Ectomobile: All About Ghostbuster Car Name

Ectomobile Ghostbuster Car Name

Are you wondering what the ghostbuster car name is? Well, you’re in the right place.


Not only are we going to tell you how the production team came up with the ghostbuster car name, but we’ll also tell you how it has evolved throughout the movie’s timeline.

So sit back, grab a popcorn, and dive into the roots of the famous ghostbuster car.

What’s the name of the ghostbuster car?

The ghostbuster car is called the ectomobile or ecto1. Since the first installment of the movie, the car had been a favorite, and one time, they raised money to fix it when it broke down during a shoot.

The Ecto-1 is a modified 1959 Miller-Meteor ambulance. Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis came up with the initial idea for the car, though it wasn’t what we came to know in the movies.

Who built the Ecto-1?

Stephen Dane designed the popular ghostbuster car from scratch and brought it to life.

He designed the particle thrower, proton pack, Giga meter, trap, slime thrower, and scooper, and he did all these in the space of two weeks before filming began.

Other variations of the ghostbuster car name and design

So the Ecto-1 is not the only ghostbuster car used in the franchise, even though it’s the most iconic.


The Ecto-1a is an upgraded version of the classic car and was only used in Ghostbusters II.

It carried new technical equipment on the roof and digital announcement boards on both sides.

They also updated the logo and placed it on the hood. The color was also a bit different; it carried steps of black and yellow on both sides.

Ecto-1 (2016)

When the producers rebooted the movie in 2016, they brought in a newly modeled vehicle based on 1984 Cadillac de Ville. The car also carried the original ghostbuster car name.

In the movie, Patty Tolan borrowed the vehicle from her uncle’s funeral home. The team refitted their equipment on the car and repainted it, though it retained its pink roof.


The Ecto-1b appears in Ghostbusters: The Video Game; the 1b is comparable to the 1a but has upgraded equipment and the Super Slammer Trap, which is a ghost trap with increased capacity, mounted on its roof, as opposed to the 1a.


Ectotron is a Cybertronian who has the ability to morph into the Ecto-1 robot vehicle.

As a Transformers figure, he was first introduced in the Ghostbusters/Transformers crossover comic “Ghosts of Cybertron,” published by IDW Publishing.

Later, he was released as a GameStop exclusive and Hasbro Pulse exclusive figure by Hasbro and Takara Tomy.

It was released alongside an MP-10 Optimus Prime that was themed like the Ghostbusters.


In the cartoons and comic books based on the series, the Ecto-2 is a compact open-topped two-seater autogyro made into a toy.

In the 2016 reboot film, Ecto-2 is a white Ghostbusters motorcycle that was supplied by Kevin moments before Rowan takes possession of him.

Other versions of the ghostbuster car name have appeared throughout the franchise taking different shapes from planes to boats and everything in-between.

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