8 Electric Car Logos and Names

Electric Car Logos and Names
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Do you want to learn more about the prominent electric car logos and names? Your company’s marketing and brand recognition will all revolve around your logo.


Therefore, it must be distinctive enough to engage your target market and convey your brand’s essence.

Looking at the logos of successful rivals is a unique approach to learning what makes a good one.

I have simplified the process by selecting the top electric car logos and names and elaborating on what makes them stand out.

These logos are brilliant, from the choice of colors and design to the meaning behind each emblem. So let us get started. 

1. Karma

karma automotive

One of the famous electric car logos and names, the California-based automaker Karma is known for its one-of-a-kind, high-end electric vehicles.

The circle symbol in the company’s logo was chosen to convey originality. The current logo’s visual identity is different from its forerunner.

Its most striking feature is a bright silver ring with a sharp diagonal slash at its peak. The ring is filled with a bluish-purple tint and has a thin border of orange and red.

This gives the emblem a sophisticated look that conveys boldness, luxury, and pinpoint precision. The borders’ orange and crimson hues represent Karma’s zeal and resolve. 

Similarly eye-catching is the wordmark, which has 3D letters with a shiny silver finish. The logo will seem cleaner and more professional if the letter A does not have a horizontal bar.

2. Tesla


Founded in 2003, Tesla quickly became a household name because of its innovative line of electric automobiles and complementary energy storage and generation technologies.

As one of the electric car logos and names, Tesla’s futuristic “T” emblem represents an electric motor. The Tesla logo may seem straightforward at first glance, but there is more to it than meets the eye.

The original concept for the logo even had a shield, which was meant to represent protection (to the car user).

Instead of a shield, the cross-section of an electric motor was used as inspiration for the Tesla logo, which replaced the original design.

If you look closely, you’ll see that the second line of the T represents a part of a motor’s stator. However, the primary body of the logo represents one of the poles that projects from a motor.

The letter resembles the engine and stands for the brand’s name. The Tesla logo stands out partly because of the contrast between the white and red colors.

These hues together draw attention to electric automobiles’ innovative, even revolutionary, character.

3. Lucid


California is the home of Lucid Motors, an electric car manufacturing company called Lucid. A one-of-a-kind wordmark serves as the centerpiece of the company’s logo.

As one of the famous electric car logos and names, the Lucid logo is unique in that it just consists of a wordmark, in contrast to the majority of other logos, which incorporate symbols.

The capital letters of the logotype are rendered in a one-of-a-kind sans-serif typeface that has been stretched horizontally.

Because of this, it has an elegant and sophisticated appearance, which exudes a feeling of supremacy and strength.

In addition, the Lucid logo is monochromatic; it may be seen in black on white (on the company’s main website) or with a traditional silver background (on the vehicles).

This time-honored strategy will by no means go out of favor nor become obsolete.

4. Nikola


Nikola Corporation is a producer of commercial electric cars powered by rechargeable batteries or fuel cells and is located in Arizona.

The letter “N” is written in a hexagonal shape that serves as Nikola’s logo. There are a few characteristics of the logo that stick out in particular.

Let’s start with the sign; it’s a hexagonal form that takes on the appearance of graphite, which is one of the most resistant materials.

Therefore, the form is symbolic of power and protection. In addition, the letter “N,” which stands for Nikola, the corporation’s name, is included in the logo.

The top and bottom portions of the letter are trimmed to correspond with the edges of the hexagon.

Lastly, it has a one of a kind typeface designed just for it, and each letter has been altered uniquely to enhance its aesthetic appeal.

5. Rivian


Rivian Automotive Company is an electric vehicle manufacturer headquartered in the United States.

The company’s primary areas of concentration are sports cars and pickup trucks.

Both the outer and the inner arrows of the Rivian emblem represent the company’s core values.

When examined more closely, the logo reveals itself as one of the most straightforward designs.

For instance, the arrows represent the philosophies and procedures that serve as the foundation for Rivian’s business activities.

Let’s speak about the two arrows on the outside of the circle. These arrows reflect the firm’s mission to better the world via innovation and adventure.

On the other side, the inner ones represent Rivian’s core desire to be inspiring and accepting of people of all backgrounds and walks of life.

Regarding the logotype, the letters “R” and “A” have unfinished horizontal bars to differentiate themselves from similar characters.

This is also among the famous and reputable electric car logos and names. 

6. NIO


Listed among the electric car logos and names, NIO is a Chinese automobile manufacturing business that produces electric vehicles with high levels of intelligence and performance.

The Chinese name of the corporation is reflected in the NIO logo, which consists of two symbols.

The firm’s name in Chinese is Weilai, which translates to “Blue Sky Coming.”

At first sight, the upper portion of the sign seems like an arc or a half-circle to the untrained eye.

Nevertheless, it represents the sky, which is NIO’s forward-looking perspective. 

On the other hand, the form at the bottom represents motion in a forward direction.

Combining the two concepts results in a meaning that might be read as “going ahead to the future’s vision.”

Therefore, NIO should be on your list of companies to consider if you are searching for reflective logos for electric cars.

7. Polestar


Polestar, one of the electric car logos and names, is a Swedish company that has been making electric cars since its founding in 1996.

The logo for Polestar, a stylized version of a polar star, was designed to convey competence and seriousness. 

Before it was updated to its present look, the corporation’s logo consisted of a blue rectangle with the company name engraved at the bottom.

On the other hand, the present logo is far more edgy, crisp, and professional.

For example, it has a stylized polar star composed of two silver-gray arrowheads, with the points of the arrowheads facing each other.

Each arrowhead comprises two parts: the first has a lighter shade of gray, and the second has a darker shade.

Because of this, the Polestar logo seems lively and airy, more accurately representing the organization’s nature and goals.

Because it is printed on a polished metal surface, the logo seems much sharper when applied to a vehicle than when printed on paper.

8. Canoo


Canoo, one of the famous electric car logos and names, is a corporation with its headquarters in Arkansas that specializes in producing and selling electric automobiles and lifestyle vehicles.

A logo represents the Canoo brand in the vehicle’s tail lights. This firm began operations in 2017 under the name Evelozcity, but in 2019 it changed its name to something else.

Canoo’s logo stands apart from competing electric vehicle brands because of several distinct design elements.

For example, it takes the form of the car’s tail lights, which resemble molecular bonds. This is how it looks.

You can notice this as a result of the lines being carefully positioned. Since we are all aware that chemical bonding is quite strong, the name inside the symbol represents safety.

Last but not least, the significant white space between each letter of the wordmark contributes to the unique appearance of the logo.

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