 

1. Cessna Citation X+ (536 Knot-993 km/h): $23 Million

The Cessna Citation X+, produced by Cessna Textron Aviation, is at the top of the world’s fastest private jets list. It has a top speed of Mach. 935 (536 knots – 993 km/h) and can carry a load of 36,600 pounds. 

It is one of the more economical private jets that will be named on our list, despite its features and quick transit.  

In addition, Two dual-channel FADEC-controlled Rolls-Royce turbo engines power this speedier Citation variant. It is classified as subsonic in terms of speed. 

Furthermore, it has sweptback wings, and a T-shaped tail with a high swept angle. Passengers will be able to arrive at their destination in style and promptly.  

The X+ jet also has a high fuel efficiency level, with the ability to autonomously provide the fuel mixture and ignite to provide passengers with the optimum speed and range possible.  

Additionally, It is one of the more economical private jets that will be named on our list, despite its features and quick transit. The asking price is $23 million.

Although it is no longer in production, the Citation X+ is in high demand on the secondary market and is the world’s fastest private aircraft. 

2. Gulfstream G650 (516 Knots-956km/h): $65Million

The Gulfstream G650 is one of the fastest private jets money can buy, with a top speed of 704 mph.

The G650 quickly established itself as one of the hottest aircraft on the market after its introduction in late 2012.  

Its winning combination of style, speed, and luxury promptly positioned it as one of the most desirable aircraft on the market.

This sought-after airliner can fly up to 15 passengers in utmost comfort across distances of more than 8,050 kilometers.  

Furthermore, as if that weren’t enough, the G650 has the lowest cabin pressure in its class at higher altitudes, which helps to reduce tiredness on lengthy flights. Its price has been raised to $65 million.  

This is also due to its ability to travel over greater distances, up to 9,200 kilometers (5,000 nm).

The Gulfstream G600/G500, like the Cessna counterpart, has two Rolls-Royce engines that give enough thrust for a smooth takeoff and ride. 

However, when looking at the architecture of this strong jet, you’ll see that the wings are formed of a supercritical aerofoil, which reduces vortex and drag.

This allows it to reach maximum speeds and maintain more stability even at higher altitudes.  

The Rolls-Royce engines, an excellent piece of equipment that allows for higher fuel efficiency, also contribute to the G650’s speed.  

Additionally, the plane is controlled by a fly-by-wire flight control technology, ensuring a safe autopilot flight. The cabin can be customized to satisfy the needs of the passengers, whether it’s for entertainment, meetings, or rest. 

3. Cessna Citation X (528 knots-978km/h): $23 million

Another Cessna Textron Aviation model is capable of making a list. Because it can reach Mach 0.92, the Cessna Citation X is the third-fastest private aircraft in the world.  

It does have a lesser weight takeoff of 36,100 pounds, which allows it to be more economical at $23 million. 13 people will be able to travel comfortably in this robust aircraft cabin.  

In addition, the cabin is spacious enough to accommodate several configurations, and it even has onboard Wi-Fi so that passengers may stay in touch with those on the ground.

Overall, this jet’s owner will be able to enjoy a pleasant flight at any altitude.  

Furthermore, this computer is the forerunner to the Citation X+ model, although it is still constructed with cutting-edge materials.

The jet, like the X+, has a sweptback wing that is subsequently covered in a supercritical aerofoil to reduce drag and boost maximum speeds. 

4. Gulfstream G500 (516 Knots-956km/h): $27 Million

The Gulfstream G500 is a 19-passenger luxury jet with a range of 5,200 nautical miles (9,630 km).

The G500, which first flew in 2002, is still one of the most popular private jets for passengers. A kitchen, a bathroom, and even sofas or beds provide plenty of luxury in the cabin.  

However, The G500 is a market leader in performance thanks to two PW800 engines from Pratt & Whitney Canada and a revolutionary wing design.  

The G500 has a top speed of Mach 0.925 (1132 km/h), making it the world’s fourth-fastest private jet. However, the average price tag for this private jet is $27 million. 

5. Dassault Falcon 7X (515 knots-954km/h): $54 Million

The Dassault Falcon is one of the world’s fastest private jets. The Dassault Falcon 7X, which made its debut at the 2005 Paris Airshow, can carry up to 12 passengers over distances of up to 6,800 miles.  

It can reach speeds of up to 685mph with its unique low-positioned, high-swept wings. Furthermore, this agile aircraft can make steep approaches and land on even the shortest runways. 

Making it an excellent choice for those who want the flexibility to fly anywhere they want. The 7X is also the first business jet to include a digital flight control system. 

6. Bombardier Global 6000: (513 Knots): $62 Million

This is a private business jet with a vast and comfortable cabin that can accommodate 19 guests and four crew members.

Its speed is still outstanding, making it a good investment at $73 million because it can attain a top speed of Mach 0.89.  

It is also ranked third in terms of travel range, with 11,112 kilometers or 6,000 nautical miles. Bombardier Aerospace, a Canadian corporation, produces this high-end aircraft.  

Furthermore, there is plenty of technology onboard for the pilots, including a head-up display (HUD), a multi-functional touch screen, a diagnostic system, an inertial reference system, an emergency locator transmitter, and a traffic avoidance system.  

Passengers will be able to relax and enjoy their flight because they won’t have to worry about the plane breaking down, and they’ll be able to customize their cabin more efficiently.  

Additionally, because it is made of carbon fiber components, the jet is relatively light for its size. The jet’s reduced weight will significantly increase its fuel economy. 

7. Gulfstream G550(499 knots): $61.5 Million

The Gulfstream G550’s two Rolls-Royce engines produce more thrust than any other jet in its class.

Its Mach 0.885 speed allows for quick, hassle-free city-to-city trips, allowing passengers to fly from Washington to Dubai or London to Tokyo without stopping.  

Additionally, The G550 is also a luxurious trip, with seating for up to 19 people and sleeping for eight people.

It has a range of 6,750 nautical miles and can travel at a maximum height of 51,000 feet. 

8. Dassault Falcon 2000LX (482 knots): $33Million

The Dassault Falcon 2000LX is also one of the world’s fastest private jets. This is a high-performance aircraft with a maximum top speed of Mach 0.85.

The Falcon 2000LX, unlike the other jets on this list, does not have a long-range. It has a full range of around 4,000-4,750 nm.  

The Falcon 2000XL can also accommodate 19 passengers and two crew members on board.

Furthermore, it costs $33 million because of its high-quality construction, more extended range, and higher takeoff weight of 42,800 pounds.  

The Dassault Falcon 2000LX aircraft is a force to be reckoned with. It has a vast body and a business-like cabin, and two PW308 turbofan engines power it.

The use of metal alloys, composite materials, and a double-swept wing improves performance even further.  

It is tucked away in the cockpit. In addition, numerous technical features can relieve the pilot of some of their responsibilities. 

9. Dassault Falcon 900LX (459 knots): $44Million

The Falcon 900LX is another model from this French manufacturer. It has a maximum Mach speed of 0.85, just like the 2000LX.

It’s built similarly to the 2000LX and has a similar travel range, although slightly more prominent.  

However, it has a maximum capacity of 10 passengers and two crew members. This private jet’s weight takeoff is 49,000 pounds, making it more expensive at $43 million. 

Furthermore, Three TFE 31-60 engines power this gem of a machine with an auto-throttle to boost performance.  

The pilots can even defog the cockpit from the inside, providing them more sight during the flight.

Many aspects of the Falcon 900LX are identical to those of the Falcon 2000LX, such as the flight deck technology. 

10. Cessna Citation Longitude (483 Knots): $29 Million

Cessna Citation Longitude is the 10th fastest private jet in the world.  The Citation Longitude comes in last on our list of fastest Private jets.

It with a comfortable top speed of Mach 0.84. Cessna Citation Longitude has a takeoff weight of 39,500 pounds and is one of the shortest flight ranges at 3,500 miles.  

It can still carry a large number of passengers, 12 to be exact, and two more crew members. In addition, this aircraft, like the other Cessna variants, is one of the more affordable, with a purchase price of $27 million.  

The Honeywell HTF7700L engines power the Citation Longitude. The cabin has a level floor on the inside, making it easier for passengers to access their luggage.  

Additionally, Other technology onboard, like an automatic ice detecting ice system, aids the crew in keeping the passengers safe and comfortable during their journey. 

Which airplane has the fastest top speed? If you need to go somewhere quickly, have a look at our list of the fastest private jets on the market today. 

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